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Website updates

During the summer, the following improvements have been made to the Folk Play Website:

Restructured Links Section

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Now with over 1,200 links, this section's contents page has been improved with more detail. Additionally, separate web pages have been created for the English counties and for the other main folk play nations.

Character Name Index

Cast Index >>

A character name index has been added to the Scripts Collection to facilitate the comparison of variant names, their speeches, etc. All words in the name are indexed. E.g. for "Johnny Funny", looking up "Johnny" finds the variant "Johnny Cunny", and likewise "Funny" finds two further variants - "Bibble and Funny" and "Biddy Funny".

Conference Paper Abstracts

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Abstracts have been added for the majority of papers in our lists for the Traditional Drama Conferences 1978 to 2002.