Vol.1, No.1 (1980)

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p.1 [Editorial, by Steve Roud & Paul Smith]
pp.1-2 A Battle Amongst the Christmas Mummers
p.3 Periodical and Newspaper Search
p.3 Traditional Drama 1981 [call for papers], Paul Smith (contact)
p.3 Co-operative Indexing Scheme for Traditional Plays and Related Customs, Peter Millington (contact)
p.4 The Pace Egg Play - Houldsworth Schools, 1885
p.5 Notes
p.5 Queries
p.6 Morris Ring - Instructional Week-End on Mumming, Ivor Allsop (details from)
p.6 Publications News

Vol.1, No.2 (1980)

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p.7 [Editorial, by Steve Roud & Paul Smith]
pp.7-8 Plough Monday and the Primitive Methodists in Leicestershire, by Idwal Jones
pp.8-10 Graphs for Visualising the Structures of Folk Plays, by Peter Millington
[& see his follow-up article in Roomer, Vol.2, No.4 (1982) pp.25-26]
pp.10-11 Papers on Traditional Drama Presented at the American Folklore Society Annual Meeting - Pittsburgh, 16-19 October 1980
pp.11-12 Folk Play Indexing Workshop
p.12 Traditional Drama 1980: An Informal Seminar on Aspects of Current Research on Traditional Plays of the British Isles
p.12a Advert: An Interim List of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays and Related Customs, by P.T.Millington

Vol.1, No.3/4 (1981)

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pp.13-19 Mumming Play from Preston Candover, Hants., by Steve Roud
p.20 Report on the Folk Play Indexing Workshop, 24 Jan. 1981, by Peter Millington
p.20 Notes and Queries
p.21 Publications News
p.21 Facsimile illustration: 'Plough Monday: Dance of Bessy and the Clown', from John Brand, Observations on Popular Antiquities, 1888
pp.21-22 Periodical and Newspaper Search

Vol.1, No.5 (1981)

[Scan PDF Download - 477kB.]

pp.23-26 Amendments to 'English Ritual Drama' [Part 1], by E.C.Cawte
p.27 Mummers in Leeds, 1713, by Thomas Pettitt
p.27 Spot the Mistakes [in article: 'Soul Caking Play, Cheshire', Family Circle, 1980]
p.28 An Interim Directory of Researchers' Specialist Interests (Part I), by Paul Smith
p.29 Traditional Drama 1981: The Fourth Annual Conference of Current Research on Traditional Drama [Announcement]
p.29 Traditional Drama Research Group [Report of inaugural meeting]
p.29 Andover Mummers, by Steve Roud
p.30 Facsimile: Illustration of mummers from Lady's Pictorial, 27 Dec. 1895
p.30 Publications News
p.30a Advert: Garland Films: Derby Tup

Vol.1, No.6 (1981)

[Scan PDF Download - 748kB.]

pp.31-32 The North Waltham Mummers, by Steve Roud
pp.32-36 The Old Tup and the Old Horse, by Paul Smith
p.36 Copy: Down by the Greenwood Side, by Harrions Birtwistle1970
p.37 The Morris Ring Archives [list of play-related photographs], by Paul Smith
p.37 Advert: The Revesby Sword Play: An Eighteenth-Century Folk Play Adaptation, by Michael J.Preston
p.38 Publication News
pp.39-40 Traditional Drama 1981: The Fourth Annual Conference on Aspects of Current Scholarship in Traditional Drama Studies [Abstracts of papers]


Vol.2, No.1 (1982)

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p.1 Traditional Drama Research Group
pp.1-4 Documenting Traditional Drama - Part I, by Paul Smith
p.4 Mummers in Bedfordshire, by Steve Roud
pp.4-5 Animal Disguise in Monmouthshire, by Tom Pettitt
pp.5-7 M.W.Barley's Classification of Plough Plays, by P.T.Millington
pp.7-8 Publications News
p.8 Traditional Drama 1982 - Call for Papers
pp.8a-b Advert: Theatre in Focus: Original Monographs... [Series];

Vol.2, No.2 (1982)

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pp.9-16 Amendments to English Ritual Drama - Part 2, by E.C.Cawte
p.16 Advert: Traditional Drama 1982 [Conference]

Vol.2, No.3 (1982)

