Volume 1

Reference Title or Description
1:2V-7R [Helm Notes on Rushcart and Morris Dancing - from Gilchrist (1927)]
1:7R-8V [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Tunstall]
1:8V-9V [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Collins on Antrobus Play, 1949]
1:9V-17 [Crompton Notes on Glossop, Old Glossop, Godley Hill Morris]
1:16[A-C] [Helm Notes on Letter from Metcalfe to Helm on Glossop Morris]
1:18-20R [Letter from Crompton to Schofield on Godley Hill Morris]
1:20R-24R [Helm Notes on Godley Hill Morris and Rushcart - From Middleton (1949)]
1:24R-25R [Helm Notes on Congleton Rush-Bearing - from Head (1---)]
1:25R-28V [Helm Notes on Soul Plays and Bawming the Thorn - from Hole (1941-2)]
1:28V [Helm Notes on Letter from Tunstall to Helm on Alderley Play]
1:28V-29R [Helm Notes on Mummers Play - from Walker (1946)]
1:28R-30V [Letter to Helm from Cathcart-Smith on Guilden- Sutton Play]
1:30V-30R [Letter to Helm from Cathcart-Smith on Guilden-Sutton Play]
1:30R [Helm Notes on Derbyshire Well-Dressing - from Dean-Smith (1949)]
1:31V Souling Song
1:31R Souling Song [Great Budworth]
1:32V Comberbach Souling Song
1:32R-34V [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Tunstall on Hoisting, May Birchers, Rush Bearing, Bunbury Souling Play]
1:34V-34R [Helm Notes on Haslingden Morris - from Tunstall(19--)]
1:34R [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Dean-Smith on Haslingden Morris]
1:34R [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Dean-Smith on Hobby Horse]
1:[35V]-38R [Helm's Chart of 27 Characters and 48 Locations]
1:54V-57R Comerbach Soul-Caking Play (As Acted 1926)
1:39V-54V [Helm Notes on Mummers Play - from Tiddy (1923)]
1:57R [Helm Notes on Morris Dancers - from Holland (1886)]
1:58V [Helm Notes on Pace Egg - from Holland (1886)]
1:58R [Helm Notes on Rushbearing - from Holland (1886)]
1:59V-65 Tarvin Soul-Caking Play (1891)
1:66-76 [Helm Notes on Mummers Play - from Boyd (1929)]
1:76-85 [Helm Notes on Halton Souler's Play and Rushbearing - from Holland (1886)]
1:85 [Helm Notes on Rushbearing - from Coward (1---)]
1:86-89 [Helm Notes on Pace-Egging, etc. - from Crossley (1949)]
1:89-90 [Notes on Letter to Helm from Perry on Souling Song]
1:90 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Mainwaring on Soulcaking]
1:90-91 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Armstrong on St, George Play]
1:91 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Fenton on Geyzing]
1:92-93 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Cooper]
1:93 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Walker on Utkinton Play]
1:93 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Morgan on Goostrey Rose Festival]
1:93-94 [Helm Notes on Telephone Conversation with Morgan on Goostrey]
1:94-102 Geyzing' Play, Meir, Stoke-on-Trent
1:102-105 [Play from] Dales Gren and Rookery (Mow Cop) Staffordshire
1:105-110 [Helm Notes on Old Hoss, Christmas Play, Keynshaw, Somerset, Well Dressing - from -- (1---)]
1:110-180 [Helm Notes on English Folk Play - from Chambers(1933)]
1:180 [Helm Notes on Letter from Pearson to Helm on Selameir Soulcaking]
1:180-183 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Roberts on Weaverham Souling]
1:183 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Darwen on Summit Pace-Egging]
1:183-185 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Prince on Sandiway Souling]
1:185-191 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Sutton on Antrobus Play]
1:191-198 Frodsham Souling Play
1:198-232 [Helm Notes on Ripon Sword Dance, Skelton Mummers, etc - from Kennedy (1930)]
1:232-239 Souling Play - Rudheath, Cheshire
1:239-240 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Easter Customs - from Avon (1881?)]
1:240-260 [Helm Notes on Pace Egg - from Harwood and Marsden (1---)]
1:260 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Harwood on Midgley Play]
1:260 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Siddall on Rochdale Pace-Egg]
1:{260/261} Festival of Folk Dance
1:260-284 [Helm Notes on Bellerby, Hunton, Sowerby, etc. Plays - from Karpeles (1928?)]
1:284-287 [Helm Notes on Coverdill Owd Lass - from Gilchrist (19--)]
1:287-288 [Helm Notes on Arkengarthdale 1869]
1:288-289 [Helm Notes on Isle of Man Mummers - from Douglas (1928)]
1:289-290 [Helm Notes on North Skelton Sword-Dance Play - from -- (19--)]
1:290-293 [Helm Notes on Blake Lecture on Welsh Folk Dance]
1:293 [Helm Notes on Skelton Sword Dance Play - from -- (19--)]
1:293 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Dean-Smith on Betley Window]
1:293-300 Mummers' Play from Lockinge, Berkshire [from Piggott (1928)]
1:301-326 Mummers Play from Stanford-in-the-Vale, Berks. [from Piggott (1929)]
1:326-327 [Helm Notes on Irish Christmas Rhymers - from BBC (1949)]
1:327-337 [Helm Notes on Basque Masquerade - from Alford (1928)]
1:337-338 [Helm Notes on Lymm Morris Dancing - from Ardern (C.1900)]
1:338-348 [Helm Notes on Souling, Clementing, Cattening - from Burne (19--)]
1:348-350 [Helm Notes on Roxburghshire Guisers - from Curle (1931)]
1:350 [Helm Notes on English and Scottish Mumming - from Scott (19--)]
1:351-357 [Helm Notes on Papa Stores Sword Dance Play - from Chambers (1903)]
1:357-361 [Helm Notes on Thame, Oxfordshire St. George Play - from Manly (1897)]
1:362-383 [Tabulation of Plays, Counties, Types of Plays, Authorities]
1:374 [Hatton Soul-Cakers]
1:374 [Norcott Brook Soul-Caking]
1:{384/385} The Mystery of the White Horse [of Uffington]

Volume 2

Reference Title or Description
2:1-17 (Helm Notes on Ampleforth Sword Dance Play - from Sharp (1913)]
2:1-17 [Insertions and Amendments to Sharp Text - from Bell (----)]
2:27-31 Christmas Play, Lutterworth, Leics.
2:31-56 [Helm Notes on Hooden Horse - from Maylam (1909)]
2:56-60 [Helm Translation of German Text on 16th Century Swedish Sword Dance - from Chambers (1903)]
2:60-68 [Helm Notes on Wassailing - from Brand (1849)]
2:68-69 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday - from Gentleman's Magazine - (1811)]
2:69-72 [Helm Notes on Morris Dancing - from Chambers (1864)]
2:72-76 Mummers Play, Denby, South Wales
2:76 [Helm Notes on Xmas Hobby Horse - from Brand (18--)]
2:76-84 Swallowfield Mummers Play and Its Owners
2:76-83 [Amendments to Russell Text - from Hope (1---)]
2:84-86 Avebury, Woolton Riven Play
2:86-99 Snowshill Mummers Play
2:99-100 [Helm Notes on Origins of Mummers Plays - from Oliver (1941)]
2:100-103 Mummers Play - Gloucester
2:103-107 Battle of S. George
2:107-115 [Helm Notes and "a Compiled Version Mainly from Hants" - from Long (1930)]
2:115-116 [Helm Notes on Chipping Camden Mummers - from Massingham (1932)]
2:116-120 St. George and the Dragon - a Modern Cornish Xmas Play
2:120-124 Sword Dance & Play. Stoughton-Le-Spring, Durham
2:124-127 [Helm Notes on Papa Stores Play - from Johnson (1---)]
2:127-133 Berkshire Mumming Play
2:133-134 Mummers Play, Compton, near Reading
2:134-139 Mummers Play, Islip, Oxon
2:139-150 Mummers Play, Bampton, Oxfordshire
2:151-158 [Helm Notes on Various Customs - from Ditchfield (1896)]
2:158-164 [The Christmas Boys, Isle of Wight - from Chart (1906)]
2:164-171 Newport Guizers Play
2:171-173 [Helm Notes on Morris Dancing and above Play - from Burne (1883)]
2:173-176 Souling Songs
2:176-182 Mummers Play, Thenford, Northants, [+ Helm Notes on Other Customs]
2:182-183 [Helm Notes on Souling, Morris Dancing - from Hole (1937)]
2:183-188 Mumming Play, Ross
2:188-195 [Ampleforth Sword Dance - Five Songs]
2:195 [Helm Notes on Swelwel, Durham (?) Sword Dance - from Sharp (1911)]
2:196-198 Winanton Sword Dance Play
2:198-204 Earsdon Sword Dance Play
2:204-209 Escrick Sword Dance Play
2:209 Strights Sword Dance Play
2:209-210 [Helm Notes on Askham Richard Sword Dance Play - from Sharp (1912)]
2:210-212 Grenoside Sword Dance Play
2:212-214 Kirkby Malyeard Sword Dance Play
2:214-220 Pace-Egg Play, Satterthwaite and Hawkshead
2:220-224 [Helm Notes on the Revesby Morris Dance Play - from Ordish (1---)]
2:224-230 [Helm Notes on Herefordshire Dance - from Leather (1912)]
2:230-231 [Helm Notes on Lymm Morris from Letters to Helm by Six Correspondents]
2:231-234 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood, Broom, Witch Dances - from Murray (1---)]
2:235-247 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood and St. George - from Hole (19--)]
2:247-253 New Year Play - Galatian, Perbles, Scotland
2:253-256 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood - from Brabrook (1---)]
2:256-260 Mummers Play, Sudbury, Middlesex
2:260-263 [Helm Notes on Mummers Plays - from Gomme (1930)]
2:263-278 Derbyshire Mumming Play -"St. George and the Dragon"
2:278-279 [Helm Notes on Mummers Play - from Long (1930)]
2:279-284 Knipton Ploughboys Play
2:285-287 [Version of Knipton Play]
2:287-297 Branston Ploughboys Play
2:297-301 Mummers Play, Dartington, Devon
2:301 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Fellows on Newfoundland Jannying]
2:301 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Evans on South Weald Mummers C. 1860]
2:301 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Chambers on "Evening Sun"]
2:301-302 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Chambers on "Glass" in Revesby]
2:302-303 [Helm Notes on North Kilworth, Leics., Mummers Play - from Welti (19--)]
2:303-305 Customary Ceremony at Dunnet near Shaftesbury on the Borders of Wilts. and Dorset
2:305-306 [Helm Notes on Plays Collected in Neighbourhood of Chesterfield - from Shipley (1933)]
2:306-311 Mummers Play, Chesterfield
2:311-315 Brimington Mummers Play
2:315-319 Derbyshire Mumming Play
2:319-321 Helm Notes on Letters from J. W. Shipley to D. N. Kennedy on above Plays
2:321-328 Mummers Play - Bearsted Nr. Maidstone (Kent) - the Seven Champions
2:328 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Beazley re above Playfrom Mansfield, Notts.]
2:328-331 Plough Boys Play, Mansfield, Notts.
2:331-332 Mummers Play, Mansfield, Notts.
2:332-335 Plough Boys Play, Mansfield, Notts.
2:335 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Warsop re Plough Monday Play from Mansfield, Notts. (?)]
2:335-338 Plough Monday Play, Mansfield, Notts.
2:338-339 [Helm Notes on Sunningwell Mummers Play - from Brown (1949?)]
2:339-341 Mumming Play
2:341-343 [Helm Notes on the Ampleforth Sword Dance Play]
2:343-349 Plough Monday Play - Laxton, Newark, Notts
2:349-355 Mummers Play, Chadlington, Oxfordshire
2:355-367 Mummers Play - Oakham, Rutland (Ploughboys)
2:367-370 Mummers Play, Thatcham, Berks
2:370-377 Mummers Play, Drayton, Berks
2:377-386 The Plough Boys, Tollerton, Notts
2:386-390 Mummers Play, Ashby St. Leger
2:390-394 Mummers Play, Easenhall
2:394-402 Children's Easter Performance
2:402-411 Overton Mummers Play
2:411 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Coombs on above Play]
2:411-418 Snowshill Mummers Play
2:418-421 Boxgrove Tipteers Play
2:421-422 [Helm Notes on Crick (Northants) and Ashby St. Legers (Warwickshire) Morris]
2:422-435 [Helm Notes on Bear Hunt and Shrovetide-Running in the Upper Murtal - from Wolfram (1932)]
2:435-438 Plough Jags Play
2:438-440 [Helm Notes on Lincolnshire Plays - from -- (1---)]
2:440-443 Hibaldstow Ploughboys Play
2:443-445 Plough Jags Ditties
2:445-447 Mummers Play, Fife

Volume 3

Reference Title or Description
3:1-38 [Helm Notes on Elizabethan Jig - from Baskerville (1---)]
3:3-43 Kuton-in-Lindsay Plough Play
3:43-44 [Helm Notes on Ploughlights - from -- (1---)]
3:44-53 Newbold Mummers Play
3:53-54 Mummers Play, Longhandborough, Oxfordshire
3:54-57 Mummers Play, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
3:57-62 Braganstown, Louth, Ireland, Play
3:62-65 Mummers Play, Penn, Bucks
3:65-69 Mummers Play, Wooburn, Bucks
3:69-73 Mummers Play, Selmestin, Sussex
3:73-83 Stryning, Sussex, Tipteerers' Play
3:83: [Helm Notes on Christmas in England - from Thiselton-Dyer (1878)]
3:83-86 Christmas Mummers, Hollington Play, "7 Champions of Christendom"
3:86-100 Symondsbury Play
3:100-112 Dorset Play
3:112 [Helm Notes on Mummers Play, Dumbleton Nr Evesham, Glouc. - from Udal (1880)]
3:112-114 [Helm Notes on Mummers Play, Minety Nr Malmesbury, Wilts. - from Udal (1880)]
3:114-120 Mummers Play, Whitehaven
3:120-124 Mummers' Play, Falkirk, Scotland
3:124-145 [Helm Notes on Hill Figures - from Marples (1---)]
3:145-161 [Helm Notes on Hobby Horses - from Alford (1939)]
3:161-166 Mummers Play
3:166-177 Guisers' Play, Eccleshall, Staffs
3:177-178 [Helm Notes on English Folk Drama - from Ordish (1893)]
3:178-179 [Helm Notes on Mummers Wooing Plays in England - from Baskerville (1924)]
3:179-190 Christmas Play, Broughton, Lincs.
3:190-196 Recruiting Sergeant
3:196-205 Swenderby Play
3:205-211 Christmas Play, Keynshaw
3:211-213 Wily Beguilded
3:213-215 Young Roger of the Mill
3:215-215A Extract from "Diphilo and Granida"
3:215A-216 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Thomason on Lymm Mummers Play]
3:216-225 The Old Tup and Its Ritual
3:225-226 [Helm Notes on Country Dance - from Dean-Smith (1944)]
3:226-227 [Helm Notes on Abbots Bromley Horn Dance - from Kennedy (1939)]
3:227-235 Mummers Play, Broadway, Lincs. (?)
3:235-240 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood - from Ritson (1795)]
3:240-255 Folk Carols
3:255-267 [Helm Notes on Lymm Rushbearing - from Burton (1891)]
3:267-272 Lancashire Pace Egging Songs
3:272-292 [Christmas and May Day Songs]
3:292-295 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Souling and Derbyshire Mummers - from Dyer (1876)]
3:295-297 [Texts of "Joseph Was an Old Man" and "God Bless the Master"]
3:297 When Righteous Joseph
3:298-334 [Texts of 13 Christmas Songs, Variants, Notes - from -- (1---)]
3:334-354 [Texts of 18 Christmas Songs, Variants, Notes - from -- (1---)]
3:354-356 [Texts of 3 Christmas Songs, Variants, Notes - from -- (1---)]
3:356-395 [Texts of 21 Songs, Variants, Notes - from -- (1---)]
3:396-400 Soul-Applers' Play, Warburton, Cheshire
3:400-401 [Text of Letter to Mrs. Yarwood from E. M. Leather on Warburton Horse Head]
3:401-402 [Helm Notes on Old Ball - from Harland and Wilkinson (1867)]
3:402-410 Plough Play, Lusby, Lincs.
3:410-413 Barton Humber Plough Jags
3:413-420 Plough Jags, Carlton-Le-Moorland, Lincs.
3:420-422 Plough Jag Play, Whatton, Notts
3:422-430 Bothamsall Plough Play, Notts
3:430-434 Plough Jags, Fragments from Thornton Curtis and Wootton, N. Lincs.
3:434-443 The Mummers' Play, East Yorkshire
3:443-445 Hutton Cranswick, East Yorks., Plough Boys
3:445-448 Plough Jags, West Halton, Lincs.
3:449-454 Plough Jags Play, Alkborough, Lincs.
3:455-461 Plough Jag, Baum-on-Humber, Lincs.
3:461-470 Plough Play, Old Somerby Nr. Grantham, Lincs.
3:470-471 Hintham, Fragment Only
3:471-476 Plough Monday Play, Worksop, Notts., Version
3:476-484 Plough Monday Play, Walesby, Notts
3:484-496 Clipsham Plough Monday Play
3:496-501 Plough Monday Play, East Bridgford, Notts.
3:501-505 Ploughboys Play, Edingley, Notts.
3:505-509 Plough Play, Blidworth, Notts.
3:509-516 Plough Monday Play, East Drayton, Notts., Version (2nd)
3:516-524 Ploughboy Play, Flintham, Notts.
3:524-529 Plough Monday Play, Mansfield, Notts., Version
3:529-534 Ploughboy Play, Selston, Notts.
3:534-540 Christmas Play of the Poor Owd 'Oss [Notts.]
3:540-547 Pace Egg Play, Far and near Sawley, Ambleside
3:547-550 [Helm Notes on May Games - from Finny (1936)]

Volume 4

Reference Title or Description
4:1 [Helm Notes on Wakes - from Ditchfield (n.d.)]
4:1 [Helm Notes on Mummers - from Moorhouse (1937)]
4:1-2 [Helm Notes on Castleton Garland - from Barber (1947)]
4:3 [Helm Notes on Grasmere and Ambleside Pace Egging (1934)]
4:3-5 [Helm Notes on Anthill, Beds., May Day - from Greenstreet (1933)]
4:5-6 [Helm Notes on Sabbath Day Observance - from Nicol (1932)]
4:6-10 [Helm Notes on Molly Dancing in East Anglia - from Needham and Peck (1---)]
4:11-12 [Helm Notes on Villages near Ely - from Sharp (1---)]
4:12-13 [Helm Notes on Easenhill Mummers Play - from Mendham (1---)]
4:13-14 Kent (?) Mummers Play
4:14 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Wigan on Devon Play?]
4:14-15 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Mendham on Morris Dancing in Rugby]
4:15-16 Collingham, Notts., Play
4:16 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Walker on Litton Cheney Play]
4:16-20 Mummers Play, Wexford, Ireland
4:21-48 Minehead Mummers Play
4:48-49 Harrogate Mummers
4:49 [Helm Notes on Preston Egg Rolling - from Bruce (1949)]
4:49-55 Mummers Play, St. Helen's, Lancs
4:55-57 [Helm Notes on Alderley Ribbon Dance - from Ledger, et al (1929)]
4:57-62 Horse's Head Play: Warburton, Cheshire
4:62-65 [Helm Notes on Mummers Play - from Lake (1931)]
4:65-73 Pace-Eggers Play, Underbarrow, Westmorland
4:73-74 [Helm Notes on Newton-Le-Willows Pace Eggers Play - from Myres (1938)]
4:74-77 [Helm Notes on Rushcarts - from Chadwick (C. 1890)]
4:77 [Helm Notes on Millbrook Morris Dancers - from Reporter (1935)]
4:78-82 Padstow Mummers Play
4:83-84 Ebberston Mummers Play (Yorks)
4:85-89 Netherton Poppleston Folk Play
4:89-92 Haughton-Le-Skeine, Durham, Play
4:93-99 Alverston Pace-Egging Play
4:99-102 Mossley, Cheshire, Morris
4:103-116 Alderley, Cheshire, Play
4:116-129 Branston Plough Play and Morris Dance
4:129-131 Plough Play, Scottler, Lincs.
4:131-135 Ironville, Derbyshire, Guysers Play
4:135-137 New Holland Mummers Play 1880
4:137-147 Plough Jag Play Performed at Baum-on-Humber, Lincs., 1951
4:148-155 Plough Monday Play, Plumtree, Notts.
4:155-156 [Helm Notes on Remains of Pace-Eggers Mummers Play - from Alford (1---])
4:156-158 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday - from Wright (1938)]
4:158-164 Sword-Dancers Song and Interlude, Durham
4:164-166 Linton-in-Claven Play, Yorks.
4:166 Coniston, Lancs
4:166-169 Sword Dancers Song, Wharfedale, Yorks.
4:169-173 Mummers Play, East Cote, Middlesex
4:173-176 Plough Boys Mime, Wellingore, Lincs.
4:176-184 Calverton Play, Notts.
4:184 Blidworth, Notts., Plough Bullocking Tune
4:184-185 [Helm Notes on Blackburn Pace-Eggers - from -- (1899)]
4:185-189 [Helm Notes on Court Masque - from Welsford (1---)]
4:189-193 [Helm Notes on Stone Men of Malekula - from Layard (1---)]
4:193-194 [Helm Notes on the Ancient Secret (Grail) - from Anderson (1---)]
4:194-196 [Helm Notes on Padstow Horse - from Peter (1913)]
4:196-207 Littleborough Play
4:207-215 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Plays - from Olmerod (1882)]
4:215 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Plays - from Olmerod (1882)]
4:215-217 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Plays - from Earwaker (1877)]
4:217-218 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Plays - from Cfwi (1952)]
4:218-224 Bisley, Glos., Play
4:224-227 Mummers Play, Dursley, Glouc
4:227-231 Gloucester Play Mummers
4:231-235 Mummers Play, Minchinhampton, Glouc
4:235-238 Mummers Play, Wickwar, Glouc
4:238-241 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Wakes - from Earwaker (1877)]
4:241-243 [Helm Notes on Christmas Plays - from Hinchliffe (1856)]
4:243-261 Northeast Derbyshire Mumming Play
4:262-264 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Soul-Caking - from Bridge (1910)]
4:264-272 Mummers Play, Underwood, Notts.
4:272-274 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Fountaine on Morris Dancers, May Day, Mummers Play]
4:274-275 [Helm Notes on Cornwall Mumming - from Gilbert (1822)]
4:276-282 Sandbach Play
4:282-287 New Year Observances in Scotland
4:287-291 Mill Hill, Middlesex, Play
4:291-293 [Helm Notes on Mexican Customs - from Gullop (1---)]
4:294-300 Beaconsfield, Bucks., Mummers Play
4:300-301 Guy Fawkes Rhyme of About 1880-1890
4:301-302 Repton Play - Guisers
4:302-303 Embleton, Northumberland, Play Fragment
4:303-305 Chenley (Nr. Uckfield (?)) Mummers
4:305-308 [Helm Notes on Bolivian Folk Play - from Dargan (1---)]
4:308-309 [Helm Notes on Lancashire Customs - from Potter (1879)]
4:309-311 [Helm Notes on Yorkshire Play- from Moorman (1911)]
4:311 [Helm Notes on Greek Tragedy - from Farnell (1---)]
4:311 [Helm Notes on Christmas Disguising in Wales - from Jones (1794)]
4:311-312 [Helm Notes on Midlands Play - from J. B. S. (1885)]
4:312-313 [Helm Notes on Tipteerers - from Sawyer (1883)]
4:313-314 [Helm Notes on Hunts. Christmas Mummers and Plough Witchers - from Bede (1871)]
4:314-314 [Helm Notes on Cornwall Figure - from Couch (1855)]
4:314 [Helm Notes on Cornwall Nick-a Nan Night - from Couch (1855)]
4:315-316 [Helm Notes on Epiphany Hobbyhorse - from -- (1871), Notts.]
4:316-320 [Helm Notes on Kirke's "the Seven Champions" (1638)]
4:320-321 [Helm Notes on Sussex Play - from Arnott (1878)]
4:321-323 [Helm Notes on Dorset Mumming - from -- (1879)]
4:323-324 [Helm Notes on Yorkshire Rapier Dance - from William (1811)]
4:324-32 [Helm Notes on Cotswold Mummers - from Gibbs (1898)]
4:325-327 [Helm Notes on Goosey Dancing - from Couch (1871)]
4:327-328 [Helm Notes on W. Sussex Tipteerers - from -- (1884)]
4:328-329 [Helm Notes on Northern England Play - from Phillips (1849)]
4:329-332 [Helm Notes on Galatians - from Maidment (1835)]
4:332-333 [Helm Notes on Scottish Yule Boys - from MacTaggart (1876)]
4:333-336 [Helm Notes on Somerset Mumming - from -- (1899)]

