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I picked up the following item as a posting on the Morris Dancing Discussion List on the 14th Dec.2004. Unfortunately, the Forum was not on the mayor’s mailing list but I did enjoy seeing the picture on the website. The posting was from Sandy Glover.

Mayoral Mummers

This year, the Doctor in St.Alban's Mummers, one Gordon Myland, also holds the (much less prestigious) office of Mayor of the City and District of St.Albans.

Each Christmas, the Mayor has an ‘official’ Christmas Card, which he sends on behalf of the city to many hundreds of the great, the good (and the political).

Gordon decided that this year's card should feature St.Alban's Mummers, so he chose a picture taken last Boxing Day. This picture was ‘doctored’ by the PR warlocks, and has now appeared on the card, together with a few words on the Mummers, and the URL of our website.

It has also appeared on the website

The Mayor of St.Albans Christmas card 2004

where it may be viewed by those not fortunate enough to receive their own autographed copy.

It's certainly the nearest thing we’ve ever had to official recognition (though not the first time we’ve appeared on a Christmas card).

I admit to a degree of satisfaction that, across the world, hundreds of people of a certain status are going to open the envelope and say ‘Mummers? What the **** are Mummers?’ With luck, a few might even take the trouble to find out. Maybe even a politician or two...

aka Old Father Christmas