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pp.17-18 People Vs Places, by Steve Roud
pp.19-20 A Note on the Weston (Berks.) Play, by Roly Brown
p.20 Forthcoming Events
pp.20-21 Applied Mumming, by Paul Smith [Facsimile extract & illustration from The Graphic, 1871
p.22 Publications News
p.22 Notes [Pinner, Middlesex (TQ 1289)]
p.20 Traditional Drama Research Guide

Vol.2, No.4 (1982)

[Scan PDF Download - 349kB.]

pp.23-25 John Fletcher and The Observer, by Derek Schofield
pp.25-26 "Playgraphs" A Computer Program to Aid the Plotting of Play Structures', by P.T.Millington
[& see his earlier article in Roomer, Vol.1, No.2 (1980) pp.8-10]
pp.27-28 Christmas Customs in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, by Dave Bathe
pp.28 Publication News

Vol.2, No.4/5 (1982)

[Scan PDF Download - 628kB.]

An Eighteenth Century Play from Cheshire, by Duncan Broomhead
Guisers in Tutbury, Staffordshire, by Derek Schofield
p.34 [40] Publication News

Vol.2, No.6 (1982)

[Scan PDF Download - 624kB.]

pp.41-44 The Institutional Basis of Performance: A Socio-Economic Analysis of Contemporary Folk Plays, by Georgina Boyes
p.44 Fieldwork in Folklore [Conference announcement]
pp.45-46 Traditional Drama 1982: The Fifth Annual Conference on Aspects of Current Scholarship in Traditional Drama Studies [Abstracts of papers]
p.47 Review: The Ordnance Survey Atlas of Great Britain [Reviewer: Peter Millington]
p.47 Advert: Traditional Drama 1983 [Conference]
p.48 Traditional Drama 1983 - Call for Papers
p.48 Calendar Customs [Conference - Call for papers]
pp.49-50 Traditional Drama Research Register [Registration form]
p.51 The Folklore Society - Annual Award of Research Grants


Vol.3, No.1 (1983)

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pp.1-4 Further Notes on Mummers in West Berkshire 1897-1927, by Roly Brown
p.4 Advert: The Peace Egg, or, St George: An Easter Play', An Original Chapbook from Edwards and Bryning with a Brief History, by Peter Stevenson
p.5 Correspondence, from Sam Richards [Arguing for a wider definition of 'Traditional Drama']
p.6 Advert: Folklore Society Publications

Vol.3, No.2 (1983)

[Scan PDF Download - 426kB.]

pp.7-9 Mummers at Hamstall Ridware, Staffs., by Derek Schofield
p.9 The Folklore Society - Annual Award of Research Grants
p.10 The James Madison Carpenter Collection
p.10 Facsimile cartoon: Field Trip - XXVIII, by John Crane, from Folk Review, 1977
p.11 Announcing the First Minnesota Sword Dance & Mumming Ale [1984]
p.12 Traditional Drama Research Group - Research Guides
p.12 Publication News
pp.12a-b Traditional Drama Research Group: Research Guide No.1: Basic Questions to Ask, compiled by P.T.Millington

Vol.3, No.3 (1983)

[Scan PDF Download - 493kB.]

pp.13-16 The Danish Folk Play of the Three Kings and the Star, by Tom Pettitt
p.16 British Institute of Recorded Sound Joins the British Library as the National Sound Archive [Extract from British Library News, 1983]
p.16 Advert: Morris and Matachin: A Study in Comparative Choreography, by John Forrest, 1983
pp.17-18 Traditional Drama 1983 [Conference programme & Abstracts]
p.19 Advert: An Interim Checklist of Chapbooks Containing Traditional Play Texts by M.J.Preston, M.G.Smith & P.S.Smith
p.20 Facsimile illustration: 'The Hobby-Horse', from John Brand, Observations on Popular Antiquities, 1877
p.20 Publication News

Vol.3, No.4 (1983)

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pp.20-24 The New Burlesque - An Undress Rehearsal, by Sandra Billington
p.24 Fair Comment (Reprinted from Nelson's Column, Folk London Dec/Jan 1983/4)
pp.25-26 Traditional Drama Research Group [Summary of Minutes, 20 Nov 1983]
pp.27-28 A.L.Lloyd Memorial Conference [1984. Programme & Abstracts
p.29 Mummers Seminar: w/e 13-15 April 1984, Stafford House, Keymer, Sussex [Programme]
p.30 The Folklore Society - Annual Essay Prize
p.30 Publication News