Volume 5

Reference Title or Description
5:I-IV [Helm's Aphabetized Index to Contents of Notebook 5]
5:1-3 Wheeler End, Bucks., Mummers Play
5:3 Haddenham Play, Bucks
5:3-5 Oakley (Brill) Play, Bucks
5:5 [Helm Notes on Grendon Underwood Play - from Harman (1934)]
5:6-8 Ploughboys' Play from the Notts.-Lincs. Border
5:8-11 Helpringham, Lincs., Play
5:12 [Helm Notes on Wooburn Play, Bucks. - from Cocks (1---)]
5:12 Dorchester Mummers, Oxon
5:12 [Helm Notes on Compton Play, Berks. - from Ditchfield (1896)]
5:12-13 [Helm Notes on Radley Park, Berks.- from --(1---)]
5:13-14 Stunningwell, Berks., Play
5:14 [Helm Notes on North Berkshire Mummers' Play - from Times (1904)]
5:14-16 Longcot, Nr. Faringdon, Berks., Mummers' Play
5:16-17 East Lockinge, Berks., Christmas Mummers' Play
5:17 [Helm Notes on ------G, Berkshire, Play - from Ditchfield (1891)]
5:17-20 Mummers' Play, Worminghall School, Thame, Oxford
5:20 [Helm Notes on Records of Reading Morris and King Play - from Kerry (1883)]
5:21-23 Mid-Berkshire Play Text
5:24 [Helm Notes on Reading Morris - from Jones (1870)]
5:24 [Helm Notes on Reading Passion Play - from Kerry (1883)]
5:24 [Helm Notes on Reading Easter Play - from Mirror (1---)]
5:24-25 [Helm Notes on Berkshire Christmas - from Hayden (1901)]
5:25 Mumming, Berks
5:25 [Helm Notes on Mid-Berks. Costumes - from -- (1---)]
5:26 [Helm Notes on Cambs. Plough Monday - from Ditchfield (1896)]
5:26 [Helm Notes on Cambs. Plough Monday - from Jonas (1913)]
5:26 [Helm Notes on Chester Morris and Christmas Mumming - from -- (1879)]
5:27 [Helm Notes on Chester Miracle Plays - from MacKinley (1910)]
5:27 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Oak Apple Day - from -- (1---)]
5:27-28 [Helm Notes on Knutsford Play - from Green (1859)]
5:28-29 [Helm Notes on Cheshire and Staffs. Mumming - from Moss (1898)]
5:29 Notes on Cheshire Plays
5:29-32 Mumming in Cheshire
5:32 Souling, Staffs
5:33-34 The Dundle Play, Northants
5:34 [Helm Notes on Pensilva, Cornwall, Mumming - From Lach-Szybma (1883)]
5:34 [Helm Notes on Cornwall Customs - from -- (1828)]
5:34 [Helm Notes on Newlyn West, Cornwall, Mumming - from Lach Szybma (1883)]
5:34-35 [Helm Notes on Cornwall Christmas Mumming - from -- (1---)]
5:35 [Helm Notes on Jenkyn - from Ygrec (1906)]
5:35 [Helm Notes on Source of Cornish Christmas Play - from -- (1---)]
5:35-36 [Helm Notes on Polperro Christmas - from Couch (1871)]
5:36 [Helm Notes on Cornwall Miracle Plays - from Borlase (1758)]
5:36 [Helm Notes on Cornwall Mystery Play - from Peter (1---)]
5:36 [Helm Notes on Cornwall Christmas Mummers - from Tooley (1903)]
5:36-37 [Helm Notes on Cornish Christmas Play - from Bottrell (1873)]
5:37 St. George Mumming Play, Cornwall
5:38 [Helm Notes on Cornwall Goosey Dancers - from Whitcombe (1874)]
5:38-39 [Helm Notes on Cornwall Chrsitmas - from Couch (1855)]
5:39-41 St. George, "the Christmas Play"
5:41 [Helm Notes on Cornish Christmas Play - from Pengelly (1875)]
5:41-42 [Helm Notes on Tenby Play - from Middle Templar (1875)]
5:42 "I Am a Knighte"
5:42-45 [Helm Notes on Miscellany - from Marriott (1---)]
5:45 [Helm Notes on Keswick Records - from -- (1568-69)]
5:45-47 Pace-Egg Play, Easter, Cumberland
5:47-48 T'Jolly Boys, Cumberland
5:48-49 Christmas Mummers' Play, Whitehaven, Cumberland
5:49 The Christmas Tup, Or Derby Ram [from Worksop, Notts.]
5:50 [Helm Notes on Easter Monday Elecampagne - from Tomlinson (1870)]
5:50 [Helm Notes on Elecampane - from -- (1---)]
5:50 [Helm Notes on Norton Old Tup - from Armitage (1910)]
5:50 [Helm Notes on Plough Bullocks - from -- (1762)]
5:51 [Helm Notes on Derbyshire Morris - from Dyer (1876)]
5:52-53 Derbyshire Christmas Play
5:53-54 Christmas, Mid-Derbyshire
5:54 [Helm Notes on Derbyshire Hobby Horse - from Ratcliffe (1910)]
5:54 [Helm Notes on Derbyshire Mummers, Plough Monday - from Pegge (n.d.)]
5:54-55 [Helm Notes on Derbyshire Plough Monday - from Pegge (1762)]
5:55 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday - from Times Telescope (1827)]
5:55 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday - from Times Telescope (1832)]
5:55 [Helm Notes on Castleton Plough Monday - from Brooksbank (1910)]
5:55 [Helm Notes on Derbyshire Guisers - from Pegge (n.d.)]
5:55-56 Mumming Play, Derbyshire
5:57-59 [Helm Notes on Exeter Mumming - from G. T. (1883)]
5:59 [Helm Notes on Devonshire Mumming - from Amery (1883)]
5:59 [Helm Notes on N. Devon Christmas Mumming - from Chambers (1867)]
5:59 [Helm Notes on Exeter Christmas Mummers - from Cossins (1878)]
5:59A-62 Christmas Mummers Play, Tiverton, Devon
5:62-67 The Silverton, Devonshire, Mummers' Play
5:67-68 [Helm Notes on Exeter Mumming - from Bede (1860)]
5:68 [Helm Notes on Beaminster Mumming - from Hine (1902)]
5:68 [Helm Notes on Animal Impersonation - from -- (1---)]
5:68-69 [Helm Notes on Ooser - from Osmond (1---)]
5:69 [Helm Notes on Dorset Ooser - from -- (1---)]
5:69-77 Bridport, Dorset Play
5:77-83 Dorset Mummers, Symondbury, Middle '80's
5:84 [Helm Notes on Mummers - from Fosbroke (1843)]
5:84 [Helm Notes on Worcs. Play - from Bede (1861)]
5:84 [Helm Notes on N. Ireland Play - from -- (18--)]
5:84 [Helm Notes on Peace Egg - from -- (1875)]
5:84 [Helm Notes on Minety, Wilts. - from -- (1876)]
5:85 [Helm Notes on Acomb, Yorks., Play - from -- (1---)]
5:85 [Helm Notes on Mumming and Folk Tales - from Nutt (1---)]
5:85 [Helm Notes on Wexford Play - from Kennedy (1867)]
5:85-87 Dorsetshire Play
5:87 [Helm Notes on Moreton Mumming - from Swithin (1890)]
5:87 [Helm Notes on Durham Plough Monday - from Soames (n.d.)]
5:87-89 [Helm Notes on Durham Sword Dance - from -- (1862)]
5:88-90 [Helm Notes on Northumberland Sword Dance - from William (n.d.)]
5:90-91 Folk Play...at Haughton-Le-Skerne, Darlington, Co. Durham
5:91-94 Christmas Sword Dancers, Durham
5:94-98 Gainford, Durham, Sword Dancers
5:98-100 Children's Play
5:100-101 [Helm Notes on Durham Sword Dancers - from -- (1842)]
5:101 [Helm Notes on Heybridge Play - from Christy (1---)]
5:101 [Helm Notes on Manningtree Mummers - from -- (1---)]
5:101 [Helm Notes on Essex Plough Monday - from Narch (1---)]
5:101-102 [Helm Notes on Manningtree Mummers - from Mansbergh (1892)]
5:102 [Helm Notes on Gloucestershire Bull Hoodening - from Ditchfield (1---)]
5:102-103 [Helm Notes on Unlocated Gloucestershire Play - from Gibbs (1898)]
5:103-105 Fairford, Gloucestershire, Play
5:105-107 Highnam, Gloucestershire, Play
5:107 [Helm Notes on Newland, Gloug., Christmas Boys - from -- (1907)]
5:107-109 Stroud, Gloucestershire, Play
5:109 Evesham, Gloucestershire, Play
5:110-113 Dumbleton, Gloucestershire, Play
5:113-114 [Helm Notes on Forest of Dean Whitsuntide - from -- (1822)]
5:114 [Helm Notes on Forest of Dean Christmas Horse - From Henderson (1879)]
5:114 [Helm Notes on Gloug. Christmas Mummers - from -- (1913)]
5:114 [Helm Notes on Avening, Gloug., Dancing - from -- (1---)]
5:114-115 [Helm Notes on Unlocated Gloug. Mumming Play - from Times (1914)]
5:115 [Helm Notes on Sussex and Hants. Mummers - from -- (1---)]
5:115-116 [Helm Notes on Hants. Christmas - from Shore (1872)]
5:116-117 Hampshire Mummers
5:117-119 Hampshire Christmas Mystery
5:119-120 St. Mary Bourne, Play (1888)
5:120-123 Netley Abbey Play, Hampshire
5:123-124 Gateley, Hants., Play
5:124-126 Crondall Play, Hants
5:126-127 [Helm Notes on St. Mary Bourne, Hants., Mummers - from Stevens (1888)]
5:127 [Helm Notes on Hamps. Mummers - from Jarvis (1---)]
5:127-128 [Helm Notes on Basing, Hants., Mummers - from Chandler (1---)]
5:128-129 [Helm Notes on Hamps. Mummers - from -- (1---)]
5:129 [Helm Notes on on Horsham, Sussex, May Day - from Broadwood (1---)]
5:129-132 Dover (?), Kent, Mummers' Play
5:132 [Helm Notes on E. Kent Christmas - from T.S.M. (1910)]
5:132 [Helm Notes on Kent Passion Play - from Buchanan (1887)]
5:132-133 [Helm Notes on Ramsgate, Kent, Hodening - from -- (1881)]
5:133 [Helm Notes on Kent Christmas Mumming - from Parish and Shaw (1887)]
5:133 [Helm Notes on Hollington, Sussex, Play - from Vincent (18--)]
5:133-135 Sherfield English Play, Hampshire
5:136 [Helm Notes on Here. Whitsuntide - from -- (1819)]
5:136 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Hobby Horse - from Harland and Wilkinson (1867)]
5:136 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Pace-Egging - from Tavare (1916)]
5:136-137 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Mummers - from Raines (1848)]
5:137 [Helm Notes on Black Knight of Ashton - from -- (1---)]
5:137 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Christmas Week - from Porter (1876)]
5:137 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Mumming - from Harland and Wilkinson (1867)]
5:137 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Morris - from Nodal and Milner (1875)]
5:138-139 Pace-Egging Rhymes, West Lancashire
5:139-141 [Helm Notes on Furness, Lancs., Pace-Egging - from Burne (1891)]
5:141 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Plough Monday - from Porter (1876)]
5:141 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Customs - from Redmond (1865)]
5:141-142 Paceeggers Song, Bouth, Nr. Ulverston, Lancs
5:142-143 [Helm Notes on Pace-Eggers - from Killegrew (1---)]
5:143 [Helm Notes on Claybrook, Leics., Plough Monday Morris - from MacAuley (1791)]
5:143 [Helm Notes on Thurcaston, Leics., Plough Monday - from -- (1---)]
5:143 [Helm Notes on Elmesthorpe, Leics., Plough Monday - from -- (1---)]
5:144 [Helm Notes on Sapcote Plough Monday - from Nichols (1815)]
5:144 [Helm Notes on Thurcaston Plough Monday, 1839 - from Kirby (1888)]
5:144 [Helm Notes on Leics. Plough Monday - from Andrews (1898)]
5:144 [Helm Notes on Leics. Plough Monday - from MacAulay (1791)]
5:144-145 Note
5:145 [Helm Notes on Lame Jane, Lincs. - from -- (1910)]
5:145-146 [Helm Notes on Lincs. Guisers - from Heanley (1901)]
5:146-150 Stixwould, Lincolnshire, Plough Jacks (1901)

Volume 6

Reference Title or Description
6:I-III [Helm's Alphabetized Index to Contents of Notebook 6]
6:1-3 Plough Jag Play, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincs., 1901
6:3-5 [Helm Notes on Bottesford, Plough Jags, North Lincs., A. D. 1862-1872]
6:5-7 [Helm Notes on Lincolnshire Plough Jags, or Plough Jacks, 1800-1850 Or Earlier]
6:7 [Helm Notes on Sleaford, Lincs., Morris Dancers]
6:7-8 [Helm Notes on Plough Bullocks, Lincs.]
6:8-16 [Helm Notes on Various References to Lincs. Plough Monday]
6:16-17 [Helm Notes on Mumby, Lincs., Carol and Mummers]
6:17-18 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm on Lincolnshire Plough Jags]
6:18 [Helm Notes on Throwing the Hood, Lincs.]
6:18-19 Chiswick and Turnham Green, Middlesex, Play
6:19-20 [Helm Notes on Norfolk Plough Monday]
6:20 [Helm Notes on Norfolk Plough Monday]
6:20 [Helm Notes on Norwich Accounts]
6:20 [Helm Notes on Aylmeston, Norfolk, Plough Monday]
6:20-21 [Helm Notes on Norfolk Plough Monday]
6:21 [Helm Notes on Norfolk, Yarmouth, Plough Monday]
6:21 [Helm Notes on Norfolk Plough Lights]
6:22 [Helm Notes on Norfolk Plough Lights]
6:22 [Helm Notes on Letter on Norfolk Procession]
6:23 [Helm Notes on Norfolk Plough Monday]
6:23 [Helm Notes on Norfolk Plough Light]
6:23 [Helm Notes on Norfolk Plays]
6:24 The Seven Champions, Hollington, Nr. Hastings, Sussex
6:24-25 [Helm Notes on Whitsuntide, Northants., Morris Dance]
6:25 [Helm Notes on Peace Egg]
6:25-26 [Helm Notes on Northants., Christmas]
6:26-30 Syresham, Northants., Play
6:30 [Helm Notes on Northants., 1827, Plough Monday]
6:30 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday Nr. Daventry, Northants.]
6:30 [Helm Notes on Brackley, Northants., Christmas Mumming]
6:30 [Helm Notes on Northants. Plough Monday Witch-Men]
6:31-32 [Helm Notes on Christmas Mumming]
6:32-34 Yardley Gobian Play Text, Northamptonshire
6:35 [Helm Notes on Christmas Mummers]
6:35 [Helm Notes on Northants. Plough Monday]
6:35 [Helm Notes on Crowing for Cock, Northants.]
6:35-36 [Helm Notes on Northants. Plough Monday]
6:36 [Helm Notes on Whitley, Yorks., Plough]
6:36 [Helm Notes on Northants. Mumming]
6:37 [Helm Notes on Northumberland Fool Plough]
6:37 [Helm Notes on Sword Dance and Full Plough]
6:37 [Helm Notes on Christmas Fool Plough]
6:37-38 [Helm Notes on Lent Sword Dancing in Northumberland]
6:38 [Helm Notes on Hogmena, Northumberland, 1860]
6:38-39 [Helm Notes on Rothbury, Northumberland, Guisarting, 1910]
6:39 [Helm Notes on Rothbury, Northumberland, Christmas]
6:39-40 Guizards' Song from Scremerston, Northumberland
6:40 [Helm Notes on Sandys' Two Versions of Mumming Play]
6:41 Guisarding Rhymes, Northumberland
6:41-42 [Helm Notes on Northumberland Plough Monday]
6:42 [Helm Notes on Northumberland Mummers' Play]
6:42-46 Plough Monday, Cropwell, Notts.
6:46-47 [Helm Notes on S. Notts. and Derbys. Mummers]
6:47-48 [Helm Notes on Notts. Mummers]
6:48 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
6:48 [Helm Notes on Derbys. Customs]
6:48 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday Play]
6:48-49 [Helm Notes on Notts. Plough Monday]
6:49-51 [Helm Notes on Notts. Plough Monday]
6:51-53 [Helm Notes on Shelford, Notts., Play]
6:53-55 Headington, Oxon., Play
6:55-56 Mummers, Headington Version, Oxfordshire
6:56 Bampton, Oxfordshire, Play
6:56-58 Oxfordshire Mumming Play, Chadlington
6:58-59 Charlton, Oxfordshire, Play
6:59-60 Culham, Mummers Play, Oxfordshire
6:60-61 [Letter to Ordish from W. Henry Jewitt on Christmas Mummers]
6:61-62 Headington Play, Oxfordshire
6:62-64 Islip, Oxfordshire, Mummers'Play
6:64-66 Islip, Oxfordshire, Mummers' Play
6:66-68 Kirtlington, Oxfordshire, Play
6:68-69 Marston, Oxfordshire, Mumming Play
6:69-70 [Helm Notes on Lower Heyford, Oxon., Play]
6:70 [Helm Notes on Alpine Pain]
6:70 [Helm Notes on Cotswolds Christmas Mummers]
6:70 [Helm Notes on Mummers' Plays]
6:70-72 Oxford Mummers' Play
6:72-73 Oxford Mumming Play
6:73-7 Westcor Barton, Oxfordshire, Mummers' Play
6:75 [Helm Notes on N. Wales Play]
6:76 [Helm Notes on Bampton, Oxon., Morris]
6:76 [Helm Notes on Oxford Whitsuntide Morris]
6:76 [Helm Notes on Finstock, Oxon., Whitsuntide Morris]
6:76 [Helm Notes on Oxford Morris]
6:76 [Helm Notes on Pipe and Tabor]
6:77 [Helm Notes on Oxon. Pipe and Tabor]
6:77 [Helm Notes on Ducklington Whit Week Pastimes]
6:77-78 [Helm Notes on Bampton, Oxon., Whit Monday Club Feast]
6:78 [Helm Notes on Headington, Oxon., Whitsuntide Morris]
6:78 [Helm Notes on Headington, Oxon., Whitsun Morris]
6:78-79 [Helm Notes on Bampton, Oxon., Whitsuntide Feast]
6:79 [Helm Notes on Oxon. Mumming]
6:79-81 Mummers' Play, Oxford
6:81-82 [Helm Notes on Whitsuntide Wakes]
6:82 [Helm Notes on Culham, Oxon., Mummers]
6:83-85 Mummers' Play, Source and Location Unidentified
6:85-86 Letter from Deverell to Mr. Gomme
6:86 [Helm Notes on Oxon. Mummers]
6:87-88 [Helm Notes on Bedlams, Shropshire]
6:89 [Helm Notes on Atcham, Shropshire, Morris]
6:89 [Helm Notes on Shropshire Plough Monday]
6:89-90 [Letter from Smith to (?) Henderson on Shropshire Morris]
6:90-91 [Helm Notes on Shropshire Morris]
6:91 [Helm Notes on Broseley, Shropshire, Morris]
6:91-92 [Helm Notes on Shropshire Morris]
6:92-93 [Helm Notes on Shropshire Morris]
6:93 [Helm Notes on Christmas Rhymes, N. Ireland]
6:93-95 Keynsham, Somerset, Play 1882
6:95 [Helm Notes on Minehead, Somerset, Hobby Horse]
6:95-97 Harptree, Somerset, Mummers' Play
6:97 [Helm Notes on Somerset Mumming]
6:97-902 Minehead, Somerset, Mummers' Play
6:102-104 Upper Calderdale Pace-Egg Play
6:104-105 Sword Dancers' Play
6:105-107 Guisers' Play, Durham
6:107-109 Guisers' Play, Border Version
6:109-110 [Helm Notes on Goathland Play]
6:110-114 Stone, Staffs., Guisers' Play
6:114-115 Guisers' Tales, Tean, Staffs., 1881
6:116 [Helm Notes on Leek, Staffs., Plough Monday]
6:116 [Helm Notes on Staffs. and Yorks. Sword Dancers]
6:116 [Helm Notes on Staffs. Hobby Horse]
6:116 [Helm Notes on Stoke, Staffs., Mummers]
6:116 [Helm Notes on Staffs. Plough Bullocks]
6:116 [Helm Notes on Letter to Charlotte Burne from Ashwell on Longton, Staffs., Plough Monday]
6:117 [Helm Notes on Hanbury, Staffs., Ploughing Custom]
6:117-118 [Helm Notes on Letter from Morgan to Charlotte Burne on Lichfield, Staffs., Morris]
6:118 [Helm Notes on Staffs. Mummers]
6:118 [Helm Notes on Staffs. Mummers]
6:118-119 [Helm Notes on Lichfield, Staffs., Morris]
6:119 [Helm Notes on Letter from Morgan to Charlotte Burne on Lichfield Morris]
6:119-122 Eaton House, Penkridge, Staffs, 26.12.1899
6:122 [Helm Notes on Stone, Staffs., Guisers]
6:122 [Helm Notes on Suffolk Plough Monday]
6:122-123 [Helm Notes on Barnes, Surrey, Christmas Mumming]
6:123-124 Ploughboys' Song, Vale of Belvoir, Notts.
6:124 [Helm Notes on Richmond, Surrey, Morris]
6:124-126 [Helm Notes on Surrey King Play]
6:126-132 Tipteerers' Play, Chithurst, Christmas, 1911
6:132-137 Compton, Sussex, Tipteerers' Play
6:137-141 W. Wittering, Chichester, Sussex, Tipteerers' Play
6:141-142 Carols of Compton Tipteerers
6:143 [Helm Notes on Tipteerers' Characters]
6:143 [Helm Notes on Tipteerers' Characters]
6:143 [Helm Notes on Sussex St. Stephen's Day]
6:143 [Helm Notes on St. Stephen's Day, Sussex]
6:143-144 [Helm Notes on Mummers' Plays]
6:144 [Helm Notes on Sussex Hobby Horses]
6:144 [Helm Notes on Tutbury Plough Monday]
6:144-145 [Helm Notes on Coventry? Old Christmas Carol and Play]
6:145-147 Leamington Hastings, Warwickshire, Play Text
6:147-149 Rugby, Warwickshire, Play Text
6:149 [Helm Notes on Mummers]
6:149 [Helm Notes on Ilmington Morris, Panket Day]
6:149-151 [Helm Notes on Warwickshire Harvest Customs]
6:151 [Helm Notes on Coventry Hock Thursday]

Volume 7

Reference Title or Description
7:I-IV [Helm Alphabetized Index to Contents of Notebook 7]
7:1 Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, Play Text
7:1-3 Stourton, Wilts., Play Text
7:3-7 Potterne, Wilts., Play Text
7:7 [Helm Notes on Wilts. Hobby Horse]
7:7 [Helm Notes on Wilts. Hobby Horse]
7:7 [Helm Notes on Wilts. Hobby Horse]
7:7-8 [Helm Notes on Wilts. Christmas Day]
7:8 [Helm Notes on Marlborough Mummers]
7:8 [Helm Notes on Salisbury Mummers]
7:8 [Helm Notes on Salisbury Mummers]
7:9 Letter from Pamela Tennant to Mrs. Eden [on Stockton Play]
7:9 [Helm Notes on Weyhill Horn Boys]
7:9 Letter from W. Henry Jewitt to T. Fairman Ordish [on Wilts. Mumming Rhyme]
7:9-15 [Helm Notes on Hampshire Mummers]
7:15 [Helm Notes on Huntingdonshire Mumming]
7:15-18 Upper and Lower Howsell, Leigh, Worcestershire
7:18 [Helm Notes on Worcestershire Mumming]
7:18-19 [Helm Notes on Worcs. Mumming]
7:19 [Helm Notes on Wilts. Mumming]
7:19-20 Killinghall, Yorkshire, Play
7:20-21 Blue Stotts Mummers' Play
7:21-24 [Yorkshire] Pace Egg
7:24-25 [Helm Notes on Yorkshire Fool Plough]
7:25 Mumming Song, Sheffield, Yorkshire
7:25 [Helm Notes on Yorks. Mummers]
7:26 [Helm Notes on Sheffield, Yorks., Christmas Rimers]
7:26 [Helm Notes on Sheffield Peace Egg]
7:26 [Helm Notes on Holderness, Yorks., Plough Festival]
7:26-27 [Helm Notes on Naburn, Yorks., Plough Monday]
7:27 [Helm Notes on Beverley, Yorks., Plough Monday]
7:27-28 [Helm Notes on Hull, Yorks., Plough Festival]
7:28 [Helm Notes on N. Yorks. Plough Monday]
7:28 [Helm Notes on Scarborough, Yorks., Plough Monday]
7:28-29 [Helm Notes on Whitby, Yorks., Plough Monday]
7:29 [Helm Notes on Aldborough, Yorks., Plough Monday]
7:29-30 [Helm Notes on Boroughbridge, Yorks., Plough Monday]
7:30 [Helm Notes on Whitby, Yorks., Plough Stots]
7:30 [Helm Notes on Yorks. Plough Monday]
7:30 [Helm Notes on Kingston-Upon-Hull Plough Monday]
7:30 [Helm Notes on Leeds Christmas Mumming]
7:30-31 [Helm Notes on N. Riding, Yorks., Sword Dancers]
7:31 [Helm Notes on Aldborough, Yorks., Parish Feast]
7:31 [Helm Notes on Northallerton, N. Yorks., Sword Dance]
7:31 [Helm Notes on Welton, E. Riding, Yorks., Plough Boys And Sword Dances]
7:31 [Helm Notes on Swaledale, Yorks., Sword Dance]
7:31-34 [Helm Notes on Horse's Head]
7:34 [Helm Notes on Flamborough, E. Riding, Yorks., Christmas]
7:35 [Helm Notes on N. England Mumming]
7:35-36 [Helm Notes on N. Yorks. Christmas Sword Dance]
7:36 [Helm Notes on Watton, E. Riding, Yorks., Morris]
7:36-37 Hobby Horse
7:38 Yorkshire Maskers' Song
7:38-39 [Helm Notes on Westvale, Nr. Halifax, Mummers]
7:39 Wassail
7:39-40 [Helm Notes on Yorks. Mummers]
7:40 [Helm Notes on Yorks. New Year]
7:40 [Helm Notes on Sheffield, Yorks., Mummers]
7:40-41 [Helm Notes on Isle of Man Christmas]
7:41 [Helm Notes on Hobby Horse]
7:41 [Helm Notes on Plough Jags]
7:41 [Helm Notes on Plough Jags]
7:42 Aberdale, South Wales, Play
7:43 [Helm Notes on Mummers]
7:43 [Helm Notes on Galations]
7:43-47 [Helm Notes on Galatian]
7:48-52 Hawick Version, Galaschin
7:52-54 Correspondence Between Mrs. Eden and Hugh R. Wallace [on Golaschins]
7:54-56 Spottiswoode, Berwickshire, Play Text
7:56-58 Mumming Plays, Scotland
7:58-64 The Dying Guizard
7:64-65 Mumming Song, Isle of Man
7:65 [Helm Notes on Scotland Gysarts]
7:65 [Helm Notes on Scot. Corpus Christi]
7:66-67 [Helm Notes on Shetland Guisers]
7:67 [Helm Notes on Scot. Christmas Mumming]
7:67 [Helm Notes on Scot. New Year]
7:67-71 Ballybrennan, Wexford, Ireland
7:71-73 Christmas Rhymers in the North of Ireland
7:73-74 Letter from W. W. Gill to A. R. Wright [on Castle Cary Play]
7:74-75 Burscough, Lancs., Paste-Egg Song
7:75-78 Sutton Courtenay Mummers' Play Text
7:78-82 A Yorkshire Folk Play and Its Analogues
7:82-83 Extracts from a Mummers' Play, Staveley, East Derbyshire
7:83 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
7:83-84 [Helm Notes on Christmastide]
7:84 [Helm Notes on Potterne, Wilts., Mummers' Dress]
7:84 [Helm Notes on Western Counties Christmas Mumming]
7:85-86 Mumming
7:86-87 [Helm Notes on Stanton Harcourt Morris]
7:87 [Helm Notes on Dates of Mumming Plays]
7:87 [Helm Notes on Christmas Mummers]
7:88 [Helm Notes on Orkney Fairy Guisers]
7:88-90 Horsell, Woking, Surrey, Play
7:90-94 Christmas Play
7:94 [Helm Notes on Heref. Morris]
7:95-96 [Helm Notes on Anglo-Saxon Passion of St. George]
7:96-98 St. George and the Dragon
7:98 [Helm Notes on Mummers]
7:100 Mummers, Western Counties
7:100-108 The Peace Egg, a Christmas Mumming Play
7:108-110 [Helm Notes on Arkengarthdale, Yorks., Play]
7:110-115 The Seven Champions of Christendom
7:115 Durham Sword Dances
7:115 [Helm Notes on Lake District Jolly Boys]
7:116 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night Mummers]
7:116 [Helm Notes on Pace-Egging]
7:116 [Helm Notes on Yorks. Plough Stotting]
7:116 [Helm Notes on Largesse Plough Monday]
7:116-117 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Cocoputters]
7:117 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
7:117 [Helm Notes on the Fool Plough]
7:117-119 Pace Egg Play
7:119-120 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
7:120 [Helm Notes on Good Friday Mystery Play]
7:120 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
7:120-121 [Helm Notes on St. George Mumming Play]
7:122 [Helm Notes on Hobby Horse]
7:122 [Helm Notes on Christmas Guisards]
7:121 [Helm Notes on Christmas Fond Plough]
7:121-122 [Helm Notes on Sword Dancers]
7:122-123 [Helm Notes on Christmas Guised Dancing]
7:123-124 [Helm Notes on Christmas Plays and Masques]
7:124 [Helm Notes on Chester Christmas Mystery Plays]
7:125 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
7:125 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
7:125 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
7:125-126 [Helm Notes on Christmas Mumming Plays]
7:127 St. George Play
7:127-128 London Play
7:128 Easter Mumming
7:128-129 [Helm Notes on Christmas Mumming]
7:129 Kensington Workhouse Folk Play
7:129 [Helm Notes on Legal Proceedings Against Huddersfield Mummers]
7:129-130 [Helm Notes on Bloomsbury Play]
7:130 [Helm Notes on Distaff Day and Plough Monday]
7:131 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Pace Egging]
7:131-132 [Helm Notes on Pace Egging]
7:132 [Helm Notes on Prestwich Pace Egging]
7:132-133 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Easter Mumming]
7:133 [Helm Notes on Cheetham Pace Eggers]
7:133-134 [Helm Notes on Liverpool Easter Mumming]
7:134 [Helm Notes on Pace Egg]
7:134-135 [Helm Notes on Easter St. George and Robin Hood Plays]
7:135-137 Uttoxeter Play
7:135-137 The Uttoxeter Mummers
7:137-138 [Helm Notes on Mummers' Play]
7:149 [Helm Notes on Elizabethan Passion Play]
7:149 [Helm Notes on Westmorland Pace Egging]
7:149-151 [Helm Notes on Father Christmas]
7:138 [Helm Notes on Pace-Egging]
7:138 [Helm Notes on Summerseat Pace Egging]
7:138-139 [Helm Notes on Pace Egg]
7:139 [Helm Notes on Easter Mumming]
7:139-140 [Helm Notes on Preston Egg-Rolling]
7:140 [Helm Notes on Pace Egg Song]
7:141 [Helm Notes on Pace-Egging]
7:142 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Pace Egg]
7:142-143 [Helm Notes on Pace Egg]
7:143-144 Pace Egg Play
7:144 [Helm Notes on St. George Play]
7:144-145 North Country Play
7:146 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Chesh. Play]
7:146 [Helm Notes on Mumming]
7:146-147 [Helm Notes on Mumming]
7:147-148 [Helm Notes on St. George Play]
7:148 [Helm Notes on Derbys. Mumming]
7:148-149 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood and St. George Plays]

