Exeter Fragment, 1737 or 1770

A.Brice (1770)

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Location: Exeter, Devon (SX9292)
Year: 1770 (or 1737)
Time of Occurrence: Christmas
Collective Name: Mumming


The Mobiad, or battle of the voice
Exeter, 1770

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Saint George

Oh! here comes I Saint george, a Man of Courage bold,
And with my Spear I winn'd three Crowns of Gold.
I slew the Dragon, and brought him to the Slaughter;
And by that very means I married Sabra,
the beauteous King of Egypts Daughter.
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The book is supposed to have been written in 1737, although it was not published until 1770. The text fragment comes from a footnote, which does not make it clear whether it relates to 1737 or about 1770.

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