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Our webmaster, Peter Millington received an enquiry from an English instructor at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. He was due to teach a class involving traditional English drama, wherein he planned to have the students stage for themselves a production of the folk play. To that end, he was looking for movies of folk play performances that are available on loan. Because the Folk Play Research Home Page gives no clue where to find such movies, he asked for help.

Peter was unaware of any movies that are available on loan. However, there are a few video clips available on the web, and there are some movies available for purchase from commerial suppliers and archives. At least one library in England offers a video for hire, although they might be reluctant to send it out of the country. These are listed in our Links Section, but the video material is scattered throughout the section. To help therefore, Peter has extracted the relevant links to compile an initial filmography, given below.

We would like to know about other folk play movies that are publicly accessible - i.e. on the web, from society or commercial organisations, held in libraries, archives, etc. Please send details, including title, credits, format, duration, supplier or library, etc.

Folk Play Filmography




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