Volume 8

Reference Title or Description
8:I-III [Helm Alphabetized Index to Contents of Notebook 8]
8:1-4 Walker's New Mummer
8:4-5 Christmas Rhyme Book
8:4-11 The Four Champions
8:11-16 The Peace Egg
8:16-27 Staffordshire Guisers' Plays
8:28-30 Lakefield, Middlesex, Mummers' Play
8:31-32 Mummers' Play, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland
8:32-35 Campden Mummers' Play
8:35-37 Malvern Mummers
8:37 [Helm Notes on Interview with Leader of the Campden Mummers, Nr. Buckland]
8:37 [Helm Notes on Folk Drama Elements]
8:38 Guisers' Play, Probably from Shiney Row, Durham
8:38-41 Guizards' Play, Scotland
8:41-42 Guisers' Play, Ludworth, Durham
8:42-46 -Reatham Sword Dance Play, Durham
8:46 [Helm Notes on Rapier Dance]
8:47 [Helm Notes on Morris Dance]
8:47 [Helm Notes on Folk Drama Elements]
8:47 [Helm Notes on Religious Rites]
8:47-48 [Helm Notes on Folk Drama]
8:48 [Helm Notes on Origins of Drama]
8:48 [Helm Notes on Folk Drama]
8:48-49 [Helm Notes on Swan Night]
8:49 [Helm Notes on Geroid Iarla Legend]
8:49-50 [Helm Notes on Giant's Dance]
8:50-51 [Helm Notes on Irish Traditions]
8:51 [Helm Notes on Cornish Drama]
8:51 [Helm Notes on Swan Night Tale]
8:51 [Helm Notes on Apollo and the Dragon]
8:51 [Helm Notes on Christmas Recreations]
8:51-52 [Helm Notes on Yule Play]
8:52 [Helm Notes on Elfrics' Canons]
8:52 [Helm Notes on Morris Dancers]
8:52 [Helm Notes on Christmas Celebrations]
8:52 Bitterne Play
8:53 [Helm Notes on Christmas Guise Dance]
8:53 [Helm Notes on Christmas]
8:54-65 Lecture on Mummers
8:65 [Helm Notes on Christmas Mumming]
8:65-68 [Helm Notes on Harvest Customs]
8:68-71 [Helm Notes on Medieval Drama]
8:71-72 [Helm Notes on Sacrifices]
8:72 [Helm Notes on Greek Sacrifice]
8:73-74 [Helm Notes on Medieval English Customs]
8:74 [Helm Notes on Perth Disguise]
8:74-75 [Helm Notes on the Guild As Religious Institution]
8:75 [Helm Notes on Yule Feast]
8:75 [Helm Notes on Lancs. and Cheshire Traditions]
8:75 [Helm Notes on Szekely Tales]
8:76 [Letter from Jewitt to Ordish on Sheffield Mummers]
8:76 [Helm Notes on Hobby Horse]
8:77 [Helm Notes on Old Horse]
8:77 [Helm Notes on Christmas Lords of Misrule]
8:77 [Helm Notes on Guisers]
8:77 The Morris Dance
8:77 [Helm Notes on Fond Plough]
8:77-78 [Helm Notes on Hooden Horse]
8:78 [Helm Notes on Fairy Mythology]
8:79 References to Other Sources
8:80 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:80 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:80 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:80 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:80 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:80-81 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:81 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:81 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:81-82 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:82 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:82 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:82 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:82 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:83 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:83 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:83 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:83-84 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:84 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:84 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:84 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:84 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:84 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:84 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:85 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:85 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:85 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:85-86 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:86 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:86 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:86 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:86A [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:86A [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:86A-87 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:87 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:87 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:87 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:87 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:87-88 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:88 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:88 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:88 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:88 [Helm Notes on Twelfth Night]
8:89-97 [Helm Notes on Jamaican Mumming]
8:98-102 English Folk Drama, III
8:103-108 Robin Hood Plays
8:108 Y Caseg Eira (the Snow Horse)
8:109-115 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood]
8:115-116 [Helm Notes on Various Traditions]
8:116 [Helm Notes on Colliers, Play, N. England]
8:116-117 Christmas Mummers' Play
8:117 [Helm Notes on Whip Cracking Contest]
8:117-118 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:118 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:118 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:118 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:118 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:118 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:119 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:119 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:119 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:119-120 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:120 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:120 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:120 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:120 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:120-121 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:121 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:121 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:121 [Helm Notes on Northern Morris]
8:122 [Helm Notes on Rochdale Rushbearing]
8:122-123 [Helm Notes on Lymm Rushbearing]
8:123-124 [Letter to Gilchrist from Lees on Prestwick Morris]
8:124 [Helm Notes on Letters to Gilchrist from Lees on Prestwick Morris]
8:124-125 [Letters to Gilchrist from Royle on Morris]
8:125 [Helm Notes on Letter to Gilchrist from Bates on Morris Tunes]
8:125 [Helm Notes on Letter to Gilchrist from Bardsley on Didsbury Rushcart]
8:125-126 [Helm Notes on Morris]
8:126 [Helm Notes on Letter to Gilchrist from Jackson on Gorton Wakes]
8:126 Letter to Gilchrist from Brierley on Morris
8:127 [Helm Notes on Letter to Gilchrist from Brierley on Coconut Dance Tune]
8:127 [Helm Notes on Long Morris]
8:127 [Helm Notes on Cross Morris]
8:127 Beelzebub's Address in Pace-Egging
8:128-129V Morris Songs and Tunes
8:129 [Helm Notes on Pace-Egg and Morris]
8:129 [Helm Notes on Jack O'Lent]
8:129 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Mumming]
8:129 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Mumming]
8:129-130 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Mumming]
8:130-131 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Mumming]
8:132 [Helm Notes on Morris Tunes]
8:132 [Helm Notes on Morris]
8:132 Morris Songs
8:132 [Helm Notes on Morris]
8:132 [Helm Notes on Letters to Gilchrist from Scott on Schlaffertanz]
8:133-134 Cockney Moor Snake
8:134-135 The Pace-Egg Play
8:135-136 [Helm Notes on Mumming History]
8:136 [Helm Notes on Mumming]
8:136 [Helm Notes on Easter Mumming]
8:136, 138 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood]
8:137 Beg Your Leave (Pace-Egging Song)
8:138-139 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood]
8:139-140 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood]
8:141 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood]
8:142 [Helm Notes on Notts. Customs]
8:142-143 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood]
8:144-148 Barrow-on-Humber, Lincs. Plough Jags Play
8:148 [Helm Notes on Barrow-on-Humber Play]
8:148-149 [Helm Notes on Barrow-on-Humber Play]
8:149-152 Helpringham Plough Play
8:152 [Helm Notes on Helpringham Play]

Volume 9

Reference Title or Description
9:(I)-(IV) Helm Alphabetized Index to Contents of Notebook 9
9:1 [Letter to Newspaper from Alford on Helston Furry Dance]
9:1 [Helm Notes on Helston Furry Dance]
9:2 [Helm Notes on Mayor of Ock Street]
9:2 [Helm Notes on Heywood Wakes]
9:2 [Helm Notes on Sunningwell Mummers]
9:2 [Helm Notes on Whitchurch, Hants., Mummers]
9:3 [Helm Notes on Plough in the Church]
9:3 [Helm Notes on Kirtlington Lamb Ale]
9:3 Letter from King on Recruiting Sergeants
9:4-6 [Helm Notes on North-Western Morris]
9:6 Foreword to the Programme of the 45th Meeting of the Ring
9:7-10 South Cherney, Cotswolds, Play Text
9:11 [Helm Notes on Ribbons and Laces]
9:12 [Helm Notes on Harrogate Mummers]
9:12-13 Ripon Sword Dancers Rhyme
9:14 [Helm Notes on Moston Morris]
9:14 [Helm Notes on Wooton Woodstock Mummers]
9:14-15 [Helm Notes on Pickering, Ripon, Malton Plays]
9:15 [Helm Notes on Cumnor Mummers]
9:15 [Helm Notes on Berkshire Mummers]
9:15 [Helm Notes on Norwenstor, Cornwall, Play]
9:15 [Helm Notes on Lytton Cheney Play]
9:16 Sherriff Hutton Plew Stotts Play
9:17 [Letter to D. Kennedy from Bradbury on Wellow, Notts., Maypole]
9:17A Greatham Sword Dance
9:18 The Old Woman Tossed Up
9:18 [Helm Notes on Dances]
9:19 [Helm Notes on Kendal Ghyll Dance]
9:19 [Helm Notes on Northill, Beds., May Day]
9:19-20 [Helm Notes on Grenoside Morris]
9:90-21 [Helm Notes on Dress of Kirby Malzeard Sword Dancers]
9:21-22 [Helm Notes on Perth Glovers' Dress]
9:22 [Helm Notes on Glos. Morris]
9:22-23 Bonnie Green Garters; the Willow Tree
9:23 [Helm Notes on -Rick Morris]
9:23-25 [Helm Notes on Plow Stotts]
9:25-26 Folk-Lore, Practices and Beliefs in Blackamore
9:27 Christmas
9:28-31 Plough Monday Play, Hooten Pagnell, Nr. Doncaster, Yorks
9:31 Caking Song, Lymm, Cheshire, 1931
9:31-33 --Er Whitley, Cheshire, Soul-Caking Play
9:33-&7 --Burne Mummers' Christmas Play, Hants
9:38-40 Derbyshire Plays - No Location Given
9:40 [Helm Notes on Source of Mummers' Plays]
9:40 [Helm Notes on Source of Mummers' Plays]
9:40-41 [Helm Notes on Source of Mummers' Plays]
9:41 [Helm Notes on Source of Mummers' Plays]
9:41-42 Souling Song, Mobberley, Cheshire
9:42 [Helm Notes on Craven, Yorks., Mummers]
9:42-43 Mummers Play - Glos
9:43-45 Pace-Egging, Westmorland
9:45-46 Mummers, Berkshire
9:46-47 Cob-Coaling, Lancs., Oldham
9:47 North Newington, Nr. Banbury, Oxon., Play
9:47A Cob Coaling Song
9:48 Bubwith, Yorks., Plough Stotts Play
9:48-49 Cinderford, Gloucestershire, Play
9:49 [Helm Notes on Bucks. Plays]
9:49 Other Sources of Material
9:50 East Barnet Play, North Herts
9:50-52 South Hants. Play
9:52 -- Hampshire Play
9:53 Hetton-Le-Hole Play
9:53 [Helm Notes on Carrickfergus Play]
9:54 [Helm Notes on Ilmington Morris]
9:55 [Helm Notes on Marbais Marchers' Guild]
9:55 [Helm Notes on Bell Ringing]
9:55-56 Extract from the Institution of a Noble Young Man
9:56-58 King's Majesties [Charles I] Declaration
9:59 [Helm Notes on Hoop-Dancing in Sweden]
9:59 [Knight's Speech]
9:59-61 Oxfordshire Play
9:61-62 Oxfordshire Play
9:62 May Day Celebrations at Brackley
9:63-66 Miners' Dances, Germany
9:66-70 [Helm Notes on the Hallen Sword Dance]
9:70-75 Sword Dance Performed at Fenestrelle
9:76-81 The Sword Dance
9:81-82 Armitage Morris Dancers' Play, Staffs
9:83-84 Report on the Contents of a Parcel Marked "Sword Dance Information" Sent To Cecil Sharp
9:85 [Sharp Letter Notes and Queries Enquiring about Sword Dance]
9:86 Sword Dance Information Sent to C. J. Sharp - Places from Which No Sword Dance Was Reported
9:87 Sword Dance Information Sent to C. J. Sharp - Places from Which No Sword Dance Was Reported But Which GaveOther InformationSharp, CecilSharp Collection; Helm Collection - Copy--
9:88 Sword Dance Information Sent to C. J. Sharp - Pfwnsdwrd Where "Plough Boys"etc. Formerly Came Round with aPlaySharp, CecilSharp Collection; Helm Collection - Copy--
9:88 Sword Dance Information Sent to C. J. Sharp-Places from Which No Sword Dance Was Reported But "Plough Boys"etc. Still Came RoundSharp, CecilSharp Collection; Helm Collection - Copy--
9:89 Sword Dance Information Sent to C. J. Sharp-Places from Which No Sword Dance Was Reported But to WhichDancers Formerly Came from ElsewhereSharp, CecilSharp Collection; Helm Collection - Copy--
9:89 Sword Dance Information Sent to C. J. Sharp-Places from Which No Sword Dance Was Reported But to WhichDancers Still Came from ElsewhereSharp, CecilSharp Collection; Helm Collection - Copy--
9:90-92 Sword Dance Information Sent to C. J. Sharp - Places Where Sword Dances Had Existed Formerly
9:93-94 Sword Dance Information Sent to C. J. Sharp - Places Where the Sword Dance Was Still Performed
9:95 Letter from...Collier to C.J.S. [on Sword Dance]
9:96 Copy of Part of Letter from...Collier...to C. S. [on Sword Dance]
9:96 Letter [to Sharp on Sword Dance]
9:97 [Helm Notes on Letters to Sharp from Parkin on Sheffield Sword Dance]
9:98 Excerpt from Letter from C. J. S. to - Cholmeley
9:98A [Letter to Sharp from Stromberg on Sword Dance]
9:98B-98C Sword Dance Information Sent to C. J. Sharp - Summary of Useful Information Compiled by Cecil Sharp
9:99-104 [Nine Song Texts]
9:105-106 Reports of Sword Dances in Northumberland and Durham
9:107-112 King George and the Turkish Knight, Sussex
9:112-115 Grasmere Pace-Egging Play
9:{115/116} [Amberside Pace-Eggers' Song]
9:{115/116} Potterne Mummers' Play - Chorus
9:116 Extracts from a Letter [to Sharp?] from Chris Cawte
9:117-123 [6 Song Texts]
9:124 [Helm Notes on Bardon Mill, Northumberland, Sword Dance]
9:124 [Helm Notes on Northumberland Sword Dance]
9:124 [Helm Notes on Allendale, Northumberland, Bonfire]
9:124 [Helm Notes on Whalton, Northumberland, Bonfire]
9:125 [Helm Notes on Holy Island, Northumberland, Sword Dance Play]
9:126 [Helm Notes on Taindrop, Durham, Sword Dance]
9:126 [Helm Notes on Hartlepool, Durham, Anchor]
9:127 [Helm Notes on Richmond, N. Yorkshire, Sword Dance]
9:127 [Helm Notes on Masham, N. Yorks., Sword Dance and Fond Plough]
9:127 [Helm Notes on Haxby and New Earswick, N. Yorks., Plough Stotts]
9:128 Vadmal, Vafva
9:129-131 Guisers' Play, High Spen, Co. Durham
9:132 Greensleeves
9:132-134 Teviotdale Guizards' Play
9:135-136 Guisers' Play, Blaydon (?) or Sunderland (?)
9:136-137 [Helm Notes on Sword Dancers]
9:138-140 Shoreham, Kent, Mummers' Play
9:141-150 Notes on Old Time Dress of Kirkby Malzeard Sword Dancers Before 1886
9:151-152 Copy of Letter [on Mumming] from J. M. Shipley Esq. to Mr. Kennedy
9:153-156 [Copy of Letter from Wood to Kennedy on Yorkshire Long-Sword]
9:157 [Copy of Letter from Kennedy to M. Wood on Yorkshire Long-Sword]
9:158 [Copy of Letter to Frank Howes from Kennedy on Wessex Dance]
9:159 [Copy of Letter to D. Kennedy from Joseph -- on Sword Dance]
9:160-161 [Copy of Letter to D. Kennedy from Wood on Sword Dance]
9:162-163 [Copy of Letter to M. Wood from D. Kennedy on Yorkshire Dance]

Volume 10

Reference Title or Description
10:(I)-(III) [Helm Alphabetized Index to Contents of Notebook 10]
10:1-3 Morris Dancing and Mumming, Headington Quarry, Oxford
10:3-10 St. George and the Dragon Mumming Play
10:11 [Helm Notes on Yorks. Christmas]
10:11-12 Waits and Mummers
10:12-18 Plough Monday Mummeries
10:19-21 Ripon, W. Yorks., Sword Dance
10:22-25 Mid-Berkshire Mummers' Play
10:26-27 Cornwall Giz-Dance
10:28 [Helm Notes on Morris Dancers' Plantation]
10:28 [Helm Notes on Jenkin, Little John, etc.]
10:28-29 [Helm Notes on Jenkin, Little John, etc.]
10:29-30 [Helm Notes on Christmas Boys]
10:30 [Helm Notes on Mummers]
10:31-32 [Helm Notes on St.George Mumming Play]
10:32-33 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday Plays]
10:33-36 The Mummers' Play
10:36-39 Mumming Play from Kingsclere (?) from a Copy Written Down 1920
10:39 [Helm Notes on North of England Sword Dancers]
10:39-41 Yorkshire Sword Actors
10:42-44 St. George and the Bold Turk, Grasmere, Westmorland
10:45-51 Pace-Egging Play, Westmorland
10:51-53 Rush Bearing
10:53-55 The Wakes
10:56-65 Sidmouth, Devon, Play Text
10:65-67 Wiltshire Mumming
10:67-70 Wiltshire Mummers
10:70-72 Inglesham Mummers' Play
10:72-73 [Helm Notes on South Marston, Wilts., Play]
10:73-74 Pace-Eggers
10:74-75 Pace-Eggers
10:75-76 Pace-Eggers
10:76-77 Pace-Eggers
10:78-85 [Helm Notes on Westmorland Rushbearing]
10:86-87 Gloucestershire Plays
10:87-89 Stalybridge Morris
10:89-91 Whalley and Clayton Le Moor
10:91-92 Horspath, Oxfordshire, Mumming Play
10:92-96 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, Mumming Play
10:97-100 Pace-Egg Mummers, Lancashire
10:100 [Helm Notes on May Day, Robin Hood, Maid Marian]
10:100-101 [Helm Notes on Rush-Bearing]
10:101 [Helm Notes on Lancs.-Yorks. Border Rush-Bearing]
10:101-102 [Helm Notes on E. Lancs. Rush-Bearing]
10:102-106 Rochdale Rush-Bearing
10:106 [Helm Notes on Whalley Rush-Bearing]
10:106-107 [Helm Notes on Morris Dance]
10:108 [Helm Notes on Horse's Head]
10:108-110 Christmas Play of St. George
10:110-111 Wassail Song; a New Year's Song
10:112-114 The Hood Game at Haxey
10:115 Extract from Miss Robinson's Letter
10:116-118 Pace-Egg Play, Pennyridge, Lancs
10:118 Westmorland Pace-Eggers' Song
10:119-120 Witton-Le-Wear Guisers' Play, Durham
10:120-122 Longdale Pasche Eggers, Westmorland
10:123-125 Mumming in Manxland; St. George and the Dragon
10:125-12 Manxland's Mummers - I-III
10:129-144 The Peace Egg and a Christmas Mumming Play
10:144-146 Mummers' Play
10:146-147 [Helm Notes on Christmas Mummers, Ireland]
10:147 [Helm Notes on Irish Mummers]
10:147-149 Haddenham, Bucks., Play Text
10:150-151 Witton-Le-Wear Play, Co. Durham
10:151-15 English Miracle Plays
10:152-154 Chilton, Foliat, Wilts., Mummers' Christmas Play
10:155-156 Baydon, Wilts., Christmas Mummers' Play
10:156-158 Chaddleworth, Berks., Christmas Mummers' Play
10:158-162 West Woodhay, Berks., Mummers' Christmas Play
10:162-164 Hoe Benham, Berks., Mummers' Play
10:164-167 St. George and the Dragon, the Official Mummers' Play of the League of Arts
10:167-168 Introductory Song of the Mummers
10:168 Mummers' Song
10:168-169 [Helm Notes on Letter to Miss Dunkerley from Pashley on Mumming]
10:169-170 Copy of a Letter to "My Dear Dorothy" [on Yorks. Mumming]
10:170-171 [Letter to Miss Wroughton from Woodgate on Old Customs]
10:171 [Helm Notes on Plough Feasts]
10:172-173 The Mawdsley Stage Dance
10:174-178 Christmas Mummers' Play
10:179 [Helm Notes on St. George]
10:179 [Helm Notes on St. George and the Dragon]
10:180 [Helm Notes on St. George]
10:180 [Helm Notes on Fairies]
10:180 [Helm Notes on Merrigols]
10:181 [Helm Notes on May Day Celebrations]
10:181-182 [Helm Notes on Birth of St. George]
10:182-184 [Helm Notes on St. George]
10:184 [Helm Notes on St. George]
10:184-185 [Helm Notes on May Day Customs]
10:185-186 [Helm Notes on Anglo-Saxon Passion of St. George]
10:186-187 [Helm Notes on St. George Stage Plays]
10:187 [Helm Notes on Devil in Stage Plays]
10:187-188 [Helm Notes on Seven Champions - Kirke]
10:188-191 Appendix to Letter Given at pp.170 of This Volume
10:192-193 [Helm Notes on Christmastide]
10:193 [Helm Notes on Dorset Mummers]
10:193-194 [Helm Notes on Dorset Mummers]
10:194 [Helm Notes on Dorset Mummers]
10:194-195 [Helm Notes on Dorset Mummers]
10:195 [Helm Notes on Dorset Mummers]
10:195-200 [Helm Notes on Morris Dancing and Plays]
10:200-201 An Old Cotswold Mummers' Play
10:201-202 An Old Cotswold Mummers' Play
10:203V [Copy of Letter to Helm from English Folk Dance and Song Society Librarian on Northants. and Berks. Mumming]
10:203R List of Published Texts or References to Folk Plays in Buckinghamshire
10:204V Copy of Letter to Helm from Hole [on Irish Plays]
10:204R-205 [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm from Froome on Various Matters]

Volume 11

Reference Title or Description
11:(I)-(IV) [Helm Typed Index to Contents of Notebook 11]
11:1 [Copy of Letter to E. C. Cawte from Grant on Tow Law Play, Co. Durham]
11:2-3 [Helm Notes on Berks. Mumming]
11:3-4 [Helm Notes on Notts. Plough Plays]
11:4-5 [Helm Notes on Yorks. Mumming]
11:5 [Helm Notes on White Boys Mumming]
11:5-7 Bucks. Mumming
11:8 [Helm Notes on Minehead Mumming]
11:8 [Helm Notes on Sussex Tipteerers]
11:8-9 [Helm Notes on Warwickshire Mummers]
11:9 [Helm Notes on Oxon. Mumming]
11:9-12 Lincolnshire Ploughboys
11:12-13 Boughton Mummers' Play, Northants
11:13 [Helm Notes on Dorset Mummers]
11:14 [Helm Notes on Hampshire Mumming]
11:14 [Helm Notes on Hunts. Mumming]
11:14-15 [Helm Notes on Heref. Mumming]
11:15 [Helm Notes on Letter to Miss Jackson from Holland on Midsomer Norton]
11:16-18 [Helm Notes on Lapley, Staffs., Morris]
11:18-24 [Helm Notes on Lichfield Morris]
11:25 [Helm Notes on Betley, Staffs., Morris]
11:26 [Helm Notes on Cumberland Sword Dance]
11:26-28 Spennymoor, Durham, Sword Dancers and Guisers
11:28 [Helm Notes on Spennymoor, Durham, Tyup]
11:29 [Helm Notes on Kirk Merrington, Durham, Football]
11:30 [3 Winster Morris Tunes]
11:31 Three Maids a-Rushing
11:32-33 Flamborough Net Making
11:33 [Helm Notes on Pembrokeshire Mummers]
11:33-34 [Helm Notes on Middlesex Mumming]
11:34-35 [Helm Notes on "Letter Leslie Haworth" on Royton Morris]
11:35 [Helm Notes on Valentine Song, Guilden Morden, Cambs.]
11:36 Morris Dance, East Coker
11:38 Sword Dance
11:39-42 Ashburton, Devon, Mummers' Play
11:42 [Helm Notes on Egton Bridge, N. Yorks., Plough Stots]
11:42-43 Barton-Le-Street, N. Yorks., Tar Barrel
11:44 Penkridge, Staffs., Notes
11:44A-44B Betler
11:45 Saturday Night - Morris Dance
11:45-49 The Mummers' Play in Devon and Newfoundland
11:50 [2 Tideswell Morris Dances]
11:50 [Helm Notes on Field Town Processional Morris]
11:51 Hickham Guisers' Song
11:51 Sowerby Sword Dance Songs
11:52 -Luff King Hall Morris Dance
11:52 London Pride Morris Dance
11:53 Constant Billy Morris Dance
11:53 [Two Stow-on-the-Wold Morris Tunes]
11:54 -Lly Morris Dance
11:54-55 Shepherds Hey Morris Dance
11:56-58 Mumming Play
11:59-62 The Silverton (?), Devon, Mummers' Play
11:62-64 Clayton, Lancs., Morris Dancers
11:65-69 -Ping, Midhurst, Tipteerers' Play
11:69-71 Littleworth Tipteering Play
11:71-73 East Preston, Tipteerers' Play, Sussex
11:73-76 Boxgrove Tipteerers' Play
11:77 [Copy of Handbill for Boxgrove Tipteers]
11:78 Sussex Whistling Song
11:78-80 [Helm Notes on Boxgrove Tipteers]
11:80-82 [Copy of Letter to R. J. Sharp from Vick on Sussex Tipteers]
11:82 [Helm Notes on Letter to Sharp from Binney on Slasher]
11:82-83 [Helm Notes on Letter to Sharp from Upton on Tipteers]
11:83-84 [Letter to Editor from Sharp on Tipteers]
11:84 [Helm Notes on Letter to P. Fletcher from Sharp on Boxgrove]
11:84 [Helm Notes on Letter to Sharp from Guilford on Plays]
11:85 [Helm Notes on Boxgrove Tipteers' Dress]
11:85 Short Account of the Boxgrove Tipteers and their Version of the Sussex Play
11:86 [Helm Notes on Over the Sticks, Sussex Dance]
11:86-89 [Helm Notes on Christmas Folk Plays, Berkshire and Sussex]
11:90-93 [Helm Notes on Westmorland Pace-Egging]
11:94 [Helm Notes on Sussex Tipteers]
11:95 Mummers' Play, Source Uncertain But Probably North Somerset
11:96-97 Mummers' Play, Unlocated
11:97-98 East Harptree, Somerset, Play
11:98-100 Over the Sticks, Sussex
11:101-102 [Helm Notes on Mumming]
11:103-119 [Helm Notes on Staffs. Customs]
11:120-121 The Spring Green Lady
11:122-123 Littlehampton Collier Lads
11:125-127 Lichfield Morris Tunes
11:128 [Helm Notes on Hobby Horse]
11:128 [Helm Notes on Hobby Horse]
11:128 [Helm Notes on Hobby Horse]
11:128-129 [Helm Notes on Pace-Egging]
11:129-130 [Helm Notes on Morris Dancing, Stanton Harcourt]
11:130 [Helm Notes on Heref. Whitsun Morice Dancing]
11:130 [Helm Notes on Westwell Whitsuntide]
11:130 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
11:131 [Helm Notes on St. John's Glastonbury Christmas Play]
11:131 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood Sports]
11:131 [Helm Notes on Witchford, Isle of Ely, Plough Monday]
11:131 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
11:132 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
11:132 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
11:132 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
11:132-133 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
11:133 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
11:133 [Helm Notes on Plough Monday]
11:133-135 The Alcestis As Folk Drama
11:135 [Helm Notes on Scilly Isles Goose Dancing]
11:135 [Helm Notes on Scilly Islands Goose Dancing]
11:136 [Helm Notes on Scilly Isles Goose Dancing]
11:136-137 Gusse Dancing
11:137 [Helm Notes on Christmastide]
11:137 [Helm Notes on Chester Mystery Plays]
11:138 [Helm Notes on Old Hall, Taborer of Heref.]
11:138 [Helm Notes on Yorks. N. Riding Pease-Eggers]
11:138-139 [Helm Notes on Holling]
11:139 New Country Dances for 1796
11:140-142 Stafford Morris
11:142-153 [29 Tunes, Mostly for Morris Dance]
11:154 Mummers' Song
11:154 Mummers' Song - Words
11:155 Titchmarsh - May Day Celebrations
11:156 Don'T You Go a-Rushing
11:156 Broom Stem Dance - Notation
11:157 The Reel - Winster, Derbyshire
11:157-158 Winster Morris Dance - Evolutions
11:158 Bonnie Green Garters - Morris Dance
11:158-159 Three Maids a-Rushing - Words
11:159 Mummers' Song - Somerton
11:159 Broom Stem Dance
11:160-162 Heptonstall Pace-Egg Play
11:163-166 [Helm Notes on Letters to N. Peacock from Harwood on Midgley, Yorks., Play]
11:166 [Helm Notes on Sussex Tipteerers]
11:166 [Helm Notes on Brighouse, W. Yorks., Sword Dance]
11:166 [Helm Notes on Brighouse, W. Yorks., Rushbearing]
11:166 [Helm Notes on Stanby (Stanley?), Horbury, W. Yorks., Mummers]
11:166 [Helm Notes on Knaresborough, W. Yorks., Sword Dance]
11:167-168 [Helm Notes on Leeds, W. Yorks., Christmas Peace-Egg Play]
11:168-179 [Helm Notes on Hunts. Folklore]
11:179 [Helm Notes on the Nine Worthies]
11:180 [Helm Notes on Isle of Wight Christmas Boys]
11:180 [Helm Notes on Isle of Scilly Goose-Dancing]
11:181 Much Wenlock Morris - Not for Joe - Jolly Sheepskins
11:182 Uppermill, Yorks., Rushcart
11:187 [Helm Notes on Argyll and Inverness Guizing]
11:187 [Helm Notes on Sutherland Christmas Guizing]
11:187 [Helm Notes on Roxburgh Christmas Dancers]
11:187 [Helm Notes on New Year Play]
11:187-188V [Helm Notes on Galloway and the Border White Boys and Galations]
11:188R-189 The Sword Dances of Northumberland and Durham
11:189-197 Who Cured the Fool at Revesby
11:198-202 [Copy of Program for "a Christmas Mummery"]

