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Planning for this conference is now well under way. The following speakers have agreed to present papers.

Duncan Broomhead on the Alderley Play; Christopher Cawte on sword dance plays and Earsdon; Peter Millington on the origins of Quack Doctor plays; Tom Pettitt on dramatic aspects of traditional games, gambols and songs; Mike Preston on the oral and written sources of chapbooks; Peter Robson on Folksongs in Dorset Mummers' Plays; Paul Smith on the Papa Stour play; Lisa Warner on Christmastide death games in Russia; John Widdowson on mummers' plays from Change Islands, Newfoundland. There will also be a presentation of the work of the Carpenter Cataloguing Team which will be well advanced by next July. In addition we are expecting papers from Emily Lyle and Terry Gunnell, titles yet to be settled. The organisers are able to consider offers of further papers for the conference.

Accommodation will be in the Halifax Hall of Residence at the University of Sheffield. The week-end is expected to cost approximately £130 all found. Booking forms will be sent out early in the new year.