Vol.3, No.5 (1983)

[Scan PDF Download - 551kB.]

pp.31-40 A Key to the KWIC Concordance of British Folk Play Texts, by Michael J.Preston

Vol.3, No.6 (1983)

[Scan PDF Download - 454kB.]

pp.41-43 Plough Monday and the Law, by Idwal Jones
pp.43-46 Documenting Traditional Drama - II, by Paul Smith
p.47 Traditional Drama 1984 - Call for Papers
p.47 Traditional Drama Research in North America [Bibliography]
p.48 Facsimile: Title page from Walker's New Mummer or the Wassail Cup


Vol.4, No.1 (1984)

[Scan PDF Download - 534kB.]

pp.1-2 An Early Tup, by Tom Pettitt
pp.3-4 Traditional Drama 1984: The 7th Annual Conference on Aspects of Current Scholarship in Traditional Drama Studies [Programme & abstracts of papers]
pp.5-6 August Hartmann's 'Folk Plays Collected in Bavaria and Austro-Hungary': A Summary, by Peter Millington
pp.7-8 Biographies: Traditional Drama Research Group - Research Guide 2, compiled by Paul Smith
p.9 Traditional Drama Research Group - Research Guides
p.9 Correspondence: John Fletcher and The Observer (See Roomer 2:4 pp.23-25), by E.C.Cawte
p.10 Key to the KWIC Concordance [see Roomer 3:5], by Derek Schofield
p.10 Katherine Briggs Folklore Award

Vol.4, No.2 (1984)

[Scan PDF Download - 889kB.]

pp.11-23 Camp Skits: The Child's Folk Drama, by Paul Brunk Kuhns
p.23 Record Notes: Caribbean Island Music: Songs and Dances of Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, recorded John Roberts Storms [Side 2 - Track 9, 'Mummies']
p.24. Advert: A Social History of the Fool, by Sandra Billington

Vol.4, No.3 (1984)

[Scan PDF Download - 821kB.]

pp.25-29 Victorian View of the Mummers [Clippings from Illustrated London News, 1861 & 1866, and The Graphic, 1889, incl. 2 illustrations]
pp.30 Vopy: 'Effects of Masking - Two Children Terrified to Death', from Illustrated London News, 1850

Vol.4, No.4 (1984)

[Scan PDF Download - 521kB.]

p.31 Publications News
pp.32-33 Traditional Drama Research Group [Minutes of meeting held 31 March 1984]
p.34 Traditional Drama Research Group - Guides
p.34 Advert: Traditional Drama 1985 [Conference]
pp.35-38 Tracing Photographs: Traditional Drama Research Group - Research Guide 3, compiled by Paul Smith
p.39 Advert: Traditional Drama Research Group Publications
p.40 Notes [Seeking information on plays in Lancashire, Devon & Cornwall]
p.40 Deja Vu Department, from Craig Fees [quote from The Whole Art of Stage, 1684

Vol.4, No.5 (1984)

[Scan PDF Download - 715kB.]

pp.41-51 Toward Establishing the Study of Folk Drama as a Science, by Craig Fees
p.52 Facsimile chapbook title page: New Mumming Book. The Four Champions of Great Britain

Vol.4, No.6 (1984)

[Scan PDF Download - 560kB.]

pp.53-54 Obituary, George Richard Greenall (19th October 1909 - 18th October 1984), by Craig Fees
pp.55-56 Traditional Drama Research Group [Minutes of meeting held 21 July 1984]
pp.56-60 Documenting Traditional Drama III, by Paul Smith [incl. Survey of English Folklore questionnaire]
pp.61-64 Notes on a Quest for Dragons, by Steve Roud and Craig Fees


Vol.5, No.1 (1985)

[Scan PDF Download - 489kB.]

pp.1-2 The Quack Doctor and the Cheap Jack, by Steve Roud
pp.3-6 Surveys through Newspapers: Traditional Drama Research Group - Research Guide 4, compiled by D.Schofield, P.Millington & D.Bathe
p.7 Facsimile broadside ballad: St.George & the Dragon
p.8 Traditional Drama Research Group - Guides

Vol.5, No.2 (1985)