Volume 12

Reference Title or Description
12:(I)-(IV) [Helm Typed Index to Contents of Notebook 12]
12:1 Sawtry, Hunts., Christmas Morris Dance, Performed C. 1900
12:2 Midsomer Norton, Somerset, Dancing
12:3-6 Appendix I, Lists of Locations (Up to 16.VI.1956)
12:7 The Lancashire and Cheshire "Carnival Morris" and the Mobberley Morris Dance
12:9-10 The Jolly Boys' Song, Westmorland
12:10 [Helm Notes on Lymm, Cheshire, Horse Head and Rushbearing]
12:11-12 Christmas Rhymers, Ireland
12:13-14V [Helm Notes on Nidderdale, W. Yorks., Sword Dance]
12:14V [Copy of Letter to -- from Peacock on Meeting in Leeds]
12:14R-15V [Helm Notes on Muker, N. Yorks., Pace-Egg and Awd Roy]
12:15R Gloucestershire Mummers' Greeting
12:15R-19 [7 Morris Dances]
12:19-22 [6 Morris Dances]
12:23 [Helm Notes on Letter to N. Peacock from Harwood on Yorks. Pace-Egg]
12:23-25-27 [Letter to N. Peacock from Tyler on Yorks. Pace-Egg]
12:26-27 Rushbearing - Uppermill - Yorks
12:27 [Helm Notes on Oldham Rushbearing]
12:28 [Helm Notes on Oldham Rushcarts]
12:28 [Helm Notes on Oldham Rushcarts]
12:28-29 [Helm Notes on Oldham Rushcarts]
12:29 [Helm Notes on Newton Heath Rushbearing]
12:29 [Helm Notes on Middleton Rushbearing]
12:29 [Helm Notes on Oldham Rushbearing]
12:29-30 [Helm Notes on Saddleworth Rushbearing]
12:30 [Helm Notes on Oldham Rushbearing]
12:30 [Helm Notes on Oldham Rushbearing]
12:30 [Helm Notes on Oldham Rushbearing]
12:30-31 [Helm Notes on Oldham Rushbearing]
12:31 [Helm Notes on Oldham Rushbearing]
12:31 [Helm Notes on Oldham Rushbearing]
12:31 [Helm Notes on Saddleworth Rushbearing]
12:31 [Helm Notes on Moston Rushbearing]
12:32 [Helm Notes on Rushcart Photos, Oldham]
12:32 [Helm Notes on Wainfleet Guisers]
12:33 [Helm Notes on Flyde Morris]
12:33-34 [Helm Notes on Morris]
12:34-35 [Helm Notes on Brackley Morris]
12:35 Buiz De La Villemarque - from Barsaz - Ann Alike (Shepherd's Call)
12:36-37 The Green Man
12:37A-37B Great Wyrley, Staffs., Play
12:37B [Helm Notes on Fritillary Wake, Wheaton Aston, Staffs.]
12:37C-37D The Sword Dances of Northumberland and Durham
12:37E-37F The Tar Barrel Play
12:37G-37H The Green Man
12:38-41 May Day, Benefield, Northants
12:42 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Morris]
12:42 [Helm Notes on Various Dances]
12:43-69 [Extracts from Cecil Sharp Mss. Folk Dances Vol. I]
12:70-77 Andover, Hants., Mummers' Play
12:77 [Helm Notes on Charlemagne the Colossus]
12:77-80 Andover and Longparish Mummers
12:81-96 Extracts from Sharp, Folk Dances, Vol. I
12:97 [Helm Notes on W. Yorks., Derbys., Peace Egg]
12:97-98 [Helm Notes on Worksop, Notts., Darby Tup]
12:98-99 [Helm Notes on Sussex Tipteers]
12:99 [Helm Notes on Boosebeck and Lingdale, N. Yorks., Sword Dance]
12:99 [Helm Notes on Hemsworth, W. Yorks., Old Tup]
12:99 [Helm Notes on Kingsclere, Hants., Mummers]
12:100 [Helm Notes on Alderley, Preston, Manchester, Mylor Mumming]
12:100 [Helm Notes on Preston Play]
12:100 [Helm Notes on Alderley Play]
12:101-103 Otterbourne, Hants., Mummers' Play
12:103-105 Rickity Rout
12:105-108 Staffordshire Mumming Play
12:108-110 Two Mumming Songs
12:110-112 Broadwell, Oxon., Mummers' Play
12:112 Garland Song, May Day, Benefield, Northants
12:113-115 [Helm Notes on Letter to Ian Dunmur from Cawte on Sheffield Morris]
12:115-118 [Helm Notes on Letter to A. C. Cawte from Dunmur on Sheffield Morris]
12:118 [Helm Notes on Mummers]
12:118 [Helm Notes on May Day]
12:119 [Helm Notes on May Day]
12:119-121 Buckland, Berks., Mumming Play
12:122-124 [Helm Notes on May Day As Sweeps' Day]
12:125-127 Carlton-Le-Moorland Plough Play, Lincolnshire
12:127-130 Digby, Lincs., Plough Boy's Play
12:130-132 Willoughton, Lincs., Plough Jack's Play
12:133 [Helm Notes on Morris, Hobby Horse, Derbs.]
12:133 [Helm Notes on Rushing, Green Bower, Derbys.]
12:133-134 [Helm Notes on Buxton Well-Flowering, Maypole Dancing]
12:134-136 [Helm Notes on Castleton, Derbys., Garland Ceremony, Royal Oak Day, Morris/Molly Dancing]
12:136 [Helm Notes on Chapel En Le Frith Rushbearing]
12:136-137 [Helm Notes on Hope/Bradwell, Derbys., Garland]
12:137-139 [Widdrington Morris?]
12:139A [Helm Notes on Alfred William's Notes for a Newspaper Article (Folio 32)]
12:140V [Note on Play from "Villages of the Upper Thames" in Folio 9]
12:140R [Extract from Letter to Helm (?) from Newall on Ludlow Morris]
12:141 Dawley Salop Morris
12:142-143 Much Wenlock (Salop) Morris
12:144 Morton Corbett (Salop) Maypole
12:145-147 Play, Napier (?) (Incomplete)
12:147-149 Tubney, Oxford, Mummers' Play 1912

Volume 13

Reference Title or Description
13:1 [Manning Notes on Ascot Under Wychwood Whitsuntide]
13:2 [Manning Notes on Astherlly, or Asthal Leigh, Oxon., Whitsuntide]
13:2 [Manning Notes on Bampton, Oxon., Whitsun Feast]
13:5 [Manning Notes on Bradwell Whitsuntide]
13:5-6 [Manning Notes on Brize Norton Whitsuntide]
13:7 [Manning Notes on Burford Whitsunday Venison Feast]
13:7 Extract
13:7-8 [Manning Notes on Chalgrove Whitsuntide]
13:8-9 [Manning Notes on Crawley Whitsuntide]
13:9 [Manning Notes on Deddington Morris]
13:10 [Manning Notes on Ducklington Morris]
13:10-12 [Manning Notes on Old Pastimes at Ducklington Whit Week 50 Yrs. Ago]
13:12 [Manning Notes on Eynsham Morris]
13:13 [Manning Notes on Lady of the Lamb Custom]
13:13-14 [Manning Notes on Eynsham, Oxon., Whit Monday]
13:14 [Manning Notes on Field Assarts, Nr. Leafield, Oxon., Whitsuntide]
13:15-18 Pace-Eggers' Play from North Lancashire
13:18-19 [Manning Notes on Finstock, Oxon., Holy Thursday - Whitsun Day]
13:19-20 [Manning Notes on Hailey, Crawley, Witney Whit Hunt]
13:20 [Manning Notes on Hampton Poyle Whitsuntide]
13:20-21 [Manning Notes on Headington Whitsuntide]
13:21-22 [Hno Old Headington Morris]
13:23 [Manning Notes on -- Morris and Langford Morris]
13:23-24 [Manning Notes on Kidlington Lamb Ale, Trinity Monday, Whitsuntide]
13:24-28 Extract [on Kirtlington Lamb Ale]
13:28-29 Extracts from 3 Lectures Here Following
13:29-32 [Manning Notes on Leafield, Oxon., Whitsuntide]
13:32-33 [Manning Notes on March Gobbin (Gibbon?) Morris]
13:33 [Manning Notes on Oakley, Bucks., Morris]
13:33-34 [Manning Notes on Shipton-Under-Wychwood Whitsuntide]
13:34-36 [Manning Notes on Stanton Harcourt Morris]
13:36 Pipe and Tabor
13:36-37 [Manning Notes on Turfird (?) Morris 1852]
13:37-38 [Manning Notes on Wheatley, Oxon., Whitsuntide]
13:38-39 [Manning Notes on Oxford Whitsun Ale]
13:39 [Manning Notes on Oxford Morris]
13:39-40 [Manning Notes on Oxford Morris]
13:40-41 [Of Letter to P. Manning from Carter on Whittles and Dub]
13:41-44 [Manning Notes on Bampton and Marston Whittles and Dub]
13:44-46 [Letter to P. Manning from Carter on Stanton Harcourt]
13:46 [Letter to P. Manning from Derwin on Pipe]
13:47 [Letter to P. Manning from Carter on Pipe]
13:47-48 [Letter to P. Manning from Carter on Pipe]
13:48-53 [Names, Texts, Notes for Morris Tunes]
13:53-54 [Manning Notes on Pipe and Tabor]
13:54-59 Extract [on Whit Horns]
13:59-60 [Manning Notes on Morris Dancing]

Volume 14

Reference Title or Description
14:(I)-(II) [Copy of Letter to Helm from Roy on Helm's "Morris Draft"]
14:1 Note [on Dances That Follow]
14:2 The Abram Circle Dance
14:3-9 Bacup Garland Dance
14:10-12 Glossop Morris
14:13-16 The Godley Hill Morris
14:17-21 The Hindley Morris
14:22-23 The Lymm Morris
14:24-30 Mandesley Morris
14:31 Mobberley Morris
14:32-37 The Mossley Morris
14:38 Nantwich Morris
14:39 [Helm Notes on Oldham Morris]
14:40 Royton Morris
14:41 Stalybridge Morris
14:42 Stockport Morris
14:43-44 [Helm Notes on Other Dances]
14:45 Crewe Morris
14:46-47 Holmes Chapel Morris
14:48-49 Leyland Morris Dance
14:50-51 Senior Dance [from Knutsford About 1890]
14:52 [Helm Notes on Lower Peover Morris]
14:53 Oldfield Morris
14:54-55 Runcorn Morris Dance
14:56 Sandbach Horn Dance
14:57 Wheelock Morris
14:58-62 [Ten Morris Tunes]

Volume 15

Reference Title or Description
15/1:1-3 [Helm Notes on Oxon. Morris and May Day]
15/1:4-7 [Lists of Places and Dates for Molly Dancing, Plough Ceremonies, May Day Ceremonies, May Singers]
15/1:8-12V [Extracts on Holmes Chapel and Mossley Morris]
15/1:12-13 Extract; June 15, Summer Merriment
15/1:14-18 [Extracts on Sword Dance]
15/1:19-36E [Untitled Paper on Northumberland Dance]
15/1:37 [Helm Notes on Winster, Derbys., Mummers' Play]
15/1:37 [Helm Notes on Whittlesea, Cambs., Straw Bear]
15/1:37 [Helm Notes on Derby, Derbys., Football]
15/1:38V [Helm Notes on Alderton, Northants., Mummers' Play]
15/1:38V [Helm Notes on Shutlanger, Northants., Plough Boys]
15/1:38V [Helm Notes on Abingdon, Berks., May Day]
15/1:38V [Helm Notes on Whaddon, Cambs., Whit Monday Singing]
15/1:38R [Helm Notes on Brandon, Suffolk, May Singing and Thetford, Norfolk, Hummy Dancers]
15/1:39V [Helm Notes on S. Pembrokeshire New Year Guising]
15/1:39R [Letter on Needham's Response to "Our Scheme"]
15/1:40-41 Extract; May Day at Hitchin, in Hertfordshire
15/1:42-44V Oxon. or Wilts, Mummers' Play
15/1:44-50 [Notes on Customs, Mostly Morris]
15/1:50-52 [Helm Notes on Letter to Sharp from Barker on Moorish Origin of Morris]
15/1:52-63 [Helm Notes on Various Morris Dances]
15/1:63-66 Auresku Basque
15/1:66 [Helm Notes on Knill Monument, St. Ives, Cornwall]
15/1:66 [Helm Notes on Dancing - 1657]
15/1:67 [Helm Notes on Accounts of John Bandell, Steward of Dunster Castle]
15/1:67-70 [Extract on Dance]
15/1:70-73 Sowerby Sword Dance
15/1:73-74 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Round]
15/1:74-75 Kirkby Moorside Sword Dance
15/1:74-78 [Helm Notes on Dances]
15/1:78 Extract from Haklut's Voyages
15/1:78-79 [Helm Notes on Wassail]
15/1:79 [Helm Notes on Confess]
15/1:79-81 Goathland and Egton Sword Dance
15/1:81 [Helm Notes on Sherborne Morris]
15/1:81-82 [Helm Notes on Beating the Bounds, Todenham, Glos.]
15/1:82-83 Keswick Country Dances and Reels
15/1:84-86 Comments on M. D-S's Notes on Kirkby Malzeard and Ripon
15/1:87 [Helm Notes on Kirkby Malzeard, W. Yorks., Sword Dance]
15/1:87-88V [Helm Notes on Kirkby Malzeard]
15/1:88R [Helm Notes on Kirkby Malzeard]
15/1:88R [Helm Notes on Kirkby Malzeard]
15/1:88R [Helm Notes on Kirkby Malzeard]
15/1:88R [Helm Notes on Kirkby Malzeard]
15/1:88R [Helm Notes on Kirkby Malzeard]
15/1:89 [Helm Notes on Skelton, Nr. Ripon, W Yorks., Sword Dance]
15/1:90-93 The Collecting of Sword Dances and Plays in N. E. England
15/1:94-96 Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland, Xmas Rhymers Play Text
15/1:97-103 [Helm Notes on Morris Dances]
15/1:103-108 Morris Notes from Cecil Sharp Mss, Sources As Named
15/1:109-111 Firle, Sussex, Mumming Play (Tq40)
15/1:111 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Rushbearing]
15/1:112-114 Wexford Mummers
15/1:115 Tunes
15/1:116-125 The Greatham Sword Dance
15/1:126-133 Greatham Sword Dance Words
15/1:133a [Helm Notes on Upper Thames Folk Songs]
15/1:134-138 Pace Egging at Lancaster, Easter
15/1:13[9] Upton Snodsbury
15/1:140-141 The Guisers' Play...at Brandon...
15/1:142-143 [Copy of Letter to Eds Editor from Dunmur on Green Man]
15/1:144 [Helm Notes on Letter to -- from Liddle on Easter and Halloween]
15/1:145 [Helm Notes on Letter to -- from Berry on Halloween and Gosling Day]
15/1:146 [Copy of Letter to EDS Editor from Stevens on Dance Ladles]
15/1:147-148B [Helm Notes on Morris, Whitsun and Lamb Ales, Mummers]
15/1:149-150 [Copy of Letter to Opie from Berry on Yorks. Customs]
15/1:151-152 Robin Hood - Was He a Crook?
15/1:153-154V The Comparative Study of Folk Song to-Day
15/1:154 Dunkinfield Man to Coach Manchester Morris Men
15/1:155 With the Morris Men
15/1:156-157V Morris Dancers Success in Eight-Town Tour
15/1:157 Schoolgirls Shown the Town's Treasures
15/1:158-176 [Unidentified Typed Paper on Robin Hood]
15/1:158-176 [Untitled Typed Paper on Robin Hood]
15/1:177 [Helm Notes on Reel 1, Pitesti Calusa from Falfani]
15/1:177-178 [Helm Notes on Reel 2, Slobozia Calusari, Rashboi. (Battle).]
15/1:178-180 [Helm Notes on Reel 3, Slobozia Calusari (Whitsun Dancing) and Other Dances]
15/1:180-181 [Helm Notes on Reel 4, General Film Showing Scenes Going Through Roumania]
15/1:181-182 [Helm Notes on Calusari Slobozia]
15/1:183 [Helm Notes on Bidford Morris]
15/1:183 [Helm Notes on Letter to "Ferrars" from Curtis on Morris]
15/1:183-184 [Helm Notes on Letter to "Ferrars" from Harris on Morris Bells]
15/1:184 [Helm Notes on Programme - on Back of Visiting Card]
15/1:184 [Helm Notes on Bidford Morris]
15/1:184 [Helm Notes on Draft of Advertisement]
15/1:184 [Helm Notes on Ferris Receipts]
15/1:184-185 [Helm Notes on Note, Rules, Poster for Bidford Morris]
15/1:185 [Helm Notes on Letter to D'Arcy Ferris from Harris on Morris Bells]
15/1:185-186 Notation, Dance Not Named
15/1:186 [Helm Notes on Letter to D'Arcy Ferris from Currey on Morris]
15/1:186 Extract...Giant Morris for Lord Mayor 1571
15/1:187 [Helm Notes on Letter to D'Arcy Ferris from Curtis on Morris]
15/1:187 [Helm Notes on Letter to D'Arcy Ferris from Johnson on Bells]
15/1:187-188 [Helm Notes on Notes on Names, Names on Tunes, Morris]
15/1:187 [Helm Notes on Letter to D'Arcy Ferris from Powell on Pipe and Tabor]
15/1:187 [Helm Notes on Letter to D'Arcy Ferris from Steel on Ilmington Morris]
15/1:188-189 [Helm Notes on Letter to D'Arcy Ferris from Curtis on Morris]
15/1:189 [Helm Notes on Letter to D'Arcy Ferris on Stratford Morris]
15/1:189-190 [Helm Notes on Father Xmas' Speech, Constant Billy, Names of Figures]
15/1:190-191 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Rushcart]
15/1:191 [Helm Notes on Bidford Morris]
15/1:191-192 [Helm Notes on Morris Locations]
15/1:192 [Helm Notes on Brackley and Deddington Morris]
15/1:192-193 [Helm Notes on Ferris and Morris Revival]
15/1:193 [Headington (?) Morris Tune]
15/1:193-194 [Here Come I]
15/1:194 [Helm Notes on Various Morris Facts]
15/1:195-197 [Four Morris Dances: Shepherd's Aid, Handkerchiefs, Constant Billy, Princess Royal]
15/1:197-198 [Helm Notes on Morris]
15/1:198-199 [Three Morris Tunes: Old Woman, Abraham Brown the Sailor, Cuckoo's Nest]
15/1:199 [Helm Notes on Islington May Queen]
15/1:199 [Helm Notes on Bidford Dancers at Rose Show]
15/1:199-200 [Helm Notes on Ferris Lecture and Bidford Morris Demonstration]
15/1:201-221V Peace Egg
15/1:221R-224V [Golishan Play]
15/1:224R [Map of Europe, "Geographische Verbreitung Des Schwerttanzes".]
15/1:225-226V [Helm Notes on Stanningley, W. Yorks., Peace Egg]
15/1:226R Stanford-in-the Vale, Berks., Mummers' Play
15/1:227-228 Middleton Morris Dance
15/1:229 Middleton, Lancs., Morris and Rushcart
15/1:229-230 Middleton Morris Music
15/1:231 [Helm Notes on Letter to J. Needham from Douglas on Mylecharane's March - Isle of Man]
15/1:232 Mylecharane's March, Isle of Man
15/1:232a [Helm Notes on Letter to J. Needham from Chitock on Irish Dancing]
15/1:233 [Helm Notes on Atcham, Shropshire, Morris]
15/1:234 [Helm Notes on Letter to "My Dear Alf" from J. Needham on Molly Dances In East Anglia]
15/1:235-236 [Helm Notes on Letter to J. Needham from Collingwood on Morris Origins]
15/1:236 [Helm Notes on Letter to D. N. Kennedy from Daking on Wessex Blank]
15/1:237 [Helm Notes on Letter to J. Needham from Kennedy on Church and Pagan Processions]
15/1:237-241 Hunting the Wren
15/1:242-250 The Wild Morisco

Volume 15

Reference Title or Description
15/2:201-202* [Helm Notes on Letter to Helm (?) from Dunmur and Jackson on Halloween And Mischief Night]
15/2:203-210* Geographical List of Dances
15/2:211* The Mummers' Song
15/2:212-213* [Letter to Helm from Wedgbury on Worcs. Morris]
15/2:214-215* [Helm Notes on Cheltenham May Day]
15/2:216-217* [Helm Notes on Holy Island Mumming Play]
15/2:218* Sword-Dancers
15/2:219-221* [Sword Dance Extract]
15/2:222-223V* [Golishan Play]
15/2:251 London Laughs (No. 6, 742)
15/2:252-253V "Throwing the Hood" in a Lincolnshire Village
15/2:253R Extract [on Straw Bear]
15/2:254-255 Bibliography Sent to Mrs. Ettlinger, Books Published 1950-51
15/2:256-267 Lecture Notes: English Traditional Dance Costume
15/2:268-270V [Chart Comparing Karpeles (1929) and Crompton (1937) Records of Dances]
15/2:270R Mummers' Play at Sunningwell
15/2:271-273V An Appeal: Manley Morris Dancers
15/2:273R Steamboat
15/2:274 When They Danced in the Streets
15/2:275-280 The Ballroom
15/2:281-282 Morris Dancing at Gawsworth
15/2:283-285V Old English Customs [Abbots Bromley]
15/2:285-293 Engraved Bone Plate in the National Museum, Dublin
15/2:294 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Rushbearing]
15/2:295-296 [Helm Notes on Mobberley, Cheshire, Soul-Caking]
15/2:297 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Easter]
15/2:297 [Helm Notes on Chester Pageant]
15/2:297-298 [Helm Notes on Wilmslow Rushbearing]
15/2:299 [Helm Notes on Tideswell Processional Dance]
15/2:300 [Helm Notes on Mossley, Lancs., Morris]
15/2:301-303 Collectors' Corner [on Morris]
15/2:304-315 The Origin and History of Irish Dances
15/2:316-317 [Helm Notes on Cotswold Morris]
15/2:318 Bumpers Squire Jones
15/2:319-327 Visit to Herefordshire and Shropshire, May 1957
15/2:328 [Helm Notes on Mari Llwyd]
15/2:329 Poppleton Sword Dancers
15/2:330-331 St. John's Eve at Chester
15/2:332-336 Kilmore Mummers' Play (Ireland)
15/2:336-337 [Helm Notes on Cornwall Midsummer Bonfires]
15/2:337-338 Brandons
15/2:338-339 Robin Hood
15/2:339 [Helm Notes on Robin Hood's Bower]
15/2:340-341 [Helm Notes on Kirkby Malzeard Sword Dance]
15/2:342-346 [Copy of Article on Isle of Sky Customs, Irish Baal Worship]
15/2:346-348 [Helm Notes on Irish Baal Worship]
15/2:348-349 [Helm Notes on Old Style Scotch May Day]
15/2:349-350 [Helm Notes on Derbyshire Customs]
15/2:350-351 [Helm Notes on Midsummer Fires]
15/2:351-35 [Helm Notes on Rites at Lanescourt (?) Priory]
15/2:351-354 [Helm Notes on Review of History of Lichfield]
15/2:355 [Copy of Letter to Helm from Wedgbury on Ombersley Morris]
15/2:356 The Household Expenses of Sir John Barrington (1645-1667)
15/2:357 [Two Unidentified Clippings on Mumming, Including Beckermet]
15/2:358-359 Salisbury, Wilts., Giant and Morris
15/2:360-363 Badby Morris
15/2:364-372 Section X1, Games, Sports, Pageants, and Play
15/2:373 [Helm Notes on History of Dance by Jacques Bonnet]
15/2:373 [Helm Notes on Towednack Cuckoo Feast]
15/2:374-381 [Extract of Letter to Donald Cussek (?) from Haworth on Manley Morris]
15/2:382-383 Taking Down the Maypole - Chester
15/2:383-385 Midsummer Show - Chester
15/2:385 [Helm Notes on Midsummer Eve and the Watch]
15/2:386-387 High Leigh, Cheshire, May Song
15/2:388-389 The Cheshire Round
15/2:390-391 Mummers' Play, Black Country
15/2:393-394 Northleach, Glos., Mummers' Play
15/2:394a The Northleach, Glos., Mummers' Play - Additions
15/2:395-397 [Helm Notes on 8 Photo Captions of Cadnam, Hampshire, Mummers]
15/2:397-398 Norton Canes, Staffs., Molly Guisers' Play
15/2:399 Mummers' Play - Hednesford, Staffs
15/2:400-401 Salisbury Hob Nob and Giant
15/2:401-402 An Old Salisbury Pageant
15/2:403-404 The Chester Stationers' Company and Midsummer Show
15/2:404 A Tragedy at Thornton, near Chester, in 1634
15/2:405-407 An Old Salisbury Pageant
15/2:407-408 Larne, Co. Antrim, Ireland, Christmas Rhymers' Play
15/2:409-410 [Letter to "Stanley" from "Arthur" on Mary Neal, etc.]
15/2:411 Leyland
15/2:412-413 Clitheroe Morris Dancers
15/2:414-415 Horton-Cum-Studley (Ox) (Wheatley) Morris
15/2:416 SC
15/2:416-417 Abingdon Dances
15/2:418-419 Christmas Mummers in Shropshire
15/2:(420) Queries
15/2:421-427 Some Ritual Dances of Man, with a Note on the Basic Characteristics of Manx Dancing

