Performances of mummers' plays have attracted photographers, including professional photographers. Some of these images can be found in online picture libraries, or on the websites of professional photographers. There are also films of mummers' plays on the internet, principally on YouTube.

Links to photographic collections

  • Brian Shuel is a professional photographer who tool photographs of many traditional customs, including mummers, from the 1960s to the 1980s. He wrote the book The National Trust Guide to Traditional Customs of Britain (Exeter: Webb & Bower, 1985). His images are available to view and purchase on this site:
  • Homer Sykes is a professional photographer who photographed traditional customs for his book Once a Year: Some Traditional British Customs (London: Gordon Fraser, 1977). This was republished in a new and expanded edition by David Lewis Publishing in 2016. In recent years, Homer Sykes has re-visited some of the customs he first photographed in the 1970s. His images are available to view and purchase on his own website:
  • The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library of the English Folk Dance and Song Society has some photographs of mummers' plays in its collection. These can be consulted in the library.
  • The Morris Ring Photographic Archive includes some images of mummers' plays. Contact can be made via this website’s ‘Contact form’.
  • The Marshfield Mummers or Paperboys have their own website with a selection of images, including some older photographs.
  • There are some images of mummers in Ireland on this website:

Links to films of traditional mummers' plays