[Scan PDF Download - 461kB.]

pp.9-22 Amendments to 'English Ritual Drama': Part 3, by E.C.Cawte

Vol.5, No.3 (1985)

[Scan PDF Download - 522kB.]

pp.23-24 West Malling, Kent (TQ 6857), by Carl Willetts
p.24 Directory of Recorded Sound Resources in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland
pp.25-26 The Burringham Plough Team 1934 [Fasimile of photo & article from the Hull & Lincolnshire Times, 1934, plus cast list from A.Lingo]
p.27 Correspondence: Folk Drama As a Science, by E.C.Cawte [re Roomer Vol.4, No.5, 1984]
pp.28-29 Craig Fees Replies
p.29 correspondence, from Ron Shuttleworth
p.30 Notes and Queries; [historical characters in traditional plays], by Craig Fees

Vol.5, No.4 (1985)

[Scan PDF Download - 445kB.]

p.31 Soviet Folk: A Selection of Films
p.31 British Theatre Institute Publications
pp.32-36 The Earliest Text of a Mumming Play (1832) from the Isle of Man, by Stephen Miller
pp.37-38 Traditional Drama 1985 [Conference programme & Abstracts]
p.39 Advert: Mumming Seminar: 18-20 October 1985, Mansion House, Corsham, Wiltshire
p.40 Correspondence [any text should be looked at critically], by Craig Fees

Vol.5, No.5 (1985)

[Scan PDF Download - 376kB.]

p.41 Publications News
p.41 Second Minnesota Sword Dance & Mumming Ale [Contact details]
p.42-50 Kent 'Seven Champions' and a Play from Milton Regis, by Carl Willetts
p.51 Bembridge, Isle of Wight (SZ 6488) [Letter from the Stephen Roud Collection]
p.52 Notes [Stuart Piggott Collection; Soviet Films; Masks and Mummers of Scandinavia]

Vol.5, No.6 (1985)

[Scan PDF Download - 514kB.]

pp.53-61 A Handlist to the C.E.C.T.A.L. Microfilm of the Alex Helm Collection, by Ervin Beck and Paul Smith
p.61 Publications News
p.62 Drama in Hull and District (TA 0928) [Extracts from T.Sheppard, 1927]


Vol.6, No.1 (1986)

[Scan PDF Download - 345kB.]

pp.1-3 'Traditional Drama Studies': A New Journal, by Paul Smith and J.D.A.Widdowson
pp.3-4 Fragments from Hastings, Sussex (TQ 8109)
pp.4-5 copy: Mechanical Drama [from Charles Manby Smith's Curiosities of London Life, 1853]
p.5 Publications News
p.6 Traditional Drama 1986: A One Day Informal Seminar on Aspects of Current Traditional Drama Research [Call for papers]

Vol.6, No.2 (1986)

[Scan PDF Download - 367kB.]

pp.7-8 For O! For O! The Hobby Horse is (Not) Forgot, by Paul Smith
p.9-11 Facsimile: "Mumming." A Quaint Olf Custom, from The New Penny Magazine, 1900
p.12 18th Century Mummers at Sherborne, Glos. (SP 1714), by Keith Chandler

Vol.6, No.3 (1986)

[Scan PDF Download - 788kB.]

p.13 [Various medical adverts from the Norfolk Chronicle, 1894]
pp.14-15 Facsimile: Christmas Eve in Devonshire, with an Illustration by Stockdale, from the Illustrated London News, 1850
p.16 Correspondence [on Kent & Isle of Wight plays, and Stuart Piggott MSS], by E.C.Cawte
pp.16-17 Correspondence [on C.Willetts, Roomer Vol.5, No.5 (1985)], by Craig Fees
p.17 Publications News
pp.18-22 Review by Craig Fees of Ancient and Mediaeval Theatre: A Historiographical Handbook by Ronald W.Vince
p.22 Berkshire Plays [Call for information]

Vol.6, No.4 (1986)

[Scan PDF Download - 719kB.]

pp.23-32 Out of Darkness, by Paul Smith [Shadow plays & games]
p.33 Traditional Drama and Theatre History: Some Recent and Forthcoming Events, by Tom Pettitt
p.34 Publications News

Vol.6, No.5 (1986)

[Scan PDF Download - 509kB.]