Volume 16

Reference Title or Description
16/1:1 Didsbury
16/1:2-3 The Glossop Morris
16/1:4-5a Mobberley Morris
16/1:6 Letter from Celia Timmins to Bernard Bentley About Her Revival of the Glossop Morris...
16/1:7-10 [Helm Notes on Meaning of Decoration]
16/1:11-12V [Letter to Helm from Dawes on Salisbury Giant and Morris]
16/1:12R Literary References to the Salisbury Giant
16/1:13 Didsbury
16/1:14 Notes on Glossop Morris Dancers
16/1:15-20 Letter [and Description of Bampton to Joan Sharpe] from Billy Wells (Bampton)
16/1:21-39 Diary of Mr. Wm. Wells, Fool, Morrisman and Fidler - Bampton, Oxon
16/1:40-45 Cecil Sharp
16/1:46-53 Mary Neal: Notes on an Unpublished Autobiography...
16/1:54 Account of Goathland Plough Stots - 1948
16/1:55-61 [Helm Notes on Letters to D. N. Kennedy from Boyle on Westmorland Dancing Masters]
16/1:62 [Helm Notes on Letter to Dr. Flett from Mrs. Boyle (?) on Dancing Masters in North]
16/1:62-63 [Helm Notes on Letter to Miss Jackson from Mrs. Boyle (?) on Northern Dances]
16/1:64-66 [Helm Notes on Letter to Cecil Sharp from Lewis on Cadiha, North Wales, Songs And Tunes]
16/1:67 [Letter to Ian from Don on Hart Article and Campden Men]
16/1:68-72 Morris Dancing
16/1:73-77 Mumming and Masquerading, an Old-Time Yuletide Custom
16/1:78 Threedywheel
16/1:79-80V History of the Calder Valley in Pageant
16/1:80-81V The Skiffle Group's Success with Young England
16/1:81-82 The Peace Egg [Photocopy]
16/1:83-84V Folk-Dancing is Not My Cup of Tea
16/1:84 [Helm Notes on Escrick Sword Dance]
16/1:85-87V All Take Hands
16/1:87R [Letter to Helm from Karpeles on Tourney Hobby Horse]
16/1:104-112* Note on Papa Stour Sword Dance
16/1:103* [Helm Notes on Rushbearing]
16/1:88-94 The Dying Guisard [and the New Year Mummers' Tale of Golishan]
16/1:95-102 [Helm Notes on Moon and Sun As Mother and Father]
16/1:113-116* Badby (Northants.) Morris
16/1:117-128 [Adderbury Morris Dances]
16/1:129 Pace Egg Play...
16/1:130-133 [Helm Notes on Crondall, Hampshire, Mummers]
16/1:134 [Helm Notes on Garland Day]
16/1:135 [Helm Notes on Wilton and Salisbury Garland Day]
16/1:135 [Helm Notes on Eyam and Tideswell Morris]
16/1:135 [Helm Notes on Llanthomar Country Dances]
16/1:136-149 Notes on Morris Steps
16/1:150 Hayfield, Derbys., [Morris]
16/1:151-154 [Helm Notes on Churchwardens]
16/1:155-158 Wexford Mummers
16/1:158-165 The Forth and Bargy Mummers' Play, S. Wexford
16/1:166-168 Traditional Pastime with Long History
16/1:169-190 Llangollen Settles Comfortably in New Home
16/1:191 Essex Mummers in the News"
16/1:191-192 [Letter to Helm from Smith on Essex Mummers]
16/1:194-195V [Copy of Letter to R. Hammond from Turner on Hobby Horse]
16/1:195R Rapper Sword at Amble
16/1:196 Durham Country "Wassail" Songs
16/1:197-209 Mummers' Plays - Kentucky, U.S.a
16/1:210-211 Plough Monday, Yorkshire
16/1:212 Sam Bennett Was a Famous Fiddler
16/1:213-228 The English Folk Play

Volume 16

Reference Title or Description
16/2:229-250 The Life-Cycle Play of Folk Play...
16/2:251-252V [Letter to (N.?) Holland from D. Taylor on Shawley Whit-Monday and Midsummer]
16/2:252R [Letter to Helm from Hole on Warton Rushbearing]
16/2:253 [Helm Notes on Welton Sword Dance, Plough Boys]
16/2:253 [Helm Notes on York Morris]
16/2:254 [Helm Notes on Brighouse, W. Yorks., Rushbearing]
16/2:255-256 [Helm Notes on Wexford Mumming and Stick Dance]
16/2:257 [Letter to -- Kennedy from -- on Bricketty Bush and May Queen]
16/2:258 [Letter to Mr. Kennedy from Eyre on Ballads]
16/2:259 [Letter to Librarian from Eyre on "Higgelty, Piggelty"]
16/2:160 [Helm Notes on Studham May Day]
16/2:261 [Helm Notes on Hereford Christmas]
16/2:262 A Spritely Leader at 70
16/2:263-265 Notes on Old Yorkshire Customs [Rush-Bearing]
16/2:266-269 New Year's Day Customs and Superstitions
16/2:270-275 Rush-Bearings
16/2:276 Christmas Customs in Monmouthshire
16/2:277-273* Old English Dances
16/2:274-275* Names of Old English Dances
16/2:281-282 [Extract on Hodening]
16/2:283 [Helm Notes on May Day]
16/2:284 Description of the Morris Dance in Wales
16/2:285-286 [Abstracts on Rushbearing]
16/2:287-287C Galatians, Goloshen and the Inkerman Pace-Eggers
16/2:288-292 Silverton, Devon, Mummers' Play
16/2:292 [Helm Notes on Ramsgate, Kent, Hoden Horse]
16/2:292 [Helm Notes on Ramsgate, Kent, Hoden Horse]
16/2:292-293 [Helm Notes on Hull, E. Yorks., Plough and Noah Play]
16/2:294 Extract [on Middleton Morris Annual Ball]
16/2:295-298 The Revised Needham
16/2:299 Farnworth (Bolton)
16/2:300 [Helm Notes on Hand-Loom Weaving]
16/2:301-303 Stockport Morris; Stockport Library
16/2:304-305 Jimmy the Rushcart Drawer
16/2:306-307 Rochdale
16/2:308-309a [Awake, Awake Ye Drowsy Soul; God Send Uou All in a Joyful New Year]
16/2:310-311 Guisborough, N. Yorks., Guisers' Play
16/2:311a-312V It Began As a Dance
16/2:312R It Began As a Dance
16/2:312R It Began As a Dance
16/2:313 It Began As a Dance
16/2:314-316 Dublin, Ireland, Play Text
16/2:317-319 The East Lancashire Clog Dancing Tradition
16/2:320-323 Somerby, Lincs., Plough Play
16/2:324-325 [On Heywood Rushbearing]
16/2:326 [Helm Notes on Mottram Wake]
16/2:326 [Helm Notes on Mottram Morris]
16/2:327 [Extracts from Diaries on Saddleworth Wakes 1829 and 1831]
16/2:328-329 Extract [on Rochdale Rushbearing]
16/2:329-330 Extract [on Rochdale Rushbearing]
16/2:331-332 [Extracts on Rushbearing and Mock Corporation]
16/2:333-334 Extract [on Rochdale Rushbearing and First Market]
16/2:335-336 Extracts from a Tract [on Rochdale Rushcarts]
16/2:337V Full Quotation from Chadwick Includes
16/2:337R-338 Extract [on Stayley Bridge Rushcarts]
16/2:339-341 The Second Part of an Article [on Rushcarts]
16/2:342-344 Oldham [Morris]
16/2:345-346 [5 Morris Tunes]
16/2:347-350 [10 Morris Tunes]
16/2:351-364 [14 Morris Tunes]
16/2:365-375 [18 Dance Tunes]
16/2:376-379 [8 Dance Tunes]
16/2:380-384 [14 Dance Tunes]
16/2:385 [Helm Notes on Longborough Morris Dancers]
16/2:386 [East Coker School (?) Morris]
16/2:387-390 [10 Dance Tunes]
16/2:391-394 [11 Dance Tunes]
16/2:395 [3 Dance Tunes]
16/2:396 [Broomfield Morris Tune]
16/2:397-398 [4 Dance Tunes]
16/2:399-402 [10 Dance Tunes]
16/2:403-417 Mari Lwyd
16/2:428-430 [8 Dance Tunes]
16/2:431-433 [7 Dance Tunes]
16/2:434-442 [17 Dance Tunes]
16/2:443-446 [13 Dance Tunes]
16/2:447 ["Room for the Cuckoo"]
16/2:448-450 [9 Dance Tunes]
16/2:451-452 [5 Dance Tunes]
16/2:453-457 [10 Dance Tunes]
16/2:458-463 [18 Dance Tunes]
16/2:464-466 [5 Dance Tunes]
16/2:467 [2 Dance Tunes]
16/2:468-472 [14 Dance Tunes]
16/2:473-478 [18 Dance Tunes]
16/2:479-483 [12 Dance Tunes]
16/2:484-486 [8 Dance Tunes]
16/2:487-491 The Old Kirkby Malzeard Sword Dance Song As Known About 1892-3
16/2:492-498 A Christmas Sword Dance
16/2:499 London Laughs
16/2:500-501V [Princess Margaret at English Folk Dance and Song Society Ball]
16/2:501R-511 [29 Dance Tunes]
16/2:512-515 [11 Dance Tunes]

Volume 18

Reference Title or Description
18/1:(I)-IV [Letter to Helm from South on Derbys. Customs]
18/1:1R-3 West Marden Tipteerers' Play
18/1:4-6 Padstow Hobby-Horse, 1946
18/1:7-8 [Helm Notes on Padstow Hobby Horse]
18/1:8 [Helm Notes on Padstow Hobby Horse]
18/1:8-9 [Two Padstow Songs - Morning and Day]
18/1:10-17 Ampleforth Sword Dance
18/1:17 [Helm Notes on Northumberland Dance]
18/1:17-19 Helmsley Sword Dance
18/1:20-21 [Index to Extracts from Manchester City News Notes and Queries, 1879-90]
18/1:22 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Pace-Egging]
18/1:22-23 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Pace-Egging]
18/1:23-25 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Pace-Egging]
18/1:26 [Helm Notes on Ashton-Under-Lyne Black Knught]
18/1:26 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Pace-Egging]
18/1:27 [Helm Notes on Flixton Singing in the May]
18/1:27 [Helm Notes on Stratford Singing in the May]
18/1:27-29 [Helm Notes on Singing in the May]
18/1:30 [Helm Notes on Pendleton Maypole]
18/1:30 [Helm Notes on the Maypole at Pendleton]
18/1:31 [Helm Notes on Manchester Folklore]
18/1:31 [Helm Notes on Rushbearing in Rochdale]
18/1:32 [Helm Notes on an Old Manx Custom: the May Queen Celebration]
18/1:33 [Helm Notes on Didsbiry Wakes 1825]
18/1:34 [Helm Notes on Rushcart in Prestwich, 1726]
18/1:35 Parbold [Morris]
18/1:36-37 Morris Dancers of Hurst, Ashton
18/1:37 [Helm Notes on Letter to D. R. Howison from Bowman on Hurst Morris]
18/1:38 [Helm Notes on Wigan Morris]
18/1:38-40 Information About the Above Dancers Obtained...by D. R. Howison
18/1:41-44 Sutton Regis, Sittingbourne, Mummers' Play
18/1:45-53 Guising and Mumming in Derbyshire
18/1:54-61 Derbyshire Guisers' Plays
18/1:62-64 Derbyshire Dances
18/1:65 [Helm Notes on Longborough Morris]
18/1:65-68 [Helm Notes on Kirkby Malzeard Sword Dance]
18/1:69 [Helm Notes on Derbys. Folk Dancing]
18/1:70 [Helm Notes on Hayfield Maypole Dance]
18/1:71-73 Christmas plays from the Erewash Valley, with extracts from Underwood and Jacksdale, Notts.
18/1:74 [Copy of Letter to Helm from Jackson on Milton Regis Mummers]
18/1:75 [Letter to Helm from South on Derbys. Customs]
18/1:76-79 [Extracts on Various Worcester Customs]
18/1:79 [Helm Notes on Worcester Cuckoo Saying]
18/1:79 [Helm Notes on Worcester Dancing]
18/1:{79/80} [Letter to Helm from Coggin on Extracts]
18/1:{79-80} [Helm Notes on Bibliographical Note on Staffs. Customs]
18/1:80-82 May Day - Padstow
18/1:83-84 "Garland Day" at Looe
18/1:85 [Helm Notes on May Day]
18/1:86-88 [Helm Notes on Philadelphia Mummers' Parade]
18/1:89 [Copy of Letter to Helm from -- on Mummers]
18/1:90 [Helm Notes on Rochdale Rushcarts and Dancers]
18/1:91 [Helm Notes on Burnley Dance]
18/1:92 [Helm Notes on Alderley Dance]
18/1:93-98 [Helm Notes on Hayfield Dance]
18/1:99 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Words]
18/1:99 [Helm Notes on Ignaging and Ignagtus]
18/1:99 [Helm Notes on Lancs. Words]
18/1:100-101 [Helm Notes on May Day]
18/1:102 [Helm Notes on Sword Dance]
18/1:103-109 Morris Dancing Returns to Glossop
18/1:110-114 West Drayton, Somerset, Mummers' Play
18/1:115 [Helm Notes on Rushcart]
18/1:115 [Helm Notes on Rushcarts]
18/1:115-116 (Helm Notes on Rushcarts]
18/1:116-117 [Helm Notes on Blackley Rushbearing]
18/1:118 (Helm Notes on Gorton Morris]
18/1:119 [Helm Notes on Tintwistle Morris; Old Glossop Rushcart, Morris, Well Dressing]
18/1:120-122 The Rottingdean Mummers
18/1:123-125 Weston Green Mummers' Play
18/1:126-146 [Helm Notes on Various Dances]
18/1:147 [Helm Notes on Stanningley, W. Yorks., Mummers]
18/1:148 [Helm Notes on Clifford, W. Yorks., Lucky Bodding]
18/1:149 [Helm Notes on Congleton Morris]
18/1:150 Congleton Rushbearing; Town Accounts
18/1:150-151 [Helm Noteson Taxal Rushbearing; Mottram Morris; Prestbury Rushbearing; Dettingden Rejoicing]
18/1:152-154 Heptonstall, Yorks., Pace-Egg Play
18/1:155-160 The Danish Sword Dance
18/1:161 The Pace Egg Play
18/1:162 Pace Egg Play
18/1:163 Rochdale Pace Egg Group of Over Sixty Years Ago
18/1:164-165 A Mummers' Play
18/1:165 The Mummers' Play [Letter]
18/1:166 The Dancing Men
18/1:167 [Helm Notes on Winchcombe, Glos, Morris]
18/1:168 [Helm Notes on Amble, Northumberland, Rapper]
18/1:169-170V [Helm Notes on Naburn, E. Yorks., Sword Dance and Plough]
18/1:170R [Helm Notes on Acaster Malbis, Bishopthorpe, W. Yorks., Sword Dance and Plow]
18/1:171 [Helm Notes on Colne Royal Morris Dancers]
18/1:172-181 Dorchester, Dorset, Mummers' Play - "Battle of Waterloo"
18/1:182-193 Evershot, Dorset, Mummers' Play
18/1:194-195 [Helm Notes on Clitheroe Morris]
18/1:196-198 [Helm Notes on Oldham Dance]
18/1:199-201 Huxley, Cheshire, Souling Play
18/1:202-205 Quidhampton Mummers' Play
18/1:206 Horningsham Mummers' Play
18/1:207-210 [Highworth, Wilts. (?)] Mummers' Play
18/1:211 References to Mummers
18/1:212 The Croxley Mummers
18/1:213-218 Northumberland Sword Dancers
18/1:219 [Helm Notes on Goathland, N. Yorks., Christmas and Harvest Customs]
18/1:220-227 Mummers' Play, Hoe Benham, Berks
18/1:228-232 Pace-Egging Play
18/1:233-235 Lincolnshire Mumming Play
18/1:236-237 Plough Play, Addlethorpe, Lincolnshire
18/1:238-239 Mummers' Play from Hatford, Faringdon, Berks
18/1:240-241 Mummers' Play from Bampton, Aston, Chimney, Oxon
18/1:242-244 Copy [of Irish Christmas Play]
18/1:245-246 [Letter to Helm from Herring on "Moonrakings" Book]
18/1:247-248V [Copy of Letter Ti Helm from Hudleston on Irish Mumming Text]
18/1:248R-269 The Border Morris
18/1:270 [Helm Notes on Cambrian Morris]
18/1:271-274 Carnival Morris in Cheshire Since 1914
18/1:277-278 Knutsford [Morris]
18/1: 279-282 Over Plover Morris
18/1:283-285 Nelson [Morris]
18/1:286-288 Colne Morris
18/1:289 Oldham [Morris]
18/1:290-291 Clitheroe Morris
18/1:292-296 Clitheroe Morris
18/1:297 Clitheroe Morris
18/1:298-299 Clitheroe Morris
18/1:300 Clayton-Le-Moors [Morris]
18/1:301 Gisburn [Morris]
18/1:302-306 Stockport [Morris]
18/1:307-309 The Guisers in Stirling
18/1:310-312 [Helm Notes on Guisers in Scotland]
18/1:313-315 The Plough-Monday Play in Rutland
18/1:316-320 Colne Royal Morris Dancers
18/1:321-322 [East Lockinge, Berks, Mummers]
18/1:323-336 Early Records of a Rushcart at Dudbury
18/1:337-342 Wheeler End Play [Also Haddenham and Oakley (Brill)]
18/1:343 Wassail
18/1:344-348 Woodhay Mumming (Hants.) [Also Yateley, Boldre, Twyford]
18/1:349 [Letter to Helm from Kennedy on Bampton Hats]
18/1:350-352 The History of the Scottish Stage
18/1:353 [Letter to Helm from Dixon on Lincs. Play]
18/1:354-359 The Plough Stots

Volume 18

Reference Title or Description
18/2:360 [Helm Notes on Oxon. Mumming]
18/2:361 [Helm Notes on Newport and Eccleshall Guisers' Play]
18/2:361 [Helm Notes on Eccleshall Guisers' Play]
18/2:362 End of a Maypole [Temple Sowerby, Westmorland]
18/2:363-364V Dance in and Out of Houses [Helston, Cornwall]
18/2:364 [Helm Notes on Studham May Day]
18/2:364 [Helm Notes on Ramsgate, Kent, Hooden Horse]
18/2:365 Cornish Furry Dance Revived [Polperro]
18/2:366-367, Extract from the Preface [on Cornish Play]
18/2:368-369V [Helm Notes on Broseley Morris]
18/2:369R [Helm Notes on Blackface in Morris]
18/2:369R-370V [Helm Notes on Shrewsbury Morris]
18/2:370R [Helm Notes on Broseley Morris]
18/2:371-376 [Helm Notes on Haddenham May Day]
18/2:377-378 The Shepherd and His Maiden
18/2:379-380 [On Chailey Christmas Play]
18/2:381 [Helm Notes on Wiltshire Mummers]
18/2:382-382V [Helm Notes on Yardley Gobion Morris]
18/2:382R [Helm Notes on New Description of Flamborough Sword Dance]
18/2:384-385 [Helm Notes on Murton Sword Dance 1927 or 1928]
18/2:386 [Helm Notes on Sam Bennett's Ilmington Side]
18/2:387-388 [Helm Notes on Godley Hill Morris]
18/2:389-390 [Helm Notes on Godley Hill Morris]
18/2:391 [Helm Notes on Christmas Mummers]
18/2:392-393 Miss Neal's Notes and Experiences [Transcript]
18/2:394-398 [Helm Notes on Boxgrove Tipteers]
18/2:399-402 Account of a Christmas Play
18/2:403-405 Yule-Boys [Play]
18/2:406 [Helm Notes on Glaston, Rutland, Morris Dancers]
18/2:407-416 The Grenoside Sword Dance
18/2:417 Dolphinholme, Wyresdale, Greensleeves
18/2:418 The Amble Sword Dance
18/2:418-419 Stockport Morris Dance
18/2:419 [Helm Notes on Tarporley, Cheshire, Morris]
18/2:419-424a Amble Rapper Sword Dance
18/2:424-426 Holton Mummers' Play
18/2:426-428 Bengeworth, Morris and Mumming
18/2:428-430 [Helm Notes on Letter to V. Williams from Hargreaves on Evesham Morris]
18/2:430-431 [Helm Notes on Letter to Jack Hargreaves from Russell Wortley on Evesham Morris]
18/2:432 [Helm Notes on Cornish May Day]
18/2:{432/433} [Letter to Helm from Cawte; Witton-Le-Wear, Co. Durham, Play]
18/2:433-434 [Evesham and Bampton Morris Tunes]
18/2:435-437 [Helm Notes on Crowcombe, Somerset, Morris; Cornish and Welsh Mumming]
18/2:431-441 [Helm Notes on Whitworth Traditions]
18/2:442 [Extract from Letters to Pilling from Furnass on Leyland Dance]
18/2:443 [Helm Notes on Gisburn Dance]
18/2:444 [Helm Notes on Longridge Dance]
18/2:445 [Helm Notes on Britannia, Bacup, Dance]
18/2:438-439V* [Helm Notes on Rottingdean, Sussex, Mummers]
18/2:439R* [Helm Notes on Fetlar, Scotland, Disguising]
18/2:440* Copy of Letter from Miss R. L. Tongue to Bob Bradley [sic] [on Dances]
18/2:441-442* Conington, Hunts., Play
18/2:443-444* Hawick, Roxburgh, Play
18/2:445*-450V The Daft Days
18/2:450R Hibernian Country Pastimes..
18/2:450R-454 Hibernian Country Pastimes..
18/2:455-461V Irish Dancing Fifty Years Ago
18/2:461R-464 --, Forfarshire and E. Scotland Play
18/2:465-467V --, Scotland, Play
18/2:467 [Helm Notes on Abbotsford, Roxburghshire, Play]
18/2:467 [Helm Notes on Abbotsford Play]
18/2:468-469 North of England Sword Dance
18/2:470-472 --, Gloucestershire Play
18/2:473-476 --, Cornwall, Play
18/2:477 [Helm Notes on Derby Morris and Plough Monday]
18/2:477 [Helm Notes on Nottingham Plough]
18/2:478 [Notes on Colne Dance]
18/2:479 [Notes on Whitworth Dance]
18/2:480 [Notes on Colne Dance]
18/2:481 [Helm Notes on Whalley Dance]
18/2:482 Barrowford (near Nelson) [Dance]
18/2:483 [Helm Notes on Flixton Garland Dance]
18/2:484 Milnrow - Miniature Rushcart
18/2:485 [Notes on Colne Dancers]
18/2:486-488 [Notes on Burnley Dance]
18/2:489-493 [Notes on Godley Hill Morris from Various Informants]
18/2:494 [Notes on Ropsley, Lincs., Plough Monday and May Day]
18/2:495 [Notes on Northleach, Glos., Mummers' Play]
18/2:496 [Notes on Sherborne, Glos., Mummers' Play]
18/2:497-504 Plough-Monday Play - Clipsham, Rutland
18/2:505 Rush and Grass Strewing in Church - Langham (Rutland) and Clee and Barrowden (Rutland)
18/2:506 May-Day Song, Edith Weston, Rutland
18/2:507-511 Morris Dancers' Play - Edith Weston, Rutland
18/2:512 Christmas Play - Caldecott, Rutland
18/2:513-514V The Mummers' Play [from Caldecott?]
18/2:514R "Rocksticks" at Edith Weston, Rutland
18/2:515-516 [Notes on Hayfield Morris]
18/2:517-518V [Notes on W. Yorks. Rushbearing]
18/2:518R-520 [Notes on Various Sussex Customs]
18/2:521-523 Various Writings Re Headington Revision - Draft Preface to Headington Book
18/2:524-525 William Kimber's Playing of the Headington Morris Tunes
18/2:526-527 Travelling Morrice Log of 12th Tour..
18/2:527a [Letter to Helm from Roy (?) on Morris Dances]
18/2:528 Travelling Morrice Log of 24th Tour..
18/2:528-530V Travelling Morrice Log of 28th Tour..
18/2:530R-533 The Mummers' Play in Gloucestershire
18/2:534 The Dobby Horse
18/2:534-535 Prologue and the Souler's Play
18/2:535a [Notes on Souling Song - Hearty Lads]
18/2:535a-536 [Notes on Souling Costumes]
18/2:537 [Notes on Isle of Man Play]
18/2:537 [Notes on Christmas Morris]
18/2:539-540V [Notes on Hailsham, Sussex, Straw and Rush-Strewing]
18/2:540R [Notes on Somerset Play]
18/2:541-544 West of England Play
18/2:545-546 Bursledon, Hants., Play
18/2:547 [Notes on Derbys. Play]
18/2:548-549 [Notes on Dixton, Glos., Mummers]
18/2:550 [Extract on S. Midlands Mummers' Play]
18/2:550a-550B [Extract on E. Kent Hodening]
18/2:550C Queries from A. Helm
18/2:550D Doubtful, Incomplete, etc. References
18/2:550E [Letter to English Folk Dance and Song Society Editor from Fenner on Morris Notes]
18/2:551-552 [Notes on Fife Play]
18/2:553-554 [Notes on Lancs. Play]
18/2:557 [Notes on Earby Dance]
18/2:558-561 [Notes on Gisburn Dance]
18/2:562-563 [Notes on Gisburn Photos]
18/2:564 [Notes on Gisburn Dance]
18/2:565-569 [Notes on Failsworth Dance]
18/2:570 [Notes on Earby, W. Yorks., Maypole]
18/2:571 [Notes on Barnoldswick, W. Yorks., Morris]
18/2:572-574 [Notes on Failsworth Morris]
18/2:575-576 [Notes on Haworth, Yorks., Morris and Rushbearing]
18/2:577 [Notes on Hoghton Towers Rushbearing]
18/2:578 [Notes on Darwen Carnival Morris]
18/2:579-580 [Notes on Wellington, Salop., Morris]
18/2:581 [Notes on Farnworth and Little Lever Morris]
18/2:582 [Notes on Darcy Lever Morris]
18/2:583 [Notes on Barby, W. Yorks., Morris]
18/2:584 [Notes on Barrowford, Lancs., Morris]
18/2:585-587 [Letter to Helm from Porter on Southery Plough Monday]
18/2:588 [Chesham, George Green, Newcastle (Co. Down) Materials]
18/2:589-590 Scrubwood [Play]
18/2:591-592 Boarstall [Play]
18/2:593-594 Mummers' Plays
18/2:595-596 Notes Re Index - Morris
18/2:597-598 Mummers' Plays (Additions); Mummers' Plays (New Materials)
18/2:598 [Helm Notes on Disguising]
18/2:598a Version of the Mummer's Play
18/2:599 [Notes on Stirlingshire Play]
18/2:600 [Notes on Stokesley, N. Yorks., Sword Dance]
18/2:601-605 Sussex Mummers' Play
18/2:606-618 Somerset Folk Lore; West Somerset Mummers' Play
18/2:618a [Letter to Helm from Roberts on Manuscript History of Burgh-Le-Marsh]
18/2:619-620 [Letter to Helm from Brears (?) on Burgh-Le-Marsh Morris]
18/2:621 [Notes on Crewe Morris]
18/2:622-624 [Notes on Goostrey Morris]
18/2:625-626 [Notes on Holmes Chapel Morris]
18/2:627 [Notes on Earby Morris]
18/2:628 [Notes on Ashton Dancers]
18/2:629 [Notes on Middlewich Morris]
18/2:630 [Notes on Over Alderley Dance]
18/2:631 [Notes on Wilmslow Morris]
18/2:632-633 [Notes on Hayfield Morris]
18/2:634 [Notes on Clayton-Le-Moors Morris]
18/2:635-637 [Notes on Colne Morris]
18/2:638-639 [Notes on Darwen Morris]
18/2:640-641 [Notes on Nelson Dance]
18/2:642 [Notes on Nelson Morris]
18/2:643 [Notes on Oldham Morris]
18/2:644-645 [Notes on Ulverston, Lancs., Morris]
18/2:646 [Notes on Gisburn Dance]
18/2:647 [Helm Notes on Spelsbury Morris]
18/2:647 [Helm Notes on Suffolk Rushbearing]
18/2:648 Extracts from "Moonrakings"
18/2:649-659 The Longborough Dances - a Note by L. E. Saunders (Westminster) (Vwl)
18/2:660 [Notes on E. Fifeshire Disguising]
18/2:660a-660B [Letter to Helm from Wears (?) on Play]
18/2:661 Peterborough Mummers' Play
18/2:662 [Notes on Peterborough Play]
18/2:663 [Notes on Peterborough Play]
18/2:664 The Peterborough Mummers' Play
18/2:665-666 The Peterborough Mummers Play
18/2:667-668 Mummers' Play - Peterborough
18/2:669-675 [Hampshire Christmas Play]
18/2:675-677 [Cranborne Christmas Play]
18/2:678 [Letter to Helm from Scholfield on Request for Preceding 2 Items]
18/2:679-680V [Letter to Helm from Halliday on Northampton Play]

