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19-21 July, 2002, Halifax Hall, University of Sheffield, England

Conference registration starts in the afternoon of Friday 19th July. The Vice-Chancellor of the University will host a short reception at 5.00pm. Dinner will be at 6.00pm, followed by the first conference presentation. The rest of the evening will be spent in and around the bar. The conference will finish with afternoon tea at around 4.00pm on Sunday 21st July.

Draft Programme
Registration & Welcome
2.00pm on Registration
3.30pm Tea
5.00pm Vice-Chancellor's Reception
6.30pm Dinner
Session 1
7.45pm Eddie Cass 'Dr Carpenter of Harvard College': On cataloguing a major folk play collection.
8.45pm Session Close
Session 2 - Chair: Jacqueline Simpson
9.30am Welcome by Dr Joan Beal - Director, NATCECT
9.35am Derek Schofield "Christmas at Uttoxeter: The Guisers Made Their Usual Tour".
10.15am Emily Lyle Transformations of 'Galoshins' in the twentieth century
11.00am Coffee
11.30am Peter Millington Textual Analysis of English Quack Doctor Plays: Some new discoveries
12.15pm Neill Martin Entries
1.00pm Lunch
Session 3 - Chair: Mike Preston
2.00pm Paul Smith The Papa Stour Sword Dance Play
2.45pm Christopher Cawte County Durham, the oldest known Sword Dance Play text
3.30pm Afternoon Tea
4.00pm Sandra Billington 'The Game of Torturers' in Mystery Plays as midsummer play
4.45pm Thomas Pettitt The Folk Interlude: Dramatic Aspects of Traditional Games, Gambols and Songs
5.30pm Session Close
6.00pm Dinner
Session 4 - Chair: Eddie Cass
7.45pm Discussion: Insights into the Alex Helm Collection - with Christopher Cawte, Norman Peacock, Peter Millington and others
8.30pm Session Close
Session 5 - Chair: Peter Millington
9.30am George Mifsud-Chircop Past Carnival and New Year's Eve Drama in Malta
10.15am Duncan Broomhead The Alderley Mummers' Play. A story of survival and revival
11.00am Coffee
11.30am Mike Preston Reading Traditional Drama Chapbooks Closely: Evidence Concerning their Oral and Written Sources
12.15pm Peter Robson Folksong in Dorset Mummers' Plays
1.00pm Lunch
Session 6 - Chair: Tom Pettitt
2.00pm Terry Gunnell Monsters in the Wiggle-Waggle. The origins of the Icelandic Vikivaki Games
2.45pm John Widdowson The Soldiers: Text and Context in Performance of Mummers' Plays from Change Islands, Newfoundland
3.30pm Afternoon Tea
4.00pm Conference Close

The conference fee for full residential delegates is £125 or £150 sterling depending on room type. All accommodation is in Halifax Hall. Reduced charges for non-residential day delegates are itemised on the Registration Form. Please register by printing out the Registration Form and send it to Eddie Cass with your conference fee by 7th July 2002.