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In January 2003, we announced that Christopher Cawte was compiling an Index to Roomer, the newsletter that the Traditional Drama Research Group published between 1980 and 1991. We are pleased to announce that this task has been completed and the Index can now be used online at

Apart from an introduction by the compiler, it includes a cumulative contents list for the whole of Roomer, an author listing, and indexes to places, subjects and classes of performance. It is worth pointing out that the author listing is not just an index to the articles in "Roomer", but also a bibliography of the references cited in those articles. With over 1,700 references, this will be useful in its own right. Please be patient, however, because this particular listing takes a while to load.

We are thankful to Dr.Cawte for this work, which makes the contents of this valuable resource much more accessible.