Volume 20

Reference Title or Description
20:1A-5 The Bampton Mummering
20:6 [Letter to Helm from -- on Idbury, Leafield, Ilmington Morris]
20:7-10 The Compton Tipteerers' Play
20:15A* Christmas Mummers of the Nineteenth Century [Berkshire, Sussex]
20:15A-15C [Letter to Helm from Newman on Chawton Mummers]
20:15-16 Wassailing - Newdigate, Surrey [Also Warlingham]
20:16-17 Mummers' Play, Winchcombe, Glos
20:18-19 [Extracts from Letters to Ewart Russell from Ruffler on Northampton May Garland: Jack in the Green]
20:20 [Notes on Chesham "Kattners" or "Tanders"]
20:21 [Notes on Mummers' Plays]
20:21-22V [Letter to Helm from N. Peacock on V. A.'s Book]
20:22 [Notes on West End, Middlesex, Dance]
20:23-24V Iping Midhurst, Sussex, Play
20:24R [Notes on Various Oxon. and Glos. Morris]
20:25-26V [Notes on Roxburghshire Play]
20:26V [Notes on Hogmanay Play]
20:26-27 [Notes on Ritual Dramas]
20:28 [Letter to Nibs Matthews from Wall on Soul Cake Songs]
20:29-30V [Letter to Helm from Wortley on Plays]
20:30R-31 [Notes on Mummers' Play Rehearsal]
20:32-35 [Scottish Guizards]
20:36-37 [Notes on South Uist, Outer Hebrides, Morris]
20:38 [Notes on S. African and Salopian Morris]
20:39 [Notes on Perth Sword Dance]
20:40 [Extract from Ruffler to Ewart Russell on Northamptom Customs]
20:41 [Letter to Helm from Harvey on Peterborough Play]
20:42-43 [Letter to Helm from Roberts on Revesby Play]
20:44 [Letter to Helm from Mealor on Hobby Horse]
20:45-47 [Letter to Helm from Huddy on Evesham Mummers, Morris]
20:48-53 [Letter to Helm from Froome on Mumming]
20:54-55 [Notes on Old Chorlton Pace-Egging and May Singing]
20:56-61 Northleach, Glos., Mummers' Play
20:62 [Note on Sherborne, Glos., Mummers' Play]
20:63-65 [Notes on Alderley Edge Play]
20:66-69 [Notes on Alderley Edge Morris]
20:70 [Notes on Crewe Morris]
20:71-72 [Notes on Wheelock Morris]
20:73 [Notes on Chorley Morris]
20:74 [Notes on Horwich Morris]
20:75 [Notes on Ormskirk Morris]
20:76 [Notes on Southport Morris]
20:77 [Letter to Helm from P. H. Cleverley on Beaminster Mummers]
20:78 [Extract on Beaminster Mummers]
20:79-83 [Symondsbury Mumming Play]
20:84 [Notes on Idbury Morris]
20:85-87 Armagh (South) Play
20:[88] Rochdale and District, Lancs., Play
20:89V-90V Why Rushbearing?
20: 90R [Letter to Helm from Burton on Folk Play Distribution]
20:91-92V [Letter to Helm from Burton on Folk Play Distribution]
20:92R-98 The Story of the Wake
20:99-106V The Steel Age
20:106-122V [Morris Dance and Hornpipe]
20:122R-125V The "Alcestis" As Folk Drama
20:125R-129V Der Halleiner Schwerttanz
20:129R-133V Bergmannische Tanze
20:133R [Letter to Norman Peacock from Willis on Cheshire Souling]
20:134-136 The Souling Play [Cheshire]
20:137 [Letter to Helm from Hole on Folklore Journals]
20:138 [Letter to Helm from Hole on Oxford Times Items]
20:139-140 [Letter to Helm from Carter on Mumming References]
20:141-145 Pace-Egging Play
20:146 [Extract on Blackley Wakes]
20:147-149 The Mummers [Woodburn]
20:150-151 The Mummers [Haddenham]
20:152 [Letter to Helm from Wheeler on Mumming Articles]
20:153 Cheshire Souling Song
20:154 [Letter to Helm from -- on Dendron and Furness Pace-Egg Play]

Volume 21

Reference Title or Description
21:1 [Helm Notes on Wrexham Maypole, Mock Mayor, Morris]
21:2-3 [Helm Notes on Kent May Day, Hoodening]
21:4 [Letter to Helm from Bonner on Revesby Play]
21:5-6V [Letter to Helm from Jenkins on Aberystwyth Play]
21:6 [Helm Notes on Barnes, Surrey, Play]
21:7-8 [Letter to Mr. Clodd from Patterson on Christmas Play]
21:8 [Letter to Helm from Duncan on Hampshire Play]
21:9 [Letter to Helm from Dommett on Mumming]
21:10-11V [Letter to Helm from Clough on Hampshire Mumming]
21:11R [Letter to Helm from Woodhouse on Tichborne Mummers]
21:12-13 It's an Old Christmas Custom
21:14 Mummers in Hampshire
21:15 What of the Mummers?
21:16-17 The Mummers Again?
21:17-18 [Letter to N. Peacock from Willis on Souling Play]
21:19-22 Utkinton Version; the Cheshire Souling Song; Another Cheshire Version; the Souling Play
21:22A-26 Lydiard Millicent, Wilts., Play
21:27 Christmas Mumming [Tichborne]
21:28 Tichborne Mummers
21:29-31 Mummers Song, Everdon
21:32 [Letter to Helm from Noyes on Everdon Play]
21:33-35 [Wrenboys and Christmas Rhymers in Ireland]
21:36-43 [Extract on Irish Christmas Rhymers]
21:44-62 [Extract on Irish Christmas Rhymers]
21:63 [Helm Notes on Wrexham, Denbighshire, Morris]
21:64 Steel Tradition [Belton Maypole]
21:64 Pagan Memory [Offenham Maypole]
21:64 Maypoles [Holywood, Ireland]
21:65 [Extract on Soul Cakes]
21:66 [Helm Notes on Minstrels, Players Sports and Pastimes]
21:67-68 [Extract on Cornwall Play]
21:69-70 The Horsham Tipteers' Play
21:71 [Letter to Helm from Howels (?) on Hartlepool Guisers]
21:72 [Extract on Irish Play]
21:73 Mummers' Dialogue
21:73 Mummers' Dialogue
21:74 Mummers' Dialogue
21:75 Mummers' Dialogue
21:76-81 [Wiltshire Mumming]
21:82-83 [Wootton Basset Play]
21:84 Music
21:85 [Notes on Haslingden Morris]
21:86 [Notes on Accrington Dances]
21:87-88 [Extracts from Letter to Dan Howison from Various People on Ormskirk Morris]
21:89-90 [Notes on Great Harwood Dance]
21:90A [Notes on Great Harwood Dance]
21:91-92 [Notes on Lytham Dance]
21:93-97 [Notes on Crewe Morris]
21:98 [Extract on Crewe Morris]
21:99 [Notes on Crewe Morris]
21:100 [Notes on Staningly, Yorks., Morris]
21:101 [Notes on Warrington Morris]
21:102 [Extract on Wheelock May Festival]
21:103-104 [Notes on Padiham Morris]
21:105 [Helm Notes on Cheshire Customs]
21:106-113 R. Green's Notes on Irish Folk-Lore Commission's Plays
21:115 [Notes on W. Yorks. Play]
21:116 [Notes on N. Lincs. Play]
21:117 [Notes on Bradford, W. Yorks., Play]
21:118 [Notes on Royton and Rochdale, Lancs., Play]
21:119-122 (?) Pusey, Berks., Mummers' Play
21:123-124 Buckland, Berks., Mummers' Play
21:125-126V [Letter to Helm from -- on Faringdon Play]
21:126R-130 [Alexander and the King of Egypt]
21:131 [Wardle Pace Egg Play]
21:132 Blackford Hunters of the Wren
21:133 Words for "Ninety Five"
21:133A [Notes on Dolphinholme Dance]
21:134 [Notes on Whalley and Clayton Le Moors Dance]
21:135 [Notes on Padiham Photo]
21:136 [Extract on Wakes Week]
21:137 [Notes and Extract on Derbys. Morris]
21:138-140 [Extract on Waverlow Morris and Rushcart]
21:141 [Notes on "Weaver of Windy Gap"]
21:142 [Extract on Merriton Wakes]
21:143 [Notes on Chipping Morris]
21:144 [Notes on Oldham Dance]
21:145-147 [Notes on Lancashire Wakes]
21:148 [Notes on Burnley Morris]
21:149 [Notes on Whalley Morris]
21:150 [Notes on Preston Morris]
21:151-154 [Notes on Field Systems]
21:155 [Notes on Calden Low, Staffs., Play]
21:156 [Notes on Various Plays]
21:157-159 Ayrshire Notes [on Goloshans]
21:160-167 Inkerman, Renfrew, Play
21:168-70 Black Lion, Co. Cavan, Ireland, Play
21:171-172 [Staffs. and Worcs. Rhymers]
21:173 [Extracts on May Ale Records]
21:174 [Notes on Lancs. Ignaging, Rushbearing, Pace Eggers]
21:175 [Ayrshire Goloshans]
21:176-177 [Notes on Johnstone, Lethanhill, Ochiltree Plays]
21:177 [Notes on Auchinleck and Kilmarnock Plays]
21:178 [Letter to Helm from Mason on Rev. Edward Bradley]
21:179-182 [Extract from "a Righte Merrie Christmasse!!!"]
21:183 [Letter to Helm from "Roy" on Crookham Mummers]
21:184-186 Crookham Mummers' Play
21:187-189 The Fleet Mummering
21:190-194 [Helm Notes on Glos. Customs]
21:194A Hunters of the Wren
21:194A Village Maypole
21:195 Ancient Monuments
21:195-196 Ancient Monuments..
21:197-212 [Extracts on Various Holiday Customs, Especially Mumming]
21:213-215 [Letter to Helm from Opie on Folk Plays]
21:216-218 [Photos of Jimmy Hennesy, King of the Wrenboys; Wexford Mummers]
21:218-220 [Helm Notes on Sussex Customs]
21:221-222 The Old Tup, Whittington, Nr. Chesterfield, Derbyshire
21:223-224 Kinawly, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, Mummers' Play
21:225-226 [Notes on Selmeston, Sussex, Play]
21:227-228V [Notes on Chailey, Sussex, Play]
21:228R [Notes on Riddings, Stanley (Derbys.) and Underwood, Jacksdale (Notts.) Plays]
21:229-235 [Notes on the Seven Champions]
21:236-237 [Notes on the Seven Champions Play]
21:238 [Notes on Leyland Morris]
21:239 [Notes on Ripon, Yorks., Morris]
21:240 [Notes on Bacup Dancers]
21:240 [Notes on Bacup Dancers]
21:241 [Notes on Mandesley Dance]
21:242 [Notes on Chipping Dance]
21:243 [Notes on Chipping Dance]
21:244 [Notes on Middleton Dance]
21:245 [Notes on Littleborough Dance]
21:246 [Notes on Burnley Dance]
21:247 [Notes on Manchester Molly Dancers]
21:248-249 [Notes on Godley Hill Long Morris]
21:250-252 The Mummers' Play [Vale and South Oxford]
21:253 [Photo of Ardington/Lockinge Mummers]
21:254 The Mummers' Play
21:255 [Notes on Education for Working Class]
21:256 [Notes on Greek Divinities]

Volume 22

Reference Title or Description
22:1 [Letter to Helm from Jones on Lydbrook Mummers]
22:2-7, [Extracts on Various Holiday Customs]
22:8-9 Notes on Culgaith Easter Customs
22:10-13V The Burford Mummers
22:13R [Letter to Helm from -- on Rochdale Play]
22:14 [Letter to Helm from -- on Buford Play]
22:15 [Letter to Helm from Greenland on Carterton Play]
22:16-19 [Kirklington, Notts., Plough Play]
22:20-23 Sulgrave, Northants., Play Text
22:24 [Letter to Helm from -- on Mummers' Dress]
22:25-26V [Notes on Lancaster, Lancs., Play]
22:26R [Letter to Helm from Mrs. Bickerdike on Middlesex Mummers]
22:27R-28, Pace Egging Play, Urswick, Nr. Ulverston
22:28-29 Pace Egging Play, Marton (Nr. Lindel in Furness)
22:30-33 Pace Egging Play, Ambleside
22:33-34 Askham [Mummers' Play]
22:34-36 Askham Jolly Boys
22:36-39 Pace Egging Play, Swaithmoor Set
22:39-40 Pace Egging Play, Dalton in Furness
22:40 Langdale, Westmorland [Play]
22:40-43 Pennington Set, Jolly Boys
22:43-44 Pace Egging Song, Gleaston and Newton Nr. Dalton in Furness
22:44-48 Pace Egging [Composite Furness Version]
22:48 Pace Egging Song, Ulverston and District
22:49 [Langdale Pasche Egging Song]
22:50 Old Time Easter in Kendal Castle Ruins
22:51-52V Pasche Egg Play
22:52R [Letter to A. R. Burkett from Wilson on Kirkby Lonsdale Jolly Boy Play]
22:53-57 Kirkby Lonsdale Pace Egg Play
22:58-59 Pace-Egg Songs, Tebay, N. Westmorland
22:60 [Notes on Kendal Jolly Boys]
22:61-62 [Notes on Chilgaith Jolly Boys]
22:63 [Notes on Bolton Nr. Appleby]
22:64 [Notes on Braithwaite Nr. Keswick Jolly Boys]
22:65 [Notes on Flookburgh Nr. Grange Over Sands, Lancs., Jolly Boys]
22:65 [Notes on Orton, N. Westmorland, Jolly Boys]
22:66 [Notes on Sharp and Newby, Nr. Penrith, Jolly Boys]
22:67 [Notes on Dent and Clifton Jolly Boys]
22:68 Knock and Dufton Nr. Appleby
22:69 Melkinthorpe Nr. Penrith
22:70 [Notes on Barrow in Furness, Burton in Kendal, Cleator Moor Easter Customs]
22:71 [Notes on Bowston Bridge, Nr. Kendal, Pace Egg Plays]
22:72-74 Hawcoat Nr. Barrow in Furness
22:75 Burton in Kendal Pace Egg Play
22:76 [Notes on Backbarrow and Cartmell Plays]
22:77-78V [Letter to Helm from Lawrence on His Informants]
22:78R-80 Bampton, Oxon., Mummers
22:81-84 Jerusalem Plough Play [Waddington]
22:85-87 [N. Lincs. Plough Monday]
22:88-93 South Lincolnshire Plough Monday Play
22:94-97 [Lusby Plough Boys Play]
22:98 [Notes on Carlton-Le-Moorland Play]
22:99-101 [Pace Egg Play]
22:102-107 East Markham Boy Scouts Plough Play
22:108 [Notes on Gunthorpe, Lincs., Plough Jaggin Day]
22:109-112 South Kelsey Plough Jags Play
22:113-116 Carlton-Le-Moorland Plough Play
22:117-122 Barrow on Humber Plough Play
22:123 [Note on Henfield, Sussex, Play]
22:124-125 [Notes on Lusby Plough Jags]
22:126-127 [Notes, Including Lines from "Jobson's Comical Family"]
22:128-132 Sidmouth, Devonshire, Mummers' Play
22:133-134 [Letter to Helm from Brown on Sulgrave, Northants, Mummers' Play]
22:135-136 [Letter to Helm from Milner on Plough Monday Play - Notts. (?)]
22:137 [Notes on Mummers]
22:138-153 Robin Hood and the Hobby Horse
22:154-155V Rali Twm Sion (Tom John's Rally)
22:155R-156V [Abbots Bromley Horn Dance]
22:157R-159 The Glossop Morris
22:160 Country Life-S [Cheshire Mask]
22:161 [Double Change Sides and Pocket Handerchief Dances, Sidbury, Devon]
22:162 [Notes on May Pole Dance]
22:163-166 Folk-Lore
22:166-167 Folk-Lore
22:167-168 Witney Feast
22:168 Cheshire All Songs' Day Song
22:168 Souling in Shropshire
22:169-170 [Extract on Shakespeare's Folklore]
22:171-173 [Helm Notes on Countryside Discontent]
22:174-189 [Chapter IV, "the May Game" and "the Old Guard at Stratford"]
22:190-191V Oak Apples
22:191R-192V At Pasche-Eggin' Time
22:192R [Letter to Helm from Rudkin on Notts. Play]
22:193-202 The Mummers [Croxley]
22:203-204V [6Etter to Helm from Karpeles on Bellerby Dance]
22:204R [Letter to Helm from Roberts on N. Kelsey Plough Plays]
22:205 [Letter to Helm from Rudkin on Burringham Play]
22:206-207 Mari Lwyd - Lair Bhan
22:208-221 [Extracts on Sabbath Disorders]
22:221A-22 Godley Hill [Morris]. Correspondence from Harper Crompton in the Schofield Mss
22:223 [Notes on Foulridge Morris]
22:224 [Notes on Littleborough Morris]
22:225 Letter from Ripon Librarian to Julian Pilling [on Morris and Rushcart]
22:226 [Notes on Belcoo and Holywell Mummers]
22:227-230 Mummers' Rhymes [Belcoo and Holywell (?)]
22:231-234 [Letter to Helm from Robinson on Belco and Holywell Play]
22:235-237 [Letter to Helm from -- on Kelso Galashins]
22:[238] [Letter to Helm from Barnes on "Cuckoo Time" Pamphlet]
22:[239-240] Rampside Pace-Egging Song
22:[241] [Notes on Ormskirk Morris]
22:[242] [Notes on Colne Dancers]

Volume 23

Reference Title or Description
23:1-4 Pace Egg Play; High Furness
23:5-6V [Letter to Helm from Burkett on Two Plays]
23:6R Pace Egg Play, Troutbeck, Windermere, Westmorland
23:8 [Letter to Helm from Baker on Tucker's Plough Monday Play]
23:9 [Letter to Helm from Morton on "Sleaford Gazette"]
23:10 [Letter to Helm from Rippingale on Lincs. Plough Monday]
23:11 [Notes on Threekingham Morris Dance and Plough Monday]
23:11-12 [Notes on Morris and Mumming at Hemswell, Burgh-on-Bain, Usselby, Heapham, Langworth, Digby]
23:13 [Notes on Plough Monday]
23:13 [Notes on Plough Monday]
23:13-15 [Notes on Morris and Mumming at Canwick, Willingham, Ranskill, Navenby, Dunsby, Cranwell, Alkborough]
23:15 [Notes on Horse and Mummers at Burringham, Normanton, Brandon, Marston, Frithville, Bicker, Swineshead,Donington]Rudkin, E. H.Rudkin Collection; Helm Collection - Copy--
23:15-16 [Notes on Alkborough Plough Jaggers C. 1899]
23:16A [Parodic Picture of Helm, Peacock, Cawte]
23:17 [Letter to Helm from South on Derbys. Archaeological Society]
23:18 [Helm Notes on May Pole]
23:19 [Letter to Helm from -- on Ascott and Leafield Morris]
23:20 [Letter to Helm from Nurse on Derbys. Mumming]
23:21 Mumming Play As Performed at the Village of Whittington
23:22-23 [Derbyshire Tup Play, from Staveley]
23:24 Old Tup Song (Castleton Version); Old Horse Song (Eckington)
23:25 The Old Tup
23:26 [Letter to Helm from Nurse on Whittington Tup Play]
23:27-29 Whittington, Derbyshire, Old Tup, Play
23:30 [Letter to E. H. Rudkin from Booth on Lincs. Plough Jags]
23:31 [Letters to Helm from Rudkin on Calendar Customs]
23:32-33V [Letter to Helm from Wortley on "Folk Music Journal"]
23:33R [Letter to Helm from Wortley on Cumnor Troupe]
23:34-36 [Notes on Morris, Maypole, Mumming at Sutton Bridge, Barrow, Normanton, Old Bolingbroke, Navenby, Swineshead,Bicker, Donington, Frithville, Marston, Goxhill, Alkborough, Basford, Scotter, Broughton]Rudkin, E. H.Rudkin Collection; Helm Collection - Copy--
23:36 [Letter to Helm from Rudkin on Her Notes]
23:37 [Helm Notes on Matlock Plough Monday]
23:38-39 [Matlock Christmas Play]
23:40 [Letter on Casewick Account Book]
23:40 [Notes on "Gyftis and Rewardes" Fromm Mss. of Earl of Ancaster, Grimsthorpe]
23:40-41 [Notes on "Gyftes and Rewards" from Mss. of Earl of Ancaster, Grimsthorpe]
23:40-41 [Notes on Gifts for Entertainers, Burton House Household Accounts]
23:41-43 Excerpts from the Burton House Accounts [Gifts to Entertainers]
23:43 [Notes on Gifts to Players from Churchwarden's Accounts in Holbeach, Benington In Holland, Saxilby]
23:43-44 [Notes on Gifts to Players from Long Sutton Churchwardens's Accounts]
23:45 [Notes on Gifts to Players by Town Bailiffs at Market Deeping]
23:45 [Notes on Plowday Expense from Brednorth Family Accounts, Hucknall, Notts. (?)]
23:45 [Notes on New Year's Gifts from Massingbird Mundy Household Accounts]
23:45 [Notes on Plough Jags from Anderson's Diary]
23:45 [Notes on Gifts to Plough Jaggs at Redbourne]
23:46 [Helm Notes on Derbys. Old Tup]
23:47 [Notes on Plough Jags]
23:47-50 [Notes on Lincoln, Sleaford, Gainsboro, Louth, Stamford, Huntingdon, Barton on Humber Plough Jags]
23:51 [Letter to Helm from Roy Dommett on Cambridge Morris]
23:52 [Letter to Helm from Russell on Keelby (?) and Winteringham Plays]
23:53-54V [Letter to Helm from Roy Dommett on Three Mumming Plays]
23:54R-64 Mandesley Morris
23:65-68 Lancashire Morris, Maudsley, Ormskirk
23:69-70V [Letter to Helm from Karpeles on Godley Hill Morris]
23:70R-72 Morris Dance Seen at Runcorn, Cheshire
23:73 [Notes on Alderley Morris]
23:74 [Notes on Oldham Morris]
23:75-78 [Notes on Hindley Morris]
23:79-80 [Notes on Leyland Morris Dances]
23:81-82 [Notes on Senior Dance]
23:83 [Letter to Helm from Karpeles on Dance]
23:84 [Notes on Lower Peover Morris]
23:85-86 [Notes on Lymm Morris]
23:87-88 [Notes on Lymm Morris]
23:89-94 [Notes on Mossley Morris]
23:95 [Notes on Crewe Morris]
23:96 [Notes on Holmes Chapel Morris]
23:97 [Notes on Oldfield Morris]
23:98 Still Mumming [Marshfield]
23:98 A Jolly Old Man [Crookham Mumming]
23:98 In Eire [Mumming]
23:99 Ploughjags' Revenge
23:99 An Ancient Drink [Mum]
23:100 The Traditional Tiptirs
23:101 [Letter to Helm from Sedley on Elterwater Play]
23:101-105 Elterwater and Chapel Stile, Pace Egging Play
23:106-107V Memories of Old [Pinner Mumming] Customs
23:107R-109 The Old Broadway Mummers Play
23:110 Mummers Played for Barrie
23:111 [Letter to Helm from Turley on Snowshill Troupe]
23:112 Campden Mummers
23:112 Shropshire Mummers
23:113 Mummers [Snowshill]
23:114-115 [Clifton] Mummers
23:116-117V The East Boldre Mummers
23:118-119V [Letter to Stanley from Garth on Helm's Book]
23:119R-126 Mummers, New Forest
23:127 [Notes on Burtersett and Muker, N. Yorks. Play]
23:128V [Letter to Helm from Peacock on Various Matters]
23:{128V-R} [Letter to Helm from Rudkin on Burringham Play]
23:128R [Letter to Helm from Rudkin on Welton, etc.]
23:129 [Letter to Helm from Robinson on Queries]
23:130 [Letter to "Mercury" Editor from A. B. on Kirton Morris]
23:131 Haxey Hood
23:132 [Notes on Lincoln Ploughboys]
23:133 [Notes on Sleaford Plough-Monday Fair]
23:134 [Notes on Lincoln Morris]
23:135 [Notes on Sleaford Plough-Monday Fair]
23:136 [Notes on Lincoln Plough Monday]
23:137 [Notes on Grantham Plough Boys]
23:138 [Notes on Louth Plough Jacks]
23:139 [Notes on Stamford Plough Monday]
23:140 [Notes on Stamford Plough Monday]
23:141 [Notes on Huntingdon Plough Monday]
23:142 [Notes on Lincoln Plough Monday]
23:143 [Notes on Stamford Plough Monday]
23:144 [Notes on Barton-on-Humber Morris]
23:145 [Notes on Stamford Plough Monday]
23:146 [Notes on Barton-on-Humber Plough Monday]
23:147 [Notes on Stamford Plough Monday]
23:148 [Notes on Stamford Plough Witches]
23:149 [Notes on Stamford Plough Monday]
23:150 [Notes on Market Harborough Plough Monday]
23:151 [Notes on Barton-on-Humber Plough Jacks]
23:152 [Notes on Stamford Plough Witches]
23:153 [Notes on Billingbro' Plough Monday]
23:154 [Notes on Stamford Plough Monday]
23:155 [Notes on Market Harboro' and Kibworth Plough Monday]
23:156 [Notes on Stamford Plough Monday]
23:157 [Notes on Barton-on-Humber Plough Jacks]
23:158 [Notes on Stamford Plough Monday]
23:159 [Notes on Spilsby New Year's Market]
23:160-163 [North Country Amusements of Long Ago]
23:164 [Letter to Helm from Palmer on Midgley Tune]
23:165 [Letter to Helm from Palmer on Midgley Tune and Heptonstall Text]
23:166 [The Derbyshire Tup]
23:167-168V [Letter to Helm from Nurse on Derbys. Tup]
23:168R [Extract on Derbys. Tup]
23:169 [Letter to Helm from Lemmon on Newspaper Scrapbooks]
23:170V, 171V [Unidentified Page of Play Text]
23:170R [Letter to Helm from Sykes on Clinton Play]
23:171R-172V [Letter to Helm from Palmer on Midgley Play]
23:172R-176V The Pace Egg Midgley Version
23:176R Buglawton Wakes Sixty Years Ago
23:177 Minster [Christmas]
23:178 Minster [Christmas]
23:179 Varia [Isle of Thanet Horse]
23:179 Varia [Deal Horse]
23:180 Varia [Hoath Hodening]
23:181 Kentish Odds and Ends
23:182 Local and Stray Notes [Horse Head]
23:183 Local and Stray Notes [Hooden Horse]
23:184-185 [Cheshire May Day Song]
23:185 [Cheshire Rush-Bearing]
23:185-186 [Rushbearing]
23:187-188 [Rushbearing]
23:188-189 [Rushbearing]
23:189-190 [Chester Mumming]

Volume 24

Reference Title or Description
24:1-3 Log of 1st Tour of the Travelling Morrice, June 1924
24:4 Local Notes and Queries [Morris]
24:4-5 Local Notes and Queries [Morris]
24:5 Mummers and Morris
24:6 Mummers
24:6-7 Whitsun Ales and Mummers
24:7 Mummers
24:8 Mummers
24:8-9 Morris
24:10 Morris
24:10 Morris
24:10-11 Mummers
24:12 Mummers
24:12 Mummers
24:12 Maskers
24:13 [Letter to Helm from Rudkin on Plough Play Text]
24:14-17 Brattleby Mummers, Lincolnshire
24:18 Fragments of a Pace Egg Play from Burton-in-Lonsdale, Lancs
24:1. [Notes on Walton-on-the-Hill, Staffs., Guisers]
24:20 [Local Notes and Queries - Bull Baiting]
24:20A [Letter to Helm from Sharp on Dorset Oozer]
24:21 The Dorset Oozer
24:21 The Dorset Oozer
24:22-23 Derby Ram, Staveley, Derbyshire
24:24 [Extract from Letter to Kennedys from Harman on Ripon Mummers]
24:25 [Letter to EFDSS from Whittle on Berkshire Downs Play]
24:26-28 Sunningwell, Berks., Mummers' Play
24:29 [Kent Hodening]
24:31*-35 Plough Monday Play from Branston near Lincoln
24:36-38 Rottingdean Mummers' Play
24:39 Manners and Customs. Ancient and Modern Christmas
24:40-41 The Ooser
24:42 Holy Wells, their Legends and Superstitions
24:43 Replies. Maypoles in Cornwall
24:44 [On May Day and Whitsun]
24:45 The Hobby Horse
24:46-47 The Padstow May Songs
24:48 [On Cornwall Customs]
24:49-55 Ms. Eng Misc D.162
24:55A [Abbots Bromley]
24:56 [Notes on Stafford and Bentley Morris]
24:57-60 Urswick, Lancs., Pace-Egging Play
24:61 [Notes on Urswick Play]
24:62 Singular Sports at This Season
24:63 [Notes on Burtersett, N. Yorks., Play]
24:64-74 [Easter and Other Customs]
24:75 [Letter to Helm from Clough on Mummers' References]
24:76 Hampshire Folk Story
24:77-81 Folk-Lore of North (?) Hampshire
24:81 Primitive Worship Behind Southampton Custom?
24:82-83 Calender Customs [N. Walton and Longparish Mummers]
24:84-84A [Letter to Helm from Horrocks on Mumming References]
24:85 Remember the Mummers?
24:85 Readers Remember the Mummers
24:86 Christmas Mummers at Whitley Wood
24:87 Whitley Wood Mummers' Play
24:88 Extract from Notes and Queries
24:89-90 Berkshire, Sutton Courtenay, the Mummers' Play
24:91-97 The Mummers' Play as Acted at Hoc Benham Till Xmas 1900
24:98-99 Shakespeare and Shakespeariana
24:100-102 Mummers
24:103-105 [Letter to -- from Mountiturs (?) on Seasonal Customs in Sweden]
24:106-108 [Letter to Percy Manning from Ordish on Publication]
24:109V-109R [Letter to Percy Manning from Ordish on Publication]
24:110V-113 Mummers in North Berks
24:114 [Extract on Bicester Mumming]
24:115-117V [Letter to Percy Manning from Ordish on Preston Chapbook]
24:117R-118 [Notes on Harleian MS. 1197, F. 2036]
24:119 [Letter to Percy Manning from Binney (?) on Islip Play]
24:120-125 [Copy of the Islip, Oxon., Mummers' Play of 1780]
24:126-129V Mumering [Islip, Oxon.]
24:129-131 Old Marston Mummers 1882
24:132V-133 Mumering Performances [Marston]
24:134V-141 Notes on some Old Fashioned English Customs...
24:142-146 Culham [Text and Comments]
24:147-149 Mummers, Headington Version
24:150-152 [Abel, Yorks., Play Text]
24:153-159 The Seven Champions of Christendom
24:160-164 Mummers' Play, Kirtlington, Oxon
24:165 The [Kirtlington] Mummers
24:166 Presentation of Prizes
24:167-172 Alexander and the King of Egypt
24:173-176 Original Eynsham Mummers' Play
24:177-178V [Letter to Helm from Roy -- on Hants. Plays]
24:178R Wheatley Play
24:179-182 Wardle, Lancs., Pace Egg Play, 1963
24:183 [Whitehaven Mumming]
24:184 [Letter to Helm from Harry on Marlow, Aylesbury, Wing Morris]
24:185-186V [Letter to Helm from Roy -- on Morris and Manning Mss.]
24:186 Mayor of Ock Street Ceremony 1966
24:187-190 [Letter to Helm from Dunmore on Morris and May Day]
24:191-192 [Notes on E. Kent Hooden Horse]
24:193-194 Bidford Morris Dancers
24:195 Morris Dancers Sixty Years Ago
24:196, Forty Years Ago [Plow Stots, Selby]
24:197-200 [10 Morris Tunes from Various Sources]
24:201-205V Dramatic and Superstitious Antiquities
24:205 [Letter to Miss Jackson from Thomas Roberts' "Crefydd"]
24:206-232 The Religion of the Dark Ages..., [Unpublished Translation of "Mari Lwyd"]
24:234* [Letter to Helm from Barnes on Lake District Plays]
24:205 The Pace-Eggers' Song
24:236-240 Pace-Egging Play
24:241-242 [9 Pages from Book of Christmas Carols]
24:243 [Unidentified Song and Dance Programme]
24:243A The Marshfield "Paper Boys" Mummers Play
24:244 [Letter to Helm from Taylor on Newspaper References]
24:245 Kicking the Bottle [Hallaton and Medbourne]
24:246 [Extract on Wavertre Constables]
24:247-248R [Notes on Perth Sword Dance]
24:248 [Letter to Helm from Buck on Faggoting Coat]
24:249 [Letter to Helm from Palmer (?) on Blewbury, Wheatley, Clatford, -Omett, Crookham Mummers]
24:250 [Letter to Helm from Jewell on Faggoting Jacket]
24:251-252 [Extracts on Tournaments and Costumes]
24:253 Two New Adderbury Dances
24:254-255 [Horse's Head, or Mari Llwyd]
24:256 Curious Fad Relating to the Worship of Baal in Ireland
24:256 [Devonshire Fires]
24:257-259 [Notes on May Customs]
24:260 [Letter to Helm from Taylor on Shropshire Morris References]
24:261 Morrice Dancing [Broseley]
24:262 Morrice Dancing [Broseley]
24:262-263 Morrice Dancing [Shrewsbury]
24:263 Morrice Dancing [Shrewsbury]

Volume 25

Reference Title or Description
25:1 May Days of Old
25:1-2 St. John's Eve Watch at Chester
25:2 [Notes on Didsbury Wake]
25:2-3 [Notes on Wakes]
25:3 [Notes on Lymm District Rushbearing]
25:4 Byegone Events Recalled [Stockport Spring]
25:5-8 A Twelfth Night Custom
25:8 The Song of the Wrens
25:8 Christmas Customs - "Pen Cefyl"
25:8 Cutty Wren
25:10-12 May Day
25:12-13 May-Day
25:12 [Jack-in-the-Green]
25:13 Whitsunale at Woodstock
25:13 Whitsuntide
25:15-16 May Day
25:16 Whitsuntide Custom at Kidlington
25:16 Morris Dancers
25:16-17 May Day
25:17-19 Brackley Morrice-Dancers
25:19-20 Morris or Morrice Dancers
25:20-21 Brackley Morrice Dancers
25:22-23 [On Mummers' Day]
25:24-25 [Notes on Mummers]
25:26 [Letter to Helm from Rawson on Taylor Book]
25:27 [On Beverley Guisers]
25:28 Folk-Lore from Wales. Bidding Wedding
25:28 Folk Lore from Wales. Enclosing Common Land
25:28-29 Folk Lore Notes from Tipperary
25:29-31 The Hobby Horse and the Ecstatic Dance
25:32-36 [On Popular Theatre in Europe]
25:37-63 [Un Titled Typed Paper on Irish Mumming]
25:64-65 Ballyboley, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:66-68 Ballyboley, Ballyclare, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:69-70 Ballycarry, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:71-72 Ballycarry, Co. Antrim, Vicinity, Mummers' Play
25:73-75 Ballyclare, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:76-77 Ivyhill, Ballkeel, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim
25:78-79 Dervock, Co. Antrim, Play
25:80-81 Finvoy, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:82-83 Glenarm, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:84 Glenwherry District, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:85-86 Glenwherry District, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:87-88 Larne, Co. Antrim, Play
25:89-91 Larne, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:92-93 Larne District, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:94-95 Raloo, Larne, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:96-97 Mullaghbawm, Co. Anrmagh, Mummers' Play (H9918)
25:98-99 Tanickey, Armagh, Mummers' Play
25:100-101 South County Armagh, Mummers' Play
25:102 Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, Mummers' Play (G8761)
25:103-104 Beltany, Cloghaneely, Co. Donegal, Mummers' Play
25:105-106 Donegal (Probably Donegal Town) Mummers' Play
25:107-109 Dimbristan, Ballintra, Co. Donegal, Mummers' Play
25:110-112 Dromore, Co. Donegal, Mummers' Play
25:113-114 Lecale, Co. Down, Mummers' Play
25:115 Magheradroll, District of Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Mummers' Play
25:116-118 Donabate, Co. Dublin, Mummers' Play
25:119-120 "Fingal", or Northern County, Dublin, Mummers' Play
25:121-122 Swords, Co. Dublin, Mummers' Play
25:123-124 Lisnarrick, Co. Fermanagh, Mummers' Play
25:125-127 Tromogagh Townland, Co. Fermanagh, Mummers' Play
25:128-129 Drumbary, Belnaleck, Co. Fermanagh, Mummers' Play
25:130-132 Leggs, Co. Fermanagh, Mummers' Play
25:133-134 Garvagh District of Co. Derby, Mummers' Play
25:135-136 Limavady, Co. Londonderry, Play
25:137-138 Terrydoo, Lislane, Limavady, Co. Londonderry, Mummers' Play.
25:139-140 Louth, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Mummers' Play
25:141-143 Baronscourt, Co. Tyrone, Mummers' Play
25:144-145 Dromore, Co. Tyrone, Mummers' Play
25:146-148 Spamount Area, Co. Tyrone, Mummers' Play
25:149-150 Ulster Mummers' Play
25:151-158 Rosslare Harbour Mummers' Play
25:159-161 Drimbristan, Ballintra, Co. Donegal, Mummers' Play
25:162-164 Possibly South or South-East Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
25:165 Broah, Knockloughrim, Co. Derry, Mummers' Play
25:166-167 [Notes on Holiday Customs]
25:168-169 [Notes on Coventry Play]
25:170-176 The [Shrewton] Wiltshire Mummers
25:177 Going a Hodening
25:178 [Letter to Helm from Russell on Eynsham Mummers]
25:179 Rush-Bearing
25:179 Easter Customs
25:179-182 Rush-Bearing
25:182-183 A Breconshire Dancing Festival
25:183-186 Christmas Festivities in Wales. the a Custom of "Mari Lwyd"
25:187 Strange Christmas Rite at Tenby
25:187-188 Llanelly
25:189-191 Welsh Christmas Customs: the Mummers
25:191 Welsh May Day Custom
25:192-193 [Christmas Mumming]
25:194 Pat Reilly - "the Camross Poet"
25:195 White Mill, Co. Wexford, Maudlu'Town [Captain's Speech]
25:196 Carrig-on-Bannow [Captain's Speech]
25:197-201 Glynn, Co. Wexford [Play]
25:202-203 Wexford [Play]
25:204-205 The Rower, Co. Kilkenny
25:206-212 The Rower, Co. Kilkenny, Mummers' Play
25:213-218 Wexford (?) Play
25:219-221 [Play; Provenance Unknown]
25:222 [3 Lines; Provenance Unknown]
25:223 [Poulpeasty (?) Play]
25:224 Poulpeasty [Play]
25:225-226 Saltmill, Wexford [Play]
25:227 Wexford (Faythe) [Play]
25:228 Wellington Bridge [Play]
25:229-230 Bannow [Play]
25:231 Wexford [Play]
25:232 Bannow [Play]
25:233-234 Bannow [Play]
25:235 Ballygarret, Arthurstown / Fethand-on-Sea, Co. Wexford
25:236-238 [Play, Provenance Not Cited]

Volume 26

Reference Title or Description
26:1-2 Whitecastle, Co. Donegal, Mummers' Play, C4932
26:3-4 Carnlough, Co. Antrim, D2817
26:5-6 Glenswilly [Play] C0808
26:7-8 Drumquin, Co. Tyrone [Play] H3374
26:9-12 Christmas Rhymers
26:13-14 Gayle, North Riding, Yorkshire [Play]
26:14 Mummers
26:15 [Letter to Helm from Tomlinson on Yorks. Press Item]
26:16 6 Ft. Sword Dancers of the Dales
26:17-22 Room to Rhyme
26:23 Hinckley - Curious Custom at Whitsuntide
26:23 Leicester - Curious Custom on St.George's Day
26:23-24 Glenfield and Braunstone, Leicestershire - Curious Custom
26:24 Hay Strewing at Braunstone Church, Leicestershire
26:25 [Northill Morris, C. 1910]
26:26 [Extract on Samhain's Eve Procession]
26:26-27 Olden Popular Pastimes in Kilkenny
26:28-70 [Wren Lore from Isle of Mann and Elsewhere]
26:71-83 The History of the Seven Champions of Christendom
26:84-96 The Life and Death of St. George, the Noble Champion of England
26:97 Going a-Hodening
26:98 Mummers
26:99 Going a-Hodening
26:100-101 Going a-Hodening
26:102 Going a-Hodening
26:103 Christmas Custom at Broadstairs
26:104-112 Tales, Customs and Beliefs from Laoighis
26:113-113A [Letter to Helm from -- on "Owd Tup"]
26:114-115 The Mummers
26:115-116 Mummers
26:116 Mummers
26:118-119 Clonliff, Kinawley, Co. Fermanagh (H2333)
26:120-121 Priestland, Coleraine [Play] (C9238)
26:122-123 Dooratt, Between Plumb Bridge and Donemana, Northwest Co. Tyrone (H4997)
26:124-128 On Christmas Eve
26:129 [On Mullaglass Play]
26:129 [On Kilmood and Tullynalkin Plays]
26:129 [On Ballymoney Play]
26:129-130 [On Fivemiletown Play]
26:130-131 [On Dooratt (?) Play]
26:131-133 [On Greenisland Play]
26:133 [On Creeslough Play]
26:133-134 [On Moneymore, Warrenpoint, E/N Down, Glenravel - No Custom Remembered]
26:134-135 [On Dungiven Play]
26:135-137 [On Agivey-Aghadowey Play]
26:137-138 [On Garrison and Belleek Plays]
26:138 [On Gweedore Play]
26:138-139 [On Strangford and Downpatrick Plays]
26:139 [On Markethill/Mountmorris, Ballygawley and Carrickmore Plays]
26:139-140 [On Armory and Loughguile Plays]
26:140 [On Moneymore Play - No Custom Remembered]
26:140-141 [On Rocktown Play]
26:141-142 [On Clones and South Derby Play]
26:142-144 Around Islandmagee [Play]
26:144 [On Armagh Play - No Custom Remembered]
26:144 [On Co. Down Play]
26:144-146 [Play from Co. Derry]
26:146 [On Loughbrickland Play]
26:146-147 N. E. Donegal [Play]
26:147-148 [On Glens of Antrim Play - No Custom Remembered]
26:148 [On Trillick Play]
26:148 [On Ballintoy Parish Play]
26:148-149 [On Convoy and Strandylar Plays]
26:149 [On Fivemiletown Play]
26:149-150 [On S. Fermanagh Play]
26:150 [On Monaghan/Clones, etc., Plays - No Custom Remembered]
26:150-152 Rushmills Ballymoney (Between) [Play]
26:152 [On Randalstown, Mourne, Hilltown Plays - No Custom Remembered]
26:152-153 [Kilskesy Electoral Division Play]
26:153 [On Carnckmore Play - No Custom Remembered]
26:153-154 [On Co. Fermanagh and Tyrone (Perhaps Derrymanca) Play]
26:154-157 [On Dumquin Play]
26:157 [On Randalstown and District Play - No Custom Remembered]
26:157 [On Glenswilly Play]
26:157-158 [On Glenlask and Gorton Plays - No Custom Remembered]
26:158 [On Glenswilly Play]
26:158 [On Magherairoll, Tydarnot Plays - No Custom Remembered]
26:158-159 [On S. W. Fermanagh Play]
26:159-160 [On Strangford Village and Area Play]
26:160 [On Kileavet, S Armagh, Play]
26:160-161 [On Magheraculmoney Parish Play]
26:161 [On Whitcastle Electoral Division Play]
26:161-163 Ederney and Dromore [Play]
26:163 [On Dungannon Play - No Custom Remembered]
26:163-164 [On Ballytyrone Play]
26:164-166 [On Irish Mumming]
26:167-177 [Extracts on Manx Calendar Customs]
26:178 [Letter to E. M. Anderson from Broderick on Bootle, Lancs., Morris]
26:179-183 [Notes on Irish Wake Amusements]

Volume 27

Reference Title or Description
27:1 [On Mount Norris Play]
27:1 [On Ballindrait Play]
27:1-2 [On Ballycastle and Ballintoy Plays]
27:2-3 [On Newry No. 1 Crossmaglin Play]
27:3-6 [On Ballycarry Play]
27:6 [On Gorthahork Play]
27:6-7 [On Carndonagh Play]
27:7 Hogmanay Rhymes
27:8-10 The Mummers' Play. a Cumbrian Version
27:11 The Sussex Mummers' Play
27:12 [On Middle Division, Carrickfergus, Play]
27:12 [On S. Fermanagh Play]
27:12 [On Mullartown Play - No Custom Remembered]
27:13-15 [Extracts on Mumming, Rush-Bearing, etc.]
27:16-17 [Extracts on Pace-Egging, Rush-Bearing, etc.]
27:18-54 Mummers and Rals in Newfoundland History
27:55-75 Mummers and Strangers in Northern Newfoundland (Third Draft)
27:76-77 [Extract on Christmas Mummers]
27:78-82 Mummers and Minstrels
27:83-84 [Extract on Bassett Down Christmas]
27:85 [Extract on Christmas Day 1736]
27:86 [Extract on Plough Monday]
27:87-90 The Mummers' Rhymes
27:91 [Extract on Glos. Mumming]
27:92-129 Newfoundland Mummers' Plays: Three Printed Texts
27:130 [On Ballypitmave and Ballyhalbert Plays]
27:130-131 [On Poyntapass Play]
27:131 [On Lisburn Play]
27:132 [On Dungerenell Play]
27:133 The Mummers Take to History
27:134 They "Cure" the Pip and Plague
27:135-144 Kingston (Somerset) Dragon Dance
27:145 The Parish of Glynn
27:146-147 Old Christmas Pastimes
27:148 Our Children's Corner. Mummers
27:148 The Mummers
27:149 Here and There. Scraps by Kevin. the Mummers
27:150 Irish Mummers
27:151 "Operation Mumming"
27:152 The Hillside Mummer
27:155*-155Av Pageantry in the Farmhouse
27:155Ar-155B Mummers and their Wiles
27:155C-156V Rhymers and Mummers
27:156R-157V Ulster's Christmas Rhymers: Should They Be Banned?
27:157R-158V Mumaircact
27:158R-159V Sweet Cork - of Thee
27:159R "Mummers" in Ireland
27:160-161V Christmas Mummers
27:161R-163R The Muddymore Mummers
27:163R [On Mumming]
27:163R Mumming Festival
27:164-166V The Co. Wexford Mummers
27:166R [ Title Page]
27:167 [ Title Page]
27:169 Application for Xerographic Copying
27:170 Notes on Welsh Folklore
27:171 May Day Custom
27:172 Plough Monday
27: 173-175 The Padstow May Festival
27:176-180 The Padstow Hobby Horse, etc
27:181-182 [Extract on Christmas Eve]
27:183-185 The Mummers' Play at Charlton
27:186 [Extract on Irish Mummers]
27:187-188 [Extracts on Irish May Day, Christmas, etc.]
27:189-191 [Questions and Answers on Irish Materials]

Volume 28

Reference Title or Description
28:1 [Letter to Helm from Haugh on Awbury]
28:2 An Old Custom from Clarborough, Notts. (Nr. Retford)
28:3-6 Irvinestown/Dromore/Trillick [Play]
28:6 [On Poyntzpass Play]
28:6 [On Mountmorris Play]
28:6 [On Downpatrick Play]
28:6 [On Begging Rhymers]
28:6 [On Donaghmore Play]
28:6-7 [On Ballycarry Play]
28:7-8 [On Belanaleck Play]
28:8-9 [On Downpatrick Area Play]
28:9 [On Eglinton Play]
28:10-11V [Letter to Helm from Baker on Collecting Texts]
28:11R-12 [Extract on Mystery and Christmas Plays]
28:13-15V English Christmas Plays
28:15R-22 [On Icelandic Song and Dance]
28:23 [Letter to Helm from Cable on Trengwith]
28:24-26 [On Glenawly or Killesher Play]
28:27 [Extract on Irish Bird Disguise]
28:28-29 [Extract on the Wren Boys]
28:30 [Letter to Helm from -- on References in Folklore]
28:31 [On Drumbanagher District Play]
28:31-32 [On Newtownhamilton District Play]
28:33 Aghadowey Play Text
28:34-35 Marton-Cum-Grafton Play Text
28:36 Little Divil Doubt
28:37 Na "Mummer"
28:38-40V On Christmas Eve
28:40R-41 Westerton...Guisers' Play
28:41-43 Bowes, Yorkshire (Play)
28:43 [On Darlington Play]
28:43 [Notes on Eshwinning Play]
28:43-44 [Notes on Crosland Moor Play]
28:44-45 Richmond, Yorkshire [Play]
28:46 [Letter to Helm from Chambers on Supplied Notes]
28:47-50 Swords, Dublin, Mummers' Play
28:51-52 [The Little Tup]
28:53-61 [T' Owd Tup]
28:61A-62V [Letter to Helm from Noyes on Tetbury Wassail]
28:62V-63 [Ballyhalbert District Play]
28:64-66 [Eastcote, Middlesex, Play]
28:67-80 [Philadelphia Mummers' Parade]
28:81 [On Straid, Ballynure, Play]
28:82-85 Cambridgeshire Folk-Lore and Customs
28:86 Plowlod and Dance
28:87-89 [Locations of Irish Mumming]
28:90-90Av Early Christmas Customs in Nova Scotia
28:90Ar [Extract on Nova Scotia Mumming]
28:90B-93 Versions of the Mummers' Play
28:94-96 The Guisers' Play
28:97 [Extract on Lancs. Bringing in May]
28:98-99 [Ballate Galashans]
28:100 [Clarebrand, Kirkcudbright, Play]
28:101 [Letter to N. Peacock from Willis on Wild Horse]
28:102-104 The Mari Lwyd
28:105-106 [Letter to Helm from John Bennell on Queries on Index]
28:107 [Notes on Letter from Gardiner to Arthur Heffer on Kirkby Malzeard 1924]
28:108-109 Midgley's Pace Egg Play
28:110 Plough Stots Revived
28:111 T' Pace-Eggers
28:{Insert} A Mixed Bag. the Dobby [sic] Horse
28:{Insert} [Extract from a Mixed Bag. the Souler's Play]
28:{Insert} [Notes on Souling Song]
28:{Insert} [Notes on Soulers' Costumes]
28:{Insert} [Log of Oxon. Morris Team?]
28:113 [Letter to Helm from Tongue on Crowcombe Mummers, etc]
28:114-115 T' Pace-Eggers
28:115 The "Pace Egg"
28:116 For We'Ll Come No More a-Souling...
28:117 [Letter to Helm from Roy Dommett (?) on Wheatley Mummers]
28:118-130 [Cerne Giant and Maypole]
28:131-132 [Notes on Derbys. Customs]
28:133 [Notes on Notts., Plough Monday]
28:134 [Notes on Aysgarth Maypole]
28:134 [Extracts on May Day Customs]
28:135 May-Day Customs in Cornwall
28:136-138 Old Christmas Customs in Nova Scotia
28:139 Christmas Mummers [Philadelphia]
28:140 Newton St. Boswells, Roxburghshire, Guisards' Play
28:141 [Extracts on Maypoles, Morris]
28:142-145 [Extract on Mummers' Plays]
28:146 [Extracts on Maypole, Plough Monday]
28:146 [Notes on Maypoles]
28:147 [Letter to Helm from Bebbington on Addy's Old Tup]
28:148 [Letter to Helm from Bebbington on Addy's Old Tup]
28:149-153 Guising and Mumming in Derbyshire
28:154 [Extracts on May Day, Plough Monday]
28:155-160 [Extract on Guisers]

Volume 29

Reference Title or Description
29:1 [Excerpt from Creighton to Herbert Halpert on South East Passage Play]
29:2-3 Wickersley Old Tup
29:4-8 The Greens Norton and Pattishall Mummers' Plays
29:9-12 [Excerpts on May Customs, etc.]
29:13 [Excerpt on Mari Llwyd]
29:13-14R [Excerpt on Mari Lwyd]
29:14R [Excerpt on Horse's Head]
29:15 [Letter to Helm from Owen on Mari Lwyd]
29:16 [Notes on Woburn, Beds., May and Morris]
29:16-17 Paxford May Day Song
29:17 [Notes on Malvern Morris]
29:17 [Notes on Hooden Horse - Kent]
29:18 [Excerpt from Letter to Barnard from C. Sharp on Kent Hooden Horse]
29:18-19 Leyland Morris Dance
29:19 [Notes on Ilmington Morrris]
29:19 [Notes on Brighouse Pace Egg Plays]
29:19-21 Castleton Garland Dance
29: 21-22 Britannia Morris Dancers; An Agreement
29:22-24 Headington Quarry Mummers' Play
29:25 [Notes on Eglinton, Co. Derry, Play]
29:26-27 [Notts. Plough Monday Play]
29:28-31 [Excerpt on "the History of the Life and Death of That Noble Knight Sir Bevis Of Southampton"]
29:32 [Letter to Helm from Tom -- on Ripon and Midgley Slides]
29:33 [Letter to Helm from -- on May Day Tunes]
29:34 [Excerpt on Seasonal Customs]
29:35-36 [Excerpt from Letter to D. N. Kennedy from Lawson-Tancred on Aldborough Dance]
29:37 [Excerpts on Rush-Bearing]
29:37-38 Christmas Mummers
29:38 [Excerpt on Maypole Origin]
29:38-39 [Excerpt on Christmas Customs]
29:40 [Ilmington, Warks., Play]
29:41 [Notes on Linlithgow, W. Lothian, Play]
29:42 [Cricklade, Wilts. (?), Play]
29:43 [Shrewton, Wilts., Play]
29:44 [Clifford, W. Yorks., Play]
29:45 [Eastwood, W. Yorks., Play]
29:46-46A [Keighley, W. Yorks., Play]
29:46B-46C [Goathland, N. Yorks., Play]
29:47-47A [Monk Fryston, W. Yorks., Play]
29:47B [Leeds, W. Yorks., Play]
29:47B-47D [Leeds, W. Yorks., Play]
29:48 [Snaith, W. Yorks., Play]
29:49 [Swinton, W. Yorks., Play]
29:49A/49D [Sowerby, N. Yorks., Play]
29:50 [Malahide, Ireland, Play]
29:51 Pace-Egging in Lancashire
29:51-52 Plough Monday and the Dog Days
29:52 Didsbury Wakes, 1825
29:53-62 [Notes on Many Customs]
29:63 [Notes on Bampton Dances]
29:64-71 Bear Hunt and Shrovetide-Running in the Upper Murtal
29:72-73 [Excerpt on the Lady of the Lamb]
29:74-76 [Excerpt on Plough Bullock Play, South Notts.]
29:77 [Notes on Mumming]
29:77 [Notes on Maypole]
29:77 [Souling Song]
29:78 [Notes of Longborough, Glos., Morris]
29:79-81 Newton-in-Furness Play
29:82 [Excerpts on Mumming Plays]
29:83-85 [Aughnamullen, Co. Monaghan, Play]
29:86-87 [Mid Ards. Play]
29:88-99 South Cerney, Glos., Mummers' Play
29:100-101 [Excerpt on Maypole]
29:102-109 [Excerpts on Dances]
29:110 Manx Word and Custom
29:110 [Excerpt on Hunting the Wren]
29:110-111 [Excerpts on Hunting the Wren]
29:111-112 Manx Customs: Hunting the Wren
29:112 The Pendleton Maypole
29:112 Rushcarts
29:112-113 Rushcarts
29:114 [Excerpt on Halsway Morris]
29:115-116V [Extract on Whitsun Ales]
29:116V-117V [Extract on Longcombe, Oxon., Morris]
29:117V [Extract on Maypole]
29:117R-118V [Notes on Woodstock Whitsunale]
29:118V [Notes on Wooden Horse]
29:118V-118R [Extract on Whitsun Ale]
29:118R [Extracts on Whitsun Ales]
29:118R [Notes on Milton-Under-Wychwood Morris]
29:119V [Extract on Kidlington Lady of the Lamb]
29:119V [Extract on Kidlington Lamb Day]
29:119V-119R [Extract on Kirklington Lamb Ale]
29:119R-120R [Notes on Kirtlington Lamb Ale]
29:120R [Extract on Lamb Custom]
29:120R [Notes on Lord and Lady]
29:121-122V The Sword Dance of Papa Stour
29:122R [Notes on North Western Morris]
29:123V [Notes on Longridge, Goosnarch, Wrea Green, Gisburn Processional Dances]
29:123R-124V Godley Hill [Morris]
29:124R-127V Eynsham Style
29:127R-128V The Kirtlington Morris
29:128R [Notes on Stanton Harcourt Morris]
29:129V [Notes on Sailor's Hornpipe]
29:129R-131V [Notes on the Typical Morris]
29:131R-133V [Notes on the Adderbury Morris]
29:133R-134V [Notes on Ascott-Under-Wychwood Morris]
29:134R-137 Len
29:138-142V [Notes on the Background to Longborough Morris]
29:142R-146 [Notes on the Abingdon Morris]
29:147-156V [Notes on Bampton Morris]
29:156R-157V [Notes on Abingdon Morris]
29:157R [Notes on the Brimfield Morris Dance]
29:158-158Av Captain Robert Dover's Olympick Games
29:158Ar-164 Collecting the Morris - Bucknell - a Case History
29:165-168V [Notes on Chipping Campden Morris]
29:168R-169R [Notes on Ilmington Dances]
29:170-171Ar [Notes on Bidford Morris]
29:172-173V Halsway Morris Weekend Workshop Worksheet No. 1
29:173R Traits and Illustrations of Moston Life
29:173R [On New Year's Song]
29:174-175 Children's Christmas Song
29:175 The Children's Christmas Song
29:175-176 Wakes
29:176 [On Ramsbottom Wakes]
29:177 [Letter to Helm from Bebbington on Peace Egg]
29:178 [Letter to Helm from Bebbington on Pearce and Son]
29:179-180 [Letter to Helm from Horton Play Texts]
29:181 [Letter to Helm from Carter on Chapbooks]
29:182 [Letter to Helm from Barnes on Whitehaven Play]
29:183 [Letter to Helm from Carter on Copied Materials]
29:184-185 [Letter to Helm from Bebbibgton on Chapbooks]
29:186 [Letter to Helm from Blake on Chapbooks]
29:187-188 [Letter to Helm from -- on Chapbook Dates]
29:189 [Letter to Helm from Barlow on Peace Egg]
29:190-191 [Letter to Helm from Bilton on Wardman and Lund]
29:192-193 [Letter to Helm from Craven on Leeds Publishers]
29:194-202 Horn Dance
29:203 [Extracts on Harvest Customs]

Volume 30

Reference Title or Description
30:1-4 Whitwell, Derbyshire, Old Tup
30:5-7 [Extracts on Seasonal Customs]
30:8-9 [Notes on Paganhill Maypole and Village Fair]
30:10-13 Ballyclare, Co. Antrim, Mummers' Play
30:14 [Letter to Helm from Dommett on Various Mumming Locations]
30:15-16V [Letter to Helm from Pilling on Winster Horse]
30:16R-17a [Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Play]
30:18-19 [N. Ards. Play]
30:20 [Notes on Mumming Performance]
30:21-24 [Donegal Mummers' Play]
30:25-27 [Notes on Minehead Hobby Horse Ceremony 1968]
30:28 Minehead 1968 - Comments by Wadsworth on My Notes
30:29-31 The Derby Ram
30:32 [Letter to Helm from Baron on Old Chamber Play]
30:33 [Old Chamber, Yorks., Fragment]
30:34-35 [Letter to Helm from Baron on Midgley and Old Chamber Plays]
30:36 References to Rushbearing in the Log Book of Sowerby District, St. Peter's School
30:37 [Letter to Helm from Baron on Rushbearing]
30:38-39V [Letter to Helm from -- on Irish Plays]
30:39R-39a [Donaghadee, Co. Down, Play]
30:40 [Letter to Helm from -- on Irish Plays]
30:41 [Christmas Rhymers - Fairview, Ballyclare]
30:42 [Upperlands, Co. Derry, Rhymers]
30:43-44 The Folk
30:45-46 [Extract on Payments to Rushcarts, etc.]
30:47-49 [Extracts of Rushcart, etc., Payments]
30:50-51 [Extract on Rushbearing]
30:52 [Extract on Rushcarts]
30:53 [Extract on Rushbearing]
30:54 [Extract on Rushbearing]
30:56-57 Lancashire Morris Dance
30:58 [Extract on Rushbearing]
30:59-60 [Notes on Iffley Essay]
30:61 [Letter to Helm from Robinson Irish Plays]. on
30:62-63 [Extract on Rushbearing]
30:64 A Saddleworth Rush-Bearing
30:65-66 [Clippings on Newton Heath Rushbearing]
30:67 [Letter to Helm from -- on Maydays]
30:68-70V [Notes on Silk Willoughby Mummers]
30:70R [On Football Murder]
30:71 [Extract on Waterside Rushbearing]
30:72 [Extract on Rushbearing, etc.]
30:73 Morris Dancers and Rush Carts
30:73 Morris Dancers
30:74 Rush Carts and Morris Dancers
30:75 Morris Dancers
30:75 Morris Dancers
30:76 Morris Dancers
30:77 Easter Heaving; Easter "Lifting"
30:77 Morris Dancing
30:78 Morris Dancing in the North
30:79-80 [Extract on Rushbearing]
30:81 Draycot-in-the-Clay Pace Egg Play
30:82-84 [Extract from Typed Paper on Rushbearing]
30:85 [Printed Extract on Rushbearing]
30:86-89 Oldham Wakes
30:90-92 Ecclesfield, Yorks., Old Tup Play
30:93 [Letter to Helm from Cordrey on Iffler Hobby Horse]
30:94 Shipston-on-Stour Folk Dance and Song
30:95 Morris Dance at the Crystal Palace
30:96 [Letter to Cecil Sharp from Barker on Morris]
30:97-99 [Letters to Cecil Sharp from Barker on Morris]
30:100-102 Abstract of Various Accounts of the Sword-Dance Given by K. Mullenhof
30:103 Animalisation of Human Victim
30:104 Clown and Dead Man at Ampleforth
30:105-106 Male Character in Woman's Clothes
30:107-116 Morris Dance Step-Sequence
30:117 Conlig Mummers' Play
30:117A Here Come One, Two, Three Hearty Lads
30:118-119V [Letter to Helm from Peacock on Greatham MS.]
30:119R-130 [1902 Greatham MS. on Sword Dance]
30:131 The Guiser Gangs of Halloween
30:132-133 Heeley District, Sheffield, Mummers' Play
30:134 [Letter to Helm from Pearce on Mummers' Text]
30:134-135V The Typical Morris
30:135R-136V [Notes on North Western Morris]
30:136R-137V [Notes on Godley Hill Morris]
30:137R-138R [Notes on Failsworth Boy Dancers]
30:139V-140V [Notes on Mawdsley/Leyland/Keswick Morris]
30:140R-142V [Notes on Royton Morris]
30:142R-146 [Letter to Helm from Dommett on Minehead, etc., Morris]
30:147-148 [Extract on May Games]
30:149-152 Sproxton, Leicestershire, Wooing Play
30:153-155 [Extract on Rushbearing]
30:156 Broadwell, Oxon., Mummers' Play
30:157 [Letter to Helm from -- on Londonderry, etc., Mumming]
30:158-159 [Gelncolumbkille, S.W. Donegal, Play]
30:160-161 [Hindhead Play]
30:162 [Letter to Helm from Skinner on May Day]
30:163 [Letter to Helm from Mycroft on May Day]
30:164-165 [Letter to Helm from King on the King's Shilling]
30:166 [Letter to Helm from King on Army Recruiting]
30:167 [Letter to Helm from Carman on Army Recruiting]
30:168 The Mantgarw Dances
30:169 [Notes on Glossop Morris]
30:170-171V The Oxen Dance
30:171R-175 Godley Hill Morris
30:176 The Handsworth Sword Dance
30:177-179 [Notes on Colne Royal Morris Dancers]
30:180-181V [Letter to Helm from Pilling on Clitheroe Morris]
30:181R-183 [Notes on Clitheroe Morris]
30:184-185 [Letter from True (?) to Anne True (?) on Newton Wakes Rushcarts and Morris]
30:186-191 Public Drama and Common Values in Two Caribbean Islands
30:192-202 Moneylender
30:203-205 Cinner
30:206-209 David and Goliah [sic]
30:210-225 Hot Sauce
30:226-234 High Back
30:235-242 Money Lender
30:243-251 Hot Sauce
30:252-262 Dog and Monkey
30:263-268 Bull
30:269-280 David and Goliath
30:281-283 Miss Ballentine

Volume 31

Reference Title or Description
31:1-4 Newton Heath Eighty Years Ago
31:5 Baal and Other Old Derbyshire Customs
31:5 Baal and Old Derbyshire Customs
31:6 Baal and Old Derbyshire Customs
31:6 Going a-Souling
31:7 Baal and Derbyshire Customs
31:7 Twelfth Night in the Salzkammergut
31:8 Rochdale Rushbearing Festival"
31:8 Query 150 [Rushbearing]
31:8 Easter Customs
31:8 Rush-Bearing
31:9 Morris Dancers
31:9 Rushbearing and Morris Dancers
31:10 Query 225 [Rushbearing]
31:10-11 Query 225
31:11 The Openshaw Rushbearing
31:21 Rochdale
31:11 [On Upperhill Rushcart 1894]
31:11-12 Query No. 224 [Rushbearing]
31:12-14 No. 248 [Rushbearing]
31:15-17 No. 254 [Rushbearing]
31:18 Wakes
31:18-19 Rushbearing
31:20 Answers and Comments No. 314
31:20 Rushcarts at Rochdale
31:20 St. James' Church, Gorton [Rushes]
31:20 Note 246
31:22 [Extract on Plough Monday]
31:22-24 [Extract on Rushcarts]
31:25-30 [Extracts on Rushbearing, etc]
31:31-35 Maypole
31:36 Rushes in Churches
31:36 Rushes in Churches
31:36 Rushes in Churches
31:36 [Notes on Rushbearing Payments]
31:37 [Notes on Rushbearing]
31:37 [Notes on Broughton Rushbearing]
31:37 [Notes on Rushbearing]
31:38 [On Rochdale Morris]
31:38 [On Morris and Rush Carts]
31:39 [On Morris and Rush Carts]
31:39-40 [On Morris and Rush Cart]
31:41-42 [Extract on May Day]
31:43-47 [Extract on Rush-Bearing]
31:48-53 [On Mayday, etc., Customs]
31:54 [Notes on May Game]
31:55 [On Morris Dancing]
31:55 [On Rush Carts]
31:55 [On Morris Dancing]
31:55-56 [On Morris and Rush Carts]
31:56-57 [On Rush Carts]
31:58-59 [Extracts on Rush Carts and "Creawn Pow"]
31:59 [On Rushcarts]
31:59 [On Wakes]
31:59-60 [On Wakes and Morris]
31:60 [On Morris Dancers]
31:60 Preparations for the Wakes
31:61 [Letter to Helm from Cordrey on Berks. Mumming]
31:61A-62 Middleton Wakes
31:62 Odds and Ends [Rush Carts]
31:62 Moonraking Out and About Middleton
31:63 [Extract on Rushbearing]
31:63-64 [Extract on Black Knight of Ashton]
31:64 Middleton Wakes
31:64-65 The Wakes of Today as Compared with Former Times
31:65-67 [On Rush Carts and Morris Dancers]
31:68-73 [Unidentified Handwritten MS. on Gorton Wakes]
31:74 [Letter to Helm from Froome on Morris, etc., References]
31:74-75 [On Morris and Rush Carts],
31:76 Rushbearing
31:76 Lancashire Morris Tunes
31:76-77 Morris Dance Tunes
31:77-78 [Notes on Various Rushcart References Requested by Helm]
31:79-80 [Abstracts on Souling, etc]
31:81-84 The Revival of Morris Dancing
31:85-86 Rush-Bearing
31:87-91 [Extracts on Seasonal Customs and Rush-Bearing]
31:92 [Extracts on May Pole]
31:94 The Wakes
31:95 The Wakes
31:96 The Wakes
31:96 Shaw Wakes
31:96 Shaw Wakes
31:97-99 The Wakes
31:100 The Wakes Trips. the Wakes
31:100 Saddleworth Wakes
31:101 Wakes Time
31:102 Sketches from Clay Broo; an Old Fashioned Wake
31:103-112 Dissertation on the Dialect of Biddulph Moor; Entertainments [Mumming]
31:113-114 T'Owd Tup - Eckington and Staveley
31:115-116 T'Owd Tup - Eckington
31:117-118 T'Owd Tup - Staveley and Poolsbrook
31:119-121 Pattern Symbols [for Analysis of Plays]
31:121-121Av [Letter to Helm from Wall on Soulcakers]
31:121Ar [Brimstage and Lostock Gralam Pace-Egging Songs]
31:122 A Peep at the Town (Rush Carts]
31:123 Oldham Rushbearing
31:124-127V [Letter to Helm from Jones on Herefordshire Text]
31:127R-128 Tutbury, Staffs. [Mumming]
31:129-130 Brereton, Staffs. [Mumming]
31:131 Tromogagh Mummers' Play
31:132 [Letter to Helm from Fletcher on Mummers' Play]
31:133-134 [Extracts on Rush-Bearing and Mumming]
31:135 [Letter to Helm from Richards on Morris and Rush-Bearing]
31:136 [List of Middleton "Last Dancers"]
31:137 [Extract on Rush Cart]
31:138 [Extract on Rush Carts]
31:139 [Extract on Seasonal Customs]
31:140 [Letter to Helm from Dance on Mummers' Plays]
31:141-146 Frensham Tiptearers [sic] Play
31:147-157 Christmas Mummers
31:152* Mummers' Play, Church Crookham, Hants
31:153-154V* [Letter to Helm from Dance on Crondall Play]
31:154-165 [Crondall (Fleet or Crookham) Play]
31:166-168 [Letter to Helm from Tom -- on Photos, Dances, Costumes, etc.]
31:169-176 [Handwritten Text of Unidentified Pace-Egg Play]
31:177-178 [Extract on Rushcart]
31:179 [Notes on Sword Dance]
31:180 [Letter to Helm from Babb on Uttoxeter Guisers]
31:181 [Extracts on Christmas Customs]
31:182 [Letter to Helm from Carter on Clay Broo]
31:183-186 [Extract on Christmas Rhymers]
31:187 [Letter to Helm from Carter on Oldham References]
31:188 [Letter to Helm from Chitty on Meanwood Mummers' Play]
31:189 [Letter to Helm from Chitty on Meanwood Play]
31:190 [Letter to Helm from Chitty on Plays]
31:191-192 [Letter from Clark to Mary Chitty on Meanwood Play]
31:193 [Letter from Clark to Mary Chitty on Meanwood Play]
31:194 [Letter to Helm from Chitty on Meanwood Play]
31:195 [Letter to Mary Chitty from Hickling on Goring Play]
31:196-202 Two Berkshire [W. Buckland; Mid-Berks.] Mumming Plays
31:203 [Letter to Helm from Hay on References to Plays]
31:204-207 The Play of Saint George, Cheadle (Staffordshire) Version
31:208-214 [Staffordshire Play]

Volume 32

Reference Title or Description
32:1-2 The Uttoxeter Guisers
32:4-6* [Extract on Cheshire Rushbearing]
32:7-8 Rushbearing
32:9 Rushbearing
32:10-13 [Extract on Rushbearing]
32:14-21 Chapter III.- East Anglia and the New Poor Law
32:22-30 Rushbearing and Morris Dancing in North Cheshire
32:31-32 [Extract on Wakes]
32:33-38 [Extract on Wakes and Morris]
32: The History of Eccles and Barton's Contentious Guising War
32: [Extract on May Day]
32: Here Comes Saucy Jack
32: [Letter to Helm from Celeria on Greatham, Uttoxeter, Eccleshall Plays]
32: Guisers' Play, Songs, and Rhymes from Staffordshire
32: The Uttoxeter Guisers; Full Version of their Play
32: Branston, Lincs., Plough Play or Morris Dance
32: Greatham Sword Dance Play
32: [Letter to Mrs. Helm from Mrs. Page on John Levitt]
32: [Letter to Helm from Daniell on Folklore Survey]

Volume 33

Reference Title or Description
33:1:1 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Irish Materials]
33:1:2 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Sabra, etc.]
33:1:3 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Wexford "Priest" Version, etc.]
33:1:4 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Various Helm Queries]
33:1:5 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Various Helm Queries]
33:1:6 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Commentary, Newfoundland, etc.]
33:1:7 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Newfoundland Texts, etc.]
33:1:8 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Ards Play]
33:1:9 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Scots Magazine Materials]
33:1:10 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Scottish Data]
33:1:11 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Straw Boys, etc.]
33:1:12 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Costumes, etc.]
33:1:13 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Various Matters]
33:1:14 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Maypole, etc.]
33:1:15 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Various Matters]
33:1:16 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Various Matters]
33:1:17 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Various Matters]
33:1:18 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Various Matters]
33:1:19 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Irish Texts]
33:1:20 Ulster Folk Museum Questionnaire - the Mummers on Christmas Rhymers
33:1:21 [Lawrencetown, Co. Down, Play]
33:1:22 References on Cards in Irish Folklore Commission, Mummers
33:1:23 [Copy of Letter to Christina Hole from Helm on Books and Reviews]
33:1:24 Irish Folk Drama [Review by Helm]
33:1:25 [Letter to Gailey from -- on Folk Drama in Scotland]
33:1:26 [Letter to Helm from H-- on Scottish Plays]
33:1:27 [Letter to Helm from Fenton on Scottish Materials]
33:1:28 [Letter to Alan Gailey from Fenton on Newtown St Boswells Play]
33:1:29 Guisers and Galatians
33:1:30 The Folk-Play in Scotland, some Primary Sources
33:1:31 [Letter to Helm (?) from Peacock (?) on Lover's Handy Andy].
33:1:32 [Letter to Helm from Robinson on Photographer's Name]
33:1:33 [Letter to Helm from Robinson on Irish Play]
33:2:1 [Letter to Helm from Blake on Welsh Plays]
33:2:2 [Letter to Helm from Owen on W. Roberts, etc.]
33:2:3 [Letter to Helm from Blake on Morris]
33:2:4 The Morris in Wales
33:2:5 [Notes on Welsh Dances]
33:2:6 The Three Merry Dancers of Wales
33:2:7 Cadi Ha Song
33:2:8 List of References [Welsh]
33:2:9 The Dauphin's Mock [Radio Script?]
33:2:10 [Letter to Mr. Humphreys from Helm on Death of Alex Helm]
33:2:11 [Letter to Mrs. Helm from Humphreys on Helm's Death]
33:3:1 [Letter to Helm from Hole on Various Plays]
33:3:2 [Letter to Helm from Mercer on His Essay]
33:3:3 [Letter to Helm from Carter on Shrewton Play]
33:3:4 [Letter to Helm from Happe on Folk Play in 16th Century]
33:3:5 [Letter to Helm from Slocombe on Bbc Materials]
33:3:6 [Letter to Helm from Philip on Berks. Play]
33:3:7 [Letter to Helm from Stancliffe on Boxford Play]
33:3:8 [Letter to Helm from Beckwell on Greens Norton Play]
33:3:9 [Letter to Helm from Rudkin on Plays]
33:3:10 [Letter to Helm from Rudkin on Plays]
33:3:11 [Letter to Helm from Chitty on Various Matters]
33:3:12 [Letter to Helm from Palmer on Dumbleton Play, etc.]
33:3:13 [Letter to Helm from Palmer on Refernces to Plays]
33:3:14 Dumbleton Play
33:3:15 The Story of Rottingdean [Mummers Play]
33:4:1 [Handwritten Notes by Helm on Chapbook Plays]
33:4:2 [Letter to Helm from Halpert on Chapbook Locations]
33:4:3 [Letter to Helm from Mosley on Chapbooks]
33:4:4 [Letter to Helm from Halpert on Mumming Plays]
33:4:5 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Letter to Folklore, etc.]
33:4:6 [Letter to Helm from Gailey on Chapbooks]
33:5:1 [Letter to Helm from Davidson on Helm Queries]
33:5:2 [Letter to Helm from Davidson on Hobby Horse, Horse Sacrifice]
33:5:3 [Copy of Letter to Mr. Owen from Helm with Queries]
33:5:4 [Letter to Helm from Owen on Helm's Queries]
33:5:5 [Notes on Classification]
33:5:6 [Welsh Reference]
33:5:7 [Notes on Naburn, E. Yorks]
33:5:8 [Notes on Various Locations]
33:5:9 [Three Maps for Locating Animal Disguise]
33:5:10 [Letter to Helm from Peacock on Kent, Beds., etc.]
33:5:11 Animal Disguise
33:5:12 [Geographical Index of Animal Disguise]
33:5:13 [Notes on Cawte's Introduction to Animal Disguise]
33:6:1 [Letter to Helm from Holland on Various Plays]
33:6:3 [Letter to Helm from Holland on Various Customs]
33:6:4 [Letter to Helm from Holland on Eastcote Play, etc.]
33:6:5 [Letter to Helm from Holland on Morris, etc.]
33:6:6 [Letter to Helm from Holland on Pinner Mummers, etc.]
33:6:7 [Letter to Helm from Holland on Pinner Play, etc.]
33:6:8 [Letter to Helm from Holland on Hammersmith Maypole, etc.]
33:6:9 [Letter to Keith Holland from Gibson on May Song]
33:6:10 [Letter to Keith Holland from Scott on May Queen]
33:6:11 [Notes on Kington, Heref.; Pinner, Middlesex; Lawford, Essex; Little Durnford, Wilts.; Holmwood, Surrey, Customs]
33:6:12 [May Pole Song]
33:6:13 Folk-Lore and Legend
33:6:14 [Notes on Song, "Seeds of Love"]
33:6:15 [Notes on Broom Dance]
33:7:1 [Letter to Helm from -- on Publication of Helm Book]
33:7:2 [Letter to Helm from Hole on Jack in Green, etc.]
33:7:3 [Letter to Helm from Wortley on Various Matters]
33:7:4 [Letter to Helm from Foxworthy on Draycott-in-the-Clay Play]
33:7:5 [Letter to Helm from -- on Mari Lwyd, etc.]
33:8:1 [Letter to J. D. A. Widdowson from Helm on Various Matters]
33:8:82 [Letter to Helm from Conquer on Haslemere, Surrey, Mummers]
33:8:3 [Letter to Helm from Rolston on Haslemere Mumming]
33:8:4 [Letter to Helm from Holland on Moulton Crows, etc.]
33:8:5 [Review of 4 Books]
33:8:6 Primitive Morris
33:8:7 [Letter to Norman Holland from Helm on Various Matters]
33:8:8 [Letter to Helm from Conquer on Haslemere Mumming]
33:8:9 [Letter to Helm from Tongue on Dragon Legends, etc.]
33:8:10 [Letter to Mrs. Helm from Tongue on Helm's Death]
33:8:11 [Miscellaneous Handwritten Notes]
33:9:1 Rushbearing
33:9:2 The Dramatic Action in the Vicinity of Sheffield
33:9:3 [Letter to Venetia Newall from Helm on Briggs Festschrift, etc.]
33:9:4 [Letter to Helm from Widdowson on Various Matters]
33:9:5 [Letter to Helm from Newall on Festschrift, etc.]
33:9:6 [Letter to Helm from Newall on Festschrift, etc.]
33:9:7 [Letter to Helm from Jenkins on Publication]
33:9:8 [Letter to Venetia Newall from Helm on Various Matters]
33:9:9 [Letter to Helm from Pilling on Glossop Prints]
33:9:10 [Letter to Helm from Newall on Various Matters]
33:9:11 [Letter to Helm from Jenkins on Essay]
33:9:12 [Letter to Jenkins from Helm on Rushcart Paper]