Rosamond, an Opera - 1707

J.Addison (1707)

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Location: London?, London, England (TQ3079)
Year: 1707
Time of Occurrence: [Not given]
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Joseph Addison (1707)
Rosamond. An Opera [2nd ed]
London, Jacob Tonson, 1707

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{Act I, sc. i.}

What place is here!
What scenes appear!
Where'er I turn my eyes,
All around
Enchanted ground
And soft Elysiums rise:
Flow'ry mountains,
Mossy fountains,
Shady woods,
Chrystal floods,
With wild variety surprise.
As o'er the hollow vaults we walk,
A hundred echoes round us talk:
From hill to hill the voice is tost,
Rocks rebounding,
Caves resounding,
Not a single word is lost.


Behold on yonder rising ground
The bower, that wanders
In meanders,
Ever bending,
Never ending,
Glades on glades,
Shades in shades,
Running an eternal round.


Hark, hark! what sound invades my ear?
The conqueror's approach I hear.
He comes, victorious Henry comes!
Hautboys, Trumpets, Fifes and Drums,
In dreadful concert join'd,
Send from afar
A sound of war,
And fill with horror ev'ry wind.

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From walk to walk, from shade to shade,
From stream to purling stream convey'd,
Through all the mazes of the grove,
Through all the mingling tracts I rove,
Full of grief and full of love.
Impatient for my Lord's return,
I sigh, I pine, I rave, I mourn.

{Cf. the concluding words of Act I, sc. iv.}

'Tis Henry's march! the tune I know:


Parts of this work are used in the play from Truro, Cornwall (formerly assigned to Mylor).

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