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I received this letter on the Whitley Wood mummers via the Folklore Society. A similar letter was sent to Peter Millington as webmaster; neither of us has been able to help. Can any of our readers help? If you do have a photograph, we would love to publish it in our pages.

Dear Dr Cass

Juliette Wood suggested I contact you as I am looking for photographs of the Whitley Wood mummers, who for several generations were led by members of the Poulter family. I've come across many written references to them, including excerpts in S. Piggott and Stephen Roud. An elderly Poulter remains (my great uncle) and we'd really like to trace some images of the old group, as we know they were often photographed, and donated pictures for a study on mumming. Unfortunately the Poulters were over-generous and never kept any back for themselves.

I have already tried Stephen Roud and MERL [Museum of English Rural Life] without success.

Many thanks

Deborah Lockyer