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P.T.Millington The Origins of Plough Monday Updated 13th Feb.2004

This paper was first presented at the Traditional Drama '79, One Day Conference, University of Sheffield, 20th Oct.1979. It reports a preliminary survey of Plough Monday customs, including of course Plough Monday plays. It identifies the common characteristics of the customs, and plots their geographical distribution. This suggests a correlation with the ancient Danelaw, and possible historical sources and influences are investigated further.

Peter Millington Folklore on the Internet. Asset? Liability? Opportunity? Threat? Updated 27th Feb.2004

These are outline notes from a seminar presented at NATCECT, University of Sheffield, December 2003. While they cover the issues that the Internet raises for folklore generally, many of the examples are drawn from folk drama and experience with managing the website.

Julia Smith Preserving Yorkshire Customs and Traditions
Dalesman's Yorkshire Journal, Spring 2004, No.44, pp.62-71

This is the first part of a four-part survey of Yorkshire customs and traditions, and the efforts being made to safeguard them for posterity, with a look at the groundbreaking work of the National Centre for English Cultural Tradition in Sheffield and the indomitable efforts of Doc Rowe to record these seasonal events. The article does not talk about folk plays per se, but it is illustrated with pictures of Pace-Egging plays from Heptonstall and Midgley. Traditional drama will be covered in part four, which presumably will be in the Winter issue.