• Alderley Mummers circa 1910
  • Helsby Soul-Cakers, Cheshire circa 1925, courtesy of Herbert Fletcher
  • Minstead, Hampshire, 1912, Courtesy Steve Roud,Paul Marsh collection
  • Andover, Hampshire, c1932, Courtesy Steve Roud,Paul Marsh collection
  • Comberbach Soul Cakers circa 1946

Welcome to the 2018 redesigned Folk Play Research website, the website of the Traditional Drama Research Group (TDRG). Here you will find an essay about the mummers' play, and a variety of resources including a bibliography, a selection of texts and contexts of performance, conference papers and scanned booklets of county-based and genre-based references. There are also details of some of the major collections of information about mummers' plays, and a small gallery of photographs. All the past issues of Roomer newsletter are available, containing much important information on traditional drama.