Duncan Broomhead was born in South Manchester but has lived for most of his life in Cheshire, he became interested in folk music during the late 1960’s, this interest later progressed to include Morris dancing and Mumming, he continues to be actively involved as both a collector and performer of Mummers Plays.

Scope of the collection

Over a period of 40 years Broomhead has collected information in Cheshire and its surrounding counties but his main focus remains with the plays and related seasonal customs of Cheshire, with a particular interest in the Alderley Mummers Play.  His collection includes recorded interviews, archival and contemporary film and photographs plus an attempt to collect all printed references to Mumming in Cheshire. Mumming Plays in Cheshire are known by a variety of names depending on the time of their performance and their location, these include; Souling, Soul Caking, Soul Appling, Pace Egging, Guising, Beelzebubbing and Mumming.

Where the collection is located

Broomhead’s collection is held privately in his own home.

Access to the collection

The collection may be available to researchers by appointment; contact is via this website’s ‘Contact form’.