pp.35-39 A Structural Analysis of an Irish Mumming Play, by Maureen F.Voigt
p.39 B.B.C. Mummers - Part 1
pp.40-41 Mumming at Chadlington (Oxfordshire): A Note on Some Recently-collected Material, by Keith Chandler
pp.41-42 'Mummering: The Second Reason for Christmas' [Article from the Evening Telegraph, St.John's, Newfoundland, 1987
pp.43 Mummers are making a Comeback [Article from the Evening Telegraph, St.John's, Newfoundland, 1987
p.44 Publications News

Vol.6, No.6 (1986)

[Scan PDF Download - 990kB.]

p.45 The Future of Roomer, by Steve Roud
pp.46-55 Bibliographic Essay on Afro-American Folk Drama, by Deborah Bowman Richards
pp.55-56 Correspondence, from Craig Fees [on M.Voigt's article in Roomer, Vol.6, No.5 (1986) pp.35-39]
pp.56-57 Theatre Museum [Reprinted from the Times Educational Supplement, 1987]
pp.57-58 Possible Origin for the Name 'Tipteers' or Tipteerers', by Peter Millington
p.59 Advert: Traditional Drama Research Group Publications
p.60 Publications News


Vol.7, No.1 (1988)

[Scan PDF Download - 674kB.]

p.1 The Future of Roomer
p.1 Traditional Drama Conference
p.1 Note to Future Cataloguers
pp.2-9 The B.B.C. and Mumming No.1, by Craig Fees
pp.9-13 The West Marden Tip-Teering [Collected by Mervyn Plunkett]
p.13 International Society for the Study of Medieval Drama (SITM) [Conference]
p.14 Publications News
p.15-16 Roomer Reviewed, by Peter Robson [Reprinted from Folk Music Journal, 1988

Vol.7, No.2 (1989)

[Scan PDF Download - 589kB.]

pp.17-20 'Janneying in Tilting, Fogo (Newfoundland)', Part 1, by Marion Bowman
pp.21-22 Student Theses, Dissertations & Papers Held in the Institute of Dialect & Folklife Studies Archive, University of Leeds, compiled by Craig Fees]
p.22 Traditional Drama Conference [Plea for papers]
p.22 [Publication & Exhibition News]
pp.23-26 The BBC and Mumming No.2: The BBC's Influence on Folk Customs: A Case (1), by Craig Fees
pp.27-28 A London Quack Doctor [Reprinted from the Croydon Chronicle, 1879]

Vol.7, No.3 (1989)

[Scan PDF Download - 1014kB.]

pp.29-33 Où se trouve ce jeu de Mummers, by Peter Millington [Lincolnshire Recruiting Sergeant play, translated into French by H.G.M.Murray-Aynsley, 1889]
pp.34-38 Janneying in Tilting, Fogo (Newfoundland), Part 2, by Marion Bowman
pp.39-40 Publications News
p.40 Addition to List of Student Theses, Dissertations & Papers Held in the Institute of Dialect & Folklife Studies Archive, University of Leeds
pp.40-43 Tiddy to Ordish, by Steve Roud [letters from R.J.E.Tiddy to T.F.Ordish from the Ordish Papers]
p.44 More Publications News
p.45 Facsimile: 'Our Special Cartoonist Visits Cropwell Bishop' [The Plough Boys. Reprinted from Nottinghamshire Countryside, 1939]
pp.46-48 Review by Tom Pettitt: Christmas Mumming in a North Cotswold Town with Special Reference to Tourism, Urbanisation and Immigration-related Social Change, by Craig Fees [PhD Dissertation]

Vol.7, No.4 (1990)

[Scan PDF Download - 880kB.]

pp.49-56 Customary Drama: Towards a Contextual Typology, by Tom Pettitt
p.57 Publications News
pp.58-66 BBC and Mumming No.3: An Initial List, by Craig Fees
pp.67-68 Bits and Pieces [from Kent and Wiltshire]


Vol.8, No.1 (1991)

[Scan PDF Download - 679kB.]

pp.1-3 Mumming in the Courts: 1. Newfoundland, from Julia Bishop
p.4 Mumming in the Courts: 2. Guildford, from Steve Roud
pp.4-9 Mumming and the BBC: Thoughts and Clippings, by Duncan Broomhead
pp.10-12 Sources for the Mumming in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire 1860-1900, by